Beautiful People - Rhodri

Once a month Sky and [Georgie] will be posting a list of 10 questions for you to answer about your characters. You can use the same character every month, or choose a new one for each set of questions. Your call. You can answer all the questions, just one, or however many you have the time and energy to answer. Just go for it and have fun.

Despite his objections at being thus singled out, I've decided to introduce my principle fairy from my novel Adamantine in the June-July issue of Beautiful People. On his account I do apologize for the title "Beautiful People;" it isn't very masculine at all, though I'm sure Sky and Georgie couldn't help it.

He has gone back to reading my copy of Francis Bacon and is effectively ignoring me. Well! We will proceed, and hopefully he will talk to me by tea-time without looking witheringly askance. Ladies and gentlefolk -

  1. What kind of music does he like?

Rhodri enjoys all kinds of music. He plays both the piano and the cello, and is a fair hand at a number of country folk tunes as well as more elegant, complicated pieces. If a piece has a good sense of rhythm he is usually game to try it.

  1. Does he like to go outside?

Inside or outside, Rhodri doesn’t mind either way. Except as it impinges on others, he doesn’t really consciously mark a difference in the weather, though he could probably tell you what the weather was going to be like if you asked and gave him a minute to sniff the air.

  1. Is he naturally curious?

No, not really. He has always been a voracious student of whatever has struck his fancy, but curiosity is not among his traits. If anything, he is quite the opposite.

  1. Right, or left handed?

Rhodri is right-handed.

  1. Favourite colour?

Personally, black would probably be Rhodri’s favourite colour, if one can call it a colour. A runner-up would probably be scarlet.

  1. Where is he from?

Rhodri has come from all over the place, but his boyhood home was in Kartusca, the Garden of Faerie.

  1. Any enemies?

Rhodri’s personality is such that spawns enemies almost without thinking, and chief among those enemies he would place himself.

  1. What are his quirks?

Rhodri is probably the most quirkless person I know. He is extremely taciturn, and has a way of looking at you as if he is looking right through to your inner inside; but though he is never boring, he wouldn’t claim to have any “quirks.”

  1. What kinds of things get on his nerves?

Pookas, over-inquisitive strangers, pain, Eikin, constant damp, sugar in his tea, untoward women and bad wine.

  1. Is he independent, or needs others to help out?

Rhodri is very independent. On occasion, depending on who he is working with, he can be cross or even manipulative, but in general he can take care of himself and doesn’t often suffer anyone to lend him a hand. Perversely, he usually offers his own services first, or gives them without asking.

As a parting shot Rhodri would like to mention that this is a very narrow snapshot of himself, and not from his most flattering side. Not that he has a flattering side, except when it comes to - ack! help - !

Here lies all that was mortal of Jenny. She will not be missed.

6 ripostes:

  1. As Jenny appears to be dead, I would just like to tell Rhodri that his list of annoyances was highly amusing to me. Also, I am most Miffed that I posted a Beautiful People post the day before they released the new questions. Humph!

  2. If I've told you once, Jenny, I've told you a half-hundred times: watch what you say around your Beeyootiful Peeps!

    (Especially Rhodri.)

    Mmm, I know that way he has of looking right through you. It's disconcerting, but I rather like it.

    ..and I also chortled merrily over his pet peeves. Untoward women, ha!

  3. Love it, Jenny! Just like last time, your choice for Beautiful People is awesome. "Adamantine" sounds like an fantastic novel! :D I love magic and faeries, and Rhodri definitely (I'm afraid to say anything unflattering, in case he decides to come for me next. ;)

  4. "A blush, I believe, would be appropriate." <-Favorite Rhodri line EVER.

    But now I have the near irresistable urge to ladle sugar into his tea and start questioning him mercilessly. ;-)

  5. As Marthe says, I'm dead, but I'm recovering. He would pass the tea off on me, and I doubt you could bring yourself to pose the questions he finds annoying. Cheers!

  6. I'm extremely glad to hear that you're recovering, Jenny. Phew!