After a long morning of cleaning the church and putting out a local homeschool newsletter, I was poking about some other girls' blogs, and I found Wordle, a site for making word clouds. I had seen these sorts of things around, but suddenly I found I could make one of my own. Having better things to do, but not having the immediate energy or will-power to do them (i.e. I was lazy), I made two 'wordles,' one for Between Earth and Sky and one for Adamantine.

Adamantine! This was my first one, and I had a lot of fun skimming through the manuscript picking out all the pertinent words. (And now I want to make a silver-grey dress with dark crimson ribbons, because the colour-combination is just so stunning!)

And Between Earth and Sky. This one was harder to choose colours for, but I think in the end I got it. Colour combinations are difficult. Grey-blues for coastal skies, blue for waters, dark greens for turf and, I don't know, purple for the heather? Sounds right. Sounds like I took the time to think this out.

Enjoy my sojourn into Lazyville. Now it's time to clean the shower. Happy scribbles, all!

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  1. My dearest Jenny.
    I fear I have died all over this post, and that is why it is Marthe's dog that is talking. Marthe have already seen the Wordles, but even though she is completly dead, she is squeeing. She would like to say that she thinks they are simpley beautiful, and she enjoyed looking at them and seeing words she knew. Also, she would like to say how dear Between Earth and Sky already is to her, and she says thank you.

    They are made of win. Marthe is sending love and snugs, and so am I. You're little and hairy friend,