Adamantine - Inklight

Inklight, or diffusing the light into words. I have spent much of the day working on editing, and I would now like to diffuse some of the light in my head into words for you, and introduce to you the majority of my Adamantine cast. It has taken these folk a long time to get where they are today, a long and difficult time, and they are all happy to make your acquaintance. All similarities to historical people are probably intentional, and all similarities to fictional people might be intentional, but are probably inadvertent.

Miss Adamant Firethorne

Miss Adamant was born in London to an Italian mother and an English father in the Year of Our Lord 1826. It is a quiet, respectful, demure, naive seventeen-year-old which finds herself an orphan upon the death of her parents and going to live with her relatives in Cumbria. After a mutual dislike brews between herself and her cousins, Adamant is as much relieved as well as bewildered when she is mysteriously charged to recover the lost Dragon's Eye, a massive diamond, and to find as well as return the diamond to its rightful owner Wiglaf, heir of Beowulf. With absolutely no warning and very little preparation, Adamant is relocated clear out of her world into another to complete a task she knows nothing about with her life in God's hands and her feet taking her she does not quite know where.

Song: The Never-Ending Road, by Loreena McKennitt.

the road now leads onward as far as can be
winding lanes and hedgerows in threes
by purple mountains and round every bend
all roads lead to you
there's no journey's end

Rhodri Fairy:

Don't let the appellation fool you. Though standing five feet, four inches tall, Rhodri is small among the fairy-kind. He was born in the Garden of Faerie, Kartusca, the lushest part of the fairy empire, but spent much of his life cheated out of what he wanted and wandering bitterly from place to place. He, like Adamant, was charged to find the Dragon's Eye, but upon failing and delivering it to impressive but evil powers Rhodri has spent goodness knows how long imprisoned in a kind of limbo. His naturally bitter disposition has since hardened into a decidedly sardonic demeanour, which makes his attention to and care for Adamant very awkward at times.

Song: I'm Still Here from the film "Treasure Planet."

and what do you think you'd ever say
I won't listen anyway
you don't know me
and I'll never be what you want me to be

Eikin Thrasirson, Catti:

Eikin, a budding Catti warrior, was born and raised on the outskirts of the Faerie Empire and has not only heard the stories of fairy oppression of his people, but has seen it, and he bears no love for fairies of any size, shape, or colour. He is a fellow of firm but simple convictions, more prone to temper than tenderness, and it is with mixed feelings that he finds himself drawn into Adamant's task. As much as he cares for Adamant, he finds her continued belief in Rhodri to be trying and misguided at best, potentially dangerous for her honour at worst. He and the fairy spend much of the time circling each other and spitting like cats.

Song: The Boxer by Carbon Leaf.

couldn't ask for a better night, two by two
to the ring to the right point of view
we each retreat to the corner that's defined by you
to the ring to the right point of...
no return, no passion left to burn
the boxers grow weary
their eyesight blurry, blurry view

Kiaralinn Fairy:

If a beam of sunshine could be made into a person, that person would be Kiaralinn. The fairy girl was born and raised on the northern coast of Faerie, living a rural, carefree life among her friends and family. But providence ordains to throw her in with a strange human girl, a Catti, and a handsome taciturn fairy gentleman, and her naturally bubbly, naive disposition is something new to the mix. She finds a quiet but appreciative womanly companion in Adamant, as well as the fact that adventures are perhaps not nearly as enjoyable as she had believed them to be.

Song: The Star of the County Down.

down a boreen green came a sweet colleen
and she smiled as she passed me by
she looked so sweet from her two white fe
to the sheen of her nut-brown hair
such a coaxing elf, I'd to shake myself
to be sure I was standing there

Morgan Fairy:

As one fairy pointed out, she needs no surname. As cunning as she is enchanting, the ginger aristocrat is quick enough to ascertain the real purpose of the odd trio her stepsister has sent her way. Ambitious enough to make Agrippina the Younger impressed, Morgan plies every bit of conjuring she has on the group in an effort to steal a prize worth worlds.

Song: The Music of the Night from the score of "The Phantom of the Opera."

floating, falling, sweet intoxication
touch me, trust me, savor each sensation
let the dream begin, let your darker side gi
ve in
to the power of the music that I write
to the power of the music of the night


Anyone who has read to the end of Beowulf's story will recall Wiglaf as the young man who stuck by his Geat lord to the bitter end. He was Beowulf's heir and, at Beowulf's death, was to assume the Geat throne, but such a man as Beowulf produced enemies as well as allies in his lifetime, and at Geatland's most crippled hour disaster struck, Wiglaf was captured, the Dragon's Eye lost, and the world went on sadly, time out of mind, with the heir goodness alone knew where, and the enemies of Beowulf continually on the look-out for the fabled Dragon's Eye, each year bringing them a little closer to their objective. But every spell must be made so that it can be broken, and the young heir sleeps with the hope that his rescuers will reach him before his time runs out.

Song: Brother, Stand Beside Me by Heather Dale

brother, stand beside me - brother, lend your arm
brother, stand beside me - brother, le
nd your arm
see the weakness in the world
and choose to be strong
let them sing our praises when we've gone

The Pooka:

Pookas are ancient shape-shifting creatures, preferring either goat-shapes or horse-shapes, but capable of whatever shape they wish. They are notoriously capricious: sometimes interested in the pursuits of its evil fellow, sometimes out for its own amusement, a single pooka dogs Adamant all along the way, becoming more and more infatuated with her as time progresses.

Song: When the Coyote Comes by Fernando Ortega

walking down the road, sniffing as he goes
an old coyote - his eyes are yellow gr
trickster on the prowl throws back his head and howls
oh, the night heats up when the coyote comes
he won't rest till his work is done
critters flee when he comes around
some won't make it home

Andor the Gargoyle:

Andor is a hideous, doggish, loyally fanged creature, originally a gargoyle and magicked to life. He has attached himself to Adamant and she considers him her pet. He has nothing but his natural geniality to recommend him, as his misshapen qualities lend him an almost unforgivably unlovely appearance. He is, however, an irrational, animal version of Kiaralinn's sunshine personality, and his fangs as well as his furry warmth prove useful on more than one occasion.

Song: The Butterfly Suite 2nd Movement by Sparrow.

an instrumental

Many thanks go out to the rest of my folk: Fallows Dray, Sebastian, Axin, Teik, Imogin, Charles, the Coventry cousins, the Raven King, the Windress, and for the special appearance of Auberon - and, of course, to Beowulf, without whom this whole story would be meaningless. They all look forward to meeting you properly some day. God bless us all, everyone!

I apologize that not everyone got a picture. All pictures are done by me and belong to me, so please, respect my property and look, but don't touch, as our mothers always told us.

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  1. Very impressive, Jenny! Not only are you talented with your words, but the drawings of your characters are wonderful too!

    Soon, I will have to post about my characters. I know they'd love to meet all of you. :) Unfortunately, I cannot they will either be left without pictures, or with photos of actors who (unintentionally) resemble them.

  2. I die repeatedly under the sheer weight of Awesome. I love your summaries (Wiglaf!), and the songs are all very fitting. (Kiaralinn's is so cute!) I also love the quote - "We do not fear your dragons and your monsters. You can drag us down as deeply as you dare, and there we will find heaven, and there you will find hell. You can never defeat us. We will always prevail."

  3. Oh my goodness. I'm afraid it just isn't fair... So much talent should never be given to one person alone. Sheer weight of awesome, indeed.

    You continue to amaze, Jenny. ^.^ Your pictures are simply beauteous, and descriptions fascinating. I really do hope to read this someday, as I hope to read your other work, "The Shadow Things". I've been busying myself with suggesting it and "The Soldier's Cross" to large number of libraries in our state, giving them the link to your blogs... So. My fingers are crossed. ^.^