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I know I already did my official Beautiful People post for Eikin Thrasirson, but on a whim I decided to bang out the answers to the past several months' questions for a new character of mine. I've been concentrating my energies on editing Adamantine, but just to keep my creative juices flowing I've been dabbling in some minor stories. In the spirit of that dabbling, I answered (most of) the Beautiful People questions for my fairy girl -


She was a serious child, a serious, black-haired, dark-eyed child with flame-sparks of blue and orange in her black wings. She had her father's uncanny disposition and, uncannily, her mother's laugh. She had the gypsy-witch way about her, and her uncle said she would be a wise woman.

1. What is your character’s name?


2. Does her name have any special meaning?

Not in the least. Her father calls her "Bunny baby."

3. Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality?

Bunny is very organized, though by no means minimalist. She enjoys having a lot of familiar, tidy things around her to make a sort of buffer between herself and the world. She likes feeling like a bird in its nest.

4. Does she think inside herself more than she talks out loud to her friends? (More importantly, does she have any friends?)

Bunny is extremely introspective. She rarely talks, to herself or to others. She only really began talking to other people around the age of five, though she knew perfectly well how to long before then.

5. Is there something she is afraid of?

She is afraid of the dark.

6. Does she write, dream, sing, or dance?

Bunny can do all of these things passably, but she isn’t particularly interested in any of them except singing.

7. What is her favourite book (or genre of book)?

The Lay of Colour and Glass,
an old epic poem. The author is unknown.

8. Who is her favourite author and who/what inspires her?

She has no favourite author. If pressed for an answer, she might offer the Holy Spirit. Who can argue with that, anyway?

9. What is her favourite flavour of ice cream?

There is no ice cream. Bunny has never had it. She probably wouldn’t like it if she was able to try.

10. Favourite season of the year?

Bunny enjoys autumn best. The richness of colour, the coolness, the feeling of the year lingered on the edge of twilight and all the living bustle of harvest resonate with her. She practically drinks the season in.

11. How old is she?

At the moment, Bunny is a very regal seventeen.

12. What does she do in her spare time?

Bunny has no spare time. She is always doing something, whether sewing or reading or writing, cooking or practicing the harp, or thinking. She is always busy in some way or another.

13. Does she see the big picture, or does she live only in the moment?

If you think of swallows flying to and from their holes under the eaves, that is how Bunny thinks. She is always going from the moment to the big picture and back again—like a weaver’s shuttle, she ties it all up together. She possesses a good touch of second sight, so this pattern of thought comes naturally to her.

14. Is she a perfectionist?

No, not really. She is very attentive to detail and painfully desirous of doing a good job (on occasion, when she was younger, she would get very angry when she was unable to grasp a subject) but perfection is impossible.

15. What does her handwriting look like? (Round, slanted, curly, skinny, sloppy, neat, decorative, etc.?)

Bunny has a very artistic eye and a good hand; her writing is considered some of the finest of the upper echelon.

16. What is her favourite animal?

Though something of a natural whisperer, and though almost any animal can find itself at ease around her, Bunny is most fond of horses.

17. Does she have any pets?

No, no pets.

18. Does she have any siblings, how many, and where does she fit in?

Bunny has two other siblings, both older: a sister first, and then a brother.

19. Does she have a “life verse,” and if so, what is it?

No, not really.

20. Favourite writing utensil?

An ink pen.

21. What type of laugh does she have?

Contrarily, when Bunny does laugh, it’s a very sharp laugh. She is so very soft-spoken, and so rarely-spoken, that her laugh is a little startling. She sounds exactly like her mother.

22. Who is her best friend?

Bunny is not naturally given to friendliness. Strangers often find her a little cold and reserved. But she is fiercely loyal to her family; her father and her fiancé are her dearest companions.

23. What is her family like?

Read the book of Ruth and conjure up in your mind what Boaz’s estate must have been like. Her immediate family, her “uncle” and “aunt” and “cousins,” and the people under and around them are all very close-knit and loyal to each other.

24. Does she believe in fairies?

This question is not applicable.

25. Does she like hedgehogs?

Bunny has never seen a hedgehog. I couldn’t say if she would like them or not; she would probably be ambivalent.

26. What is her favourite kind of weather?

A cool, golden autumn day with the wind up, either smelling of salt or cut hay, depending on where she is.

27. Does she have a good sense of humour? What kind is it (slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.)?

Bunny has a good sense of humour, but I don’t remember the last time she exercised it. She isn’t often a joking sort.

28. How did she do in school, or any kind of educations she might have had?

Bunny did very well in the theory aspects of her education; she has an extensive knowledge of history, biology, mathematics, economics, music theory, architecture, and astronomy.

29. Any strange hobbies?

As an aside, Bunny makes a study of the body’s ability to survive and manage pain. She can be unusually morbid in her queries and this, too, often puts strangers off.

30. Does she like to go outside?

Oh yes, Bunny dislikes very much being “cooped up,” as much as she likes being a bird in a comfortable nest. She is known to wander off for some time to take a walk alone.

31. Is she naturally curious?

Bunny’s mind is a honey-combed shelf of knowledge and she is constantly putting new facts and theories in it. She finds just about everything fascinating, though you might not know it to look at her. She does not often get “worked up” over her interests unless she has learned something that particularly disturbs her.

32. Right-handed, or left?

Bunny is right-handed.

33. Favourite colour?

Any rich hue of red, particularly scarlet and burgundy.

34. Where is she from?

Bunny’s time is divided between her family’s house in town and the farm.

35. Any enemies?

A serial killer whose token is a white chess knight.

36. What are her quirks?

As I mentioned before, Bunny has the second sight, or the sixth sense, or whatever you choose to call it. It manifests itself most often to strangers through an odd, eerie feeling that they cannot explain and don’t altogether like. She can usually tell if a person is any good or not merely by feeling their aura. Additionally, Bunny will occasionally dream of her parents’ past.

37. What kinds of things get on her nerves?

Injustice, bigotry, cruelty, discordant music, and her father having to be away from her for a long time.

38. Is she independent, or does she need others to help out?

On the surface Bunny comes across as very independent. She has a way of moving among people without really touching them, or seeming to need them. But without her family she would be destitute, and she depends strongly on both her father and her fiancé.

39. What is her biggest secret?

Her nightmares.

40. Has she ever been in love?

Bunny loves few, but those she loves, she loves without reserve. Her fiancé and her father hold the top rank in her affections.

41. What is her comfort food?

Bunny is not really one to derive comfort from eating, though she feels most like a bird comfortably in its feathers when she is drinking a cup of tea.

42. Does she play a musical instrument? If so, what?

Bunny can play the piano a little, but she is most at home with the harp. She is told she can conjure a beautiful tune with it.

43. What colour are her eyes? Hair?

Bunny is the image of a gypsy child. She has rich ruddy-black hair and dark eyes that will turn amber in the firelight.

44. Where is her favourite place to be?

Walking hand in hand through a country lane with her fiancé Linden, or perched on her father’s lap.

45. What are some of her dreams or goals?

Practically, Bunny wants to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother, and the pride of the royal court. A little more fantastically, she dreams of holding everything that is beautiful in the world in her arms to soak up the light of it, and to nurture it.

46. Does she enjoy sports?

Bunny enjoys horseback riding and games of chess.

47. What is her favourite flower or plant?

The guelder rose, or “water elder.” It puts out great clouds of white flowers and its fruit are just the rich sort of redness that she loves.

12 ripostes:

  1. Aw, she's cute! I know a little about her, but not much, and I liked this glimpse into somebody new. She sounds a lot like you - as I am sure you are quite aware. ^.^

  2. Really? Because, of all my characters, I thought she was most like you. She and her father are two peas in a pod.

  3. Wow. I thought she sounded more like you. O.<

  4. I thought she sounded like Jenny alot. Though I did find it heartening to know that I found one or two things in the list that was like me. I like her name too.

  5. Bunny sounds awesome! <3 Great job, Jenny, I love this character. :)

  6. I've been wanting to hear more of Bunny ever since we first met -- she's absolutely adorable, and I must admit that she does remind me of Abigail.

    (Anyway, it's common knowledge that Anna and Abigail and I are triplets, and Marthe and I share brains, and you're the sister of all of us. Similarities is bound to happen. :P)

    I giggled at the answer to the twenty-fourth question, and I squealed at her favourite kind of weather because that's my favourite, too. Before this I didn't know about her second sight, though I might have guessed something of the sort about such a transparent-yet-reserved little woman. I like it. It fits.

    Bunny's lovely. ^.^

  7. Bunny, like her father, is a very hard person to write. She is one of those people who is best depicted through the eyes of another. But I like getting to know her mind, so I suffer the difficulty anyway. :P

    Oo, now I wish you could meet Bunny. It's so hard, making up wonderful people that you can never actually meet.

  8. I loved this! Bunny sounds like an amazing character. (The picture was awesome, too.) It's crazy how much you can learn about a person -- um, character -- in just under 50 questions, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!

  9. It is crazy how fifty questions can help define a character. But, oddly enough, most of my characters are born Athenian - that is, after the manner of Athena. Certainly I don't know them fully at once, but they always seem to be their own people as soon as they spring into existence. I don't need to build them. Bunny was very much like this.

  10. Triplets... separated at birth... by two years... apiece... it's best not to inquire to deeply into the scientific viability of that one. >.<

    But I agree: I thought of Abigail. You two are /very/ much sisters, in that you share so many of the things that really matter - and those are the things that you love to highlight in such a character. That is, I think, where the confusion between whom she resembles the most comes in. There are little tricky pieces of Bunny, though, that you've tucked in here which struck me as: "Aha! /That's/ Abigail." ...perhaps it's not altogether best to say what those were, but they are there.

    (And you got to the name Linden before I did, to which I say - with as much amiable delight as one is able to say it, and perhaps a little more - curses. ^.^)

  11. Having extricated my head from the sudden avalanche of onions...

    I must scrawl up some proper Bunny (I've somehow manage to dodge really writing her in my spare time) and send her to you and Megan for a better acquaintance. So -

    Oh, there goes my tea.