Plenilune Colour Collage || Verdigris

Welcome back, darlings!  Oh my goodness, I had such a time putting this particular colour showcase together.  I pull from my Plenilunar Pinterest boards to help me construct the collages, & apparently I'm secretly adverse to green??  I had to dig + dig to find representatives for this post!  Which strikes me as super weird because I see Plenilune with lots of today's colour.  (Maybe I'm actually super picky about my greens & I just haven't found THE PERFECT GREEN images?  Is that likely?  I mean, I'm never picky or anything...)

disclaimer: i have no idea who took these pictures but as i have marvelous taste, clearly these photographers are amazing + if i could give them full credit, i would.


This colour, despite its lack of representation among my pins, is probably the first impression you get of Plenilune (belated spoiler warning...?).  Verdigris is a rich, sleepy, vital, established colour, a colour with roots.  It's the colour of the land & growing things, linked with the cycling of the year, with the memories of past generations + the promise of descendants.  If I had to pick a single colour to represent Plenilune, it would be this.

Verdigris was especially helpful for me when beginning Plenilune.  With an entirely new setting to present to the reader, while at the same time making sure the setting didn't feel conjured for the sole purpose of the reader's view, verdigris + it's sense of the evergreen was crucial in subconsciously informing the reader that this setting has been here, as far as you know, forever, with its own times + rhythms, histories + hopes.  

the colour of the commonweal

As such, verdigris is traditionally considered the mark of peace, linked to (among a few others) the third heavenly house (The House of the Two Brothers) & in star-craft is typically depicted by a shorthand illustration of an evergreen branch.  (Geeky author irony is not overlooked here, considering Plenilune features a house of two brothers who most distinctly did not exchange a Green Branch in even the sketchiest peaceful sense, okay geeky-author-moment finished.)

home || health || tranquility || durability || honesty || loyalty || promise of growth

Verdigris may be one of the least-flashy colours in the Plenilunar spectrum, but it is certainly not the least important.  Conscious or receding from awareness, anyone in Plenilune has that comfortable green sense of belonging somewhere in their genius.  (The question for first-time readers is: does Margaret...?)

what is your opinion on green

  • Do you find it plays a role in your stories?  Please share your thoughts with the class! & if you write your own blog post, please link to it in the comments so we can all enjoy! :D

HOW TO COLLAGE || I use the LAYOUT app with images saved off PINTEREST. That way I can arrange them however I want, & presto! I have a pretty collage. That's honestly all there is to it.

i hope you enjoyed this new glimpse into plenilune! i'll see you soon!
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Plenilune Colour Collage || Gold

Installment number two of my Plenilunar colour'll notice below that I've done scarlet & I'm skipping orange.  Personally, I dislike the colour orange in most of its combinations + arrangements: it's literally the ginger stepchild of the colour spectrum.  Okay, hatin' on orange aside, orange is collected under the scarlet heading in Plenilune; there isn't so much hue differentiation there as we have here, so if you happen to really, really like orange, go back + read my scarlet post

usual disclaimer, all images used are from pinterest & none of them belong to me.  art is all about sharing, right??

|| GOLD ||

Gold.  Rich, opulent, & in high demand among anyone who is anyone in the Honours.  Gold is typically worn, whether as jewellery or goldwork embroidery, & is not usually made into things.  In the ancient world, if you didn't cut your wine with water, you were considered an alcoholic; in the Honours, if you start decking your halls with groaning tons of goldware, you're often considered tacky.  Gold retains its charm with rarity, & Honourfolk are aware of this.

the gemmy bridle glitter'd free,
like to some branch of stars we see
hung in the golden galaxy.
the bridle bells rang merrily
as he rode down from camelot...

Gold is considered a good-omen metal, a physical embodiment of the element fire; as the "meteor" of colours, it can represent any of the twelve heavenly houses + their associated aspects of life, with the exception of the House of the Two Dolphins (which is associated with water + death, so not really gold's speed, you know?).

In my writing, I find that I use gold to evoke emotion as well as visual impression.  Memories + feelings are frequently elicited into the foreground of our awareness by something as simple as a particular scent (dior j'adore perfume always reminds me of one of my aunts, her house, & the early desire to be pretty + fanciful); colour can do the same thing, especially (I find) through writing it, which bypasses the eyes & goes straight to the mind, & isn't hindered by any material image.  I can link gold with a sense of richness,  a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of energy just on the verge of being kinetic...  Mercury's colour is quick to carry any notion I like.

share your thoughts!

  • Do you use gold?  Does gold represent anything special in your writing?  Tell us what you think!  If you make your own colour post, please link to it in the comments so we can all enjoy it!

HOW TO COLLAGE || I use the LAYOUT app with images saved off PINTEREST. That way I can arrange them however I want, & presto! I have a pretty collage. That's honestly all there is to it.

thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed it.  see you soon!
xoxo, jenny