Beautiful People - Eikin Thrasirson

Once a month Sky and [Georgie] will be posting a list of 10 questions for you to answer about your characters. You can use the same character every month, or choose a new one for each set of questions. Your call. You can answer all the questions, just one, or however many you have the time and energy to answer. Just go for it and have fun.

It's another session of (you guessed it) Beautiful People. I'm enjoying doing these oddment snap-shots of folk; they are entertaining, and they don't give too much away. This is the July/August installment and I'm sorry that July and August haven't been split into separate sessions. Oh well, too much of a good thing, and all that.

Ladies and gentlefolk (please leave your swords by the door, thanks) I regret to say that, much as he disliked it last month, Rhodri is a better sport at this sort of thing than -

Eikin Thrasirson

1. What is his biggest secret?
If he told, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

2. Has he ever been in love?
Eikin is betrothed; and yes, he does love his girl.

3. What is his comfort food?
Mead. You can try disillusioning him and telling him it isn’t foodstuff.

4. Does he play a musical instrument? If so, what?

When the common harp comes around he puts his paws to it, but he’s not an exceptional player.

5. What colour are his eyes? Hair?
Eikin’s eyes are blue, his “hair” is blond, and his fur is tawny.

6. Does he have any pets?
The closest thing Eikin has to a pet is his mount Kielk, but though he cares for his dragon, he would not consider it a pet. If you asked him, he would probably be confused about the term. In general, his people do not have “pets.”

7. Where is his favourite place to be?
Again, Eikin might not understand you if you asked him this. Simple-minded, though by no means blunt, Eikin’s comfort usually comes from his mind. Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, if it seems good to him, that is his favourite place.

8. What are some of his dreams or goals?

Eikin has fairly typical goals. He has no ambition, at least. He is already foremost among his village’s warriors and he wants only to maintain a good name, marry a good girl, and raise a brood of good children.

9. Does he enjoy sports?
As a boy Eikin enjoyed the rough-housing sorts of games that strengthen youngsters, but having grown up such sports have been displaced by the real thing: hunting and war. He enjoys both.

10. What is his favourite flower or plant?
Eikin isn’t a sentimental type, but he likes the marsh marigold best (his people call them gullinblobs) for its hardiness and small prettiness, and its frequency to show up among the less hospitable places. Being of an oppressed people, Eikin sympathizes with the flower.

A grim, impersonal chap? Maybe. Just wait until you get to know him better. He's got a heart of gold and, like the ground beneath your feet, he will always be there to catch you.

12 ripostes:

  1. Aw, I love that last line: "He's got a heart of gold and, like the ground beneath your feet, he will always be there to catch you." He sounds like the kind of character I'd love - starts out rough and unlikeable, but once you've gotten to know him/her you end up loving him/her. :) Great job, Jenny!

  2. I find Eikin even more lovable and /understandable/ since spending so much time around your (and Abigail's) kitties. Something about the face of a cat... ^.^ Thanks for sharing this! (Keeeeeep editiiiiing...)

  3. Eikin's always been easy for me to love, but then what I remember most about him is his heart of gold. And Anna's got a point about the face of a cat. ;)

    I'll leave him to his mead delusion -- anyway, if I didn't, he'd probably come back at me with something about tea not being proper food, either, and I shouldn't like to start that argument. And I do want to hear him play the harp.

    Lovely work, m'dear!

  4. You hit the nail more or less on the head, Taylor. Eikin is a bit rough and difficult to get to know (after all this time, even I barely know him), but his goodness comes out: perhaps it's a little unorthodox, but it's there, and it comes out in its own way.

    (Ack, I'm late to clean at the church.)

    Perhaps one day I'll scrawl a bit of Eikin with a harp. Tim has been badgering me mercilessly to write short stories and such for at least Rhodri; he says he'll make me publish them one day. Eep.

    Heart of gold. Skull of brick, heart of gold.

  5. Aww it's Eikin! (yes I know Eikin is not the sort to aww at. (Pardon me, Eikin.) I looked at my blogger thread to see three of my best buddies had posted had (collectively) posted chaaracter post on three of my favorite character. Squee! I must say I'm rather fond of Eikin, not as much as Rhodri. (thought I think I liked him first) But there's something about Eikin that's endearing despite his roughness. Thanks for posting, Jenny!

  6. You know I love the comment about the mead. I certainly wouldn't try to disillusion him. "Find out what he drinks and give it to the rest of my generals!"

    Eikin is pretty awesome, and he makes a great foil for Rhodri. I may have said it before, but the way each member represents an element is, I believe, one of the best facets of the story.

  7. Awww, gee. I like Eikin.

    Marigolds are wonderful things. When I was younger mom used to set aside to little plots of land for my sister and I to do with what we wished. One year we planted strawberries (or tried to), one year we planted snapdragons, one year we planted sweet williams. But every year, never-failing, I planted marigolds. Not marsh marigolds, of course, but even so. Marigolds.

    I really do like Eikin. I like his tough exterior, perhaps gruff manner, all leading to the most golden of hearts. He seems like the kind of character who'd end up being my very favorite of the story.

    Wonderful job as usual, Jenny. Thank you for sharing. ^.^

  8. Yes, I keep a little hand-written notebook of various British plants, and on one occasion I began researching the marsh marigold. A passage from Richard Mabey's Flora Britannica made its way into my section on the little plant: "Marsh marigolds are in decline as agricultural land continues to be drained, but thy are still the most three-dimensional of plants, their fleshy leaves and shiny petals impervious to wind and snow, and standing in sharp relief against the tousled brown of frostbitten grass."

    Obviously, Britain and Greater Faerie are two entirely different places, but the plant remains the same: the similarity between it and Eikin's people in general (Eikin himself in particular) was striking.

    I'll have him pick one for you, Katie.

    Here's to mead (which I think tastes like grossness, but he doesn't like tea, so we're even). :P

  9. Hey look, I can post now!

    I'm a bit surprised you don't like mead. Granted, the stuff you can buy at your local wine shop is probably nothing like that which was served at Heorot or Meduseld, but I found it quite enjoyable. It's not all that much sweeter than your average port, and the alcohol isn't overpowering. I do love my bourbons and my IPAs, but I don't mind a bit of sweetness in my beverages from time to time (as my almost empty bottle of amaretto will attest). As it happens, I have left one bottle of Dogfish Head Midas Touch ale, the recipe for which was derived from spectroscopic study of ancient Egyptian pottery shards (see above link). Brewed with honey and muscat grapes and various spices, it's basically mead in ale form, and, like almost every Dogfish Head offering, is singularly delicious. If mead isn't your thing, beer of any sort is likely to be less so, but I assure you this one is fantastic.

    Also, this Eikin fellow sounds rather Wookiee-ish. Perhaps we should go drinking some time.

  10. I'll bet you and Eikin would get along smashingly. I had a bit of mead once, when you brought up a jug. Ariel liked it quite well, but it was too sweet for my taste. I thought it was a lot like port, but with more sweetness. But even among species, every breed is bound to be a little different. I'm open to try new things. And when you put it that way, I can't help but want to try something. Of course, Ariel is always shoving a little glass of something at me, saying "Try this" with a tell-tale giggle, and I know I'm going to hate it and that he's just giving it to me to see the look on my face when I swallow it down, but I take it gamely each time. I call it research.

    Now, if I could get my hands on something from Heorot or Meduseld, like that Egyptian ale, that would be fantastic. I might hate it, but boy would I be in raptures while my face contorted on the brew.

  11. I love this character. <3 His name, how do you pronounce it?

  12. His name is pronounced as you would "Aiken." Or, if that's still too obscure (I hear it's good horse-country, in my state) Eh-kin.