Dramatis Personae - Between Earth and Sky

Liz, and I think Ara before her, posted fun Meet The Characters posts, complete with photos and all. Having nothing to do and nursing a bad headache, I blundered around looking for pictures of my own to make my own post. And I'm not going to offer any sort of apology or defense because I had fun.

Rede Tuanic [ reed twan-ic ]

Rede is the main character of Between Earth and Sky. He was born and raised in the small coastal village of Dunkerri in Northwest Britain, and from a very young age has pushed himself through the rigorous training to become a minister in the Church. His tutelage under the local brethren culminates in a drastic twist of fate when, on the eve of his last exam, he is taken captive by traders and sold as a slave in Arregaithel across the sea. Frank and sensitive, Rede is wise enough to rise to the new posting God has given him, while at the same time struggling in his heart for the lost souls in his new land. He earns the title of "Tuanic," 'one like the stag,' from his Arregaithel trainer because of his stalwart, passive, reserved demeanour. But as the manservant of the tribal prince, Rede's duties exact more of him than merely prayer and preaching, and the young man finds far more resting on his shoulders, and far more at stake, than he would have imagined.

Allar [ al-ar ]

Reared alongside Rede as his best friend, Allar too was aiming for the ministry when Rede's sudden capture tears them apart. Allar means well, but his friend's inexplicable departure leaves him scarred and callous against the unbelieving, and the young man's natural flippancy hardens into a dangerous hatred. In the name of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, Allar sets out to convert the unbelieving populace of Arregaithel or, if they will not believe, to kill them all and send them to the Hell where they belong. With his ardent beliefs clashing with Rede's, the two best friends find themselves suddenly pitted against each other with the lives of two tribes at stake.

Rosawn [raw-shawn]

Rosawn, a member of the Sperrae tribe, is one of the horse-girls, or priestesses, to the Earth Mother, their sacred goddess. She sports her own homely, yet fiery sort of beauty, not enough to make her the Skyprince's wife when it is time for him to take a woman - and she knows it. An orphan, she is content with her place among the other horse girls until she begins to have curious dreams about a man coming across the sea to them, a man with a countenance of light. Troubled and confused, she treasures these things in her heart until the day she chances upon a horseman's slave, a foreigner. Recognizing his face from her dreams, Rosawn's world quickly begins to unravel. With her heart in confusion and her sharp mind searching for an answer, Rosawn begins to sense a foreboding storm on the horizon, a storm in which the man in her vision is at the heart.

Wing Skyprince [wing skyprince]

Son of Opr Skylord and Red Branch the Dragon Lady, Wing is the heir of the Sperrae throne. Beneath his honeyed, lazy laugh and friendly, mocking demeanour he keeps a sharp wit and a keen intellect. He is at almost all times easy-going, but he is not quick to forgive. Anyone approaching his bad side will be warned by an almost physical sensation of dark disapproval from the Skyprince.
He is fond of Rede, finding in the young British slave more than a manservant, but a loyal friend. Unfortunately, though his affections are ready to include Rede, his paradigm is not ready to include Rede's notions about deity, damnation, and salvation - an unreadiness and unwillingness which pulls them both into a whirlpool of danger which will test both of their faiths and their friendship.

Opr Skylord [oh-pur skylord]

Quiet, enigmatic, aloof from the goings-on around him, Opr Skylord is a hard man to know. As a teenager he ascended to the kingship of his people, becoming their 'skylord,' or representative of their Sky God. Strong and diplomatic, Opr has managed to keep the peace with their northern neighbours for some time. But as the memory of Opr's great ancestor begins to fade, and as Opr begins to grow older, the unrest begins again, and Rede's arrival in Arregaithel finds the communications tense with war on the horizon. Though Rede at first observes Opr as an eerie, uncanny shaman, as time progresses he begins to respect the man.

Red Branch [red branch]

Chief among the horse-girls of her time, and the most beautiful, there was no doubt that Opr would pick Red Branch to be his queen. Besides being pious and lovely, Red Branch is in every way a perfect match for her husband. She, like her husband, has the power of penetrative sight, the gift of thoughtful solitude, and the tutored, honeyed patience which comes with good breeding. Her title as the chief of the priestesses is the 'Earth Mother,' and as the Skylord's wife she earns the name 'Dragon Lady.' She takes a strong motherly interest in Rede from the outset, seeing in him a curious new religious order which intrigues her very much. As with Opr, it takes Rede some time to warm up to Wing's uncanny mother, though he guesses Red Branch senses his reluctance and mocks him. But even Red Branch could not see the importance of her son's manservant in the succeeding dangers of their lives.

Terrigen [taireh-gen]

Independent, sharp, beautiful and power-hungry, the Queen of the Orrae is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with her neighbouring rival. After an unsuccessful bid to take over the Sperrae tribe, Terrigen has been biding her time and building strength for a single strong blow against Opr. More uncanny than the Skylord and the Dragon Lady combined, Terrigen hurls herself not only into diplomatic relations to strengthen her power, but into the dark arts and the spiritual realm as well. With Allar as a pawn in her hands, with the whole force of the Orrae behind her, she emerges from her northern county to deliver the Sperrae a killing blow.

[ this is not a complete listing of the characters, I'm afraid, but it will have to do. also, as Liz and Ara pointed out, steal from me and die! if I manage to publish this (which I fully intend to) you may glean from it all the inspiration you want short of plagiarism. but until then, NO STEALING. or I'll talk to your mother about you. thanks! ]

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  1. Well, this is wonderful! I love this sort of thing because -- well, you know I love this sort of thing. I ought to do it for Volunteer Mission by way of speeding myself up (I've only written about 4K of it since NaNo, much to my shame). Rede looks exACTly how I imagined him -- Allar not so much, but close enough. Red Branch is beautiful, and I like the looks of Wing Skyprince.

    But as much as I love these characters, I shan't steal bits of them; you'd know it in no time if I did. ;P

  2. This was very cool! Rede sounds like a wonderful main character - one that is both intriguing and identifiable. And I really like Terrigen! She sounds like such an awesome bad guy and a very cool character

    Thanks for introducing your characters to us readers!
    ~ Liz