Chariots! Must Have Chariots!

There are chariots in my NaNo, because everything is better with chariots. Would Ben-Hur be nearly as famous as it is now without the chariot-race? (All right, that's kind of a pity, because the rest of Ben-Hur is pretty awesome too.) But think about it: the living drum of wheels and hooves and standing nearly on top of your horses while you're driving is simply exhilarating! Where can you go wrong putting that in a story?

I won't be using Roman chariots, however. My NaNo, Between Earth and Sky, is Celtic-based; Irish, specifically, being a sort of fantastical re-telling of Saint Patrick's story. "Sort of" being the operative phrase. I was inspired by the legends surrounding Patrick, but otherwise I have run with my own ideas. But the Insular peoples had chariots, so it was the easiest step in the world to pull them into my story.

This is perhaps the most daunting of my stories to date. Because of the nature of my main character, I will be delving into theology on a regular basis. I enjoy theology, but because I am so young and so inexperienced, the room for error is big enough to be the mud-room at Versailles. I have already warned Daddy that I will be running to him frequently for help, but hopefully I know more than I think I do. It will, at the very least, be a good exercise of my knowledge. So it is daunting, but I am excited about it. In a way, November first can't come fast enough, and in a way it is approaching all too soon. So here's to the Irish landscape, waters, and her airs, and here's to my pen that it may not run dry through November.

3 ripostes:

  1. "I promise not to read Ben-Hur for a full week as penance - not even to see how the chariot race turns out!"

  2. I could not do that; I could not put the book down!

  3. Great premise, great title, great "cover." You had me from the word chariots!