Another Day In the Life of a New Author

As Abigail said over on Scribbles and Ink Stains, yesterday evening was a success. Not only did we each sell a sizable number of books ourselves, Barnes and Noble was kind enough to have us sign the books that were left, and the store bought them. Thank you, Barnes and Noble! Thank you, numerous people who came by and picked up our books! The evening was long but definitely worth it, and I hope you all enjoy the books your bought. Merry Christmas!

This evening is an hour-long launch party and book signing at our local Spill the Beans downtown. (If you live in Greenville and don't know where it is exactly, it's on South Main squdged up against the Falls Park patio - really cute set up and very cosy). Buy a book, and you get a free coffee! If you don't like coffee, Bi-Lo sells some nice Twinings tea which is equally as good combined with a novel in some warm corner of your home. (I love you, Twinings...!)

So drop on by! Falls Park is gorgeous in the evening, regardless of the cold, and Main Street all lit up during the holiday season is enough to warm Scrooge's heart. Come warm your hands around a free cup of coffee and chit-chat with two young authors. Merry, merry Christmas!

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