The Truth About Jenny

This past Saturday evening my husband, my father, my brother, and my sister and I were all congregated in the paternal living room, chatting. The chat ranged mostly through various articles of work between my father and my brother, and at one point they touched upon the difficulty of getting the crew to habitually wear hearing protection. At this point, having a story, I felt the need to chime in.

A few weeks ago Mr Knightley had my husband, my brother, and my sister and I all out to his place to shoot. And not with cameras. Mr Knightley has a beautiful sheaf of firearms that most of us were eager to learn how to operate. (Hudson posted in more geeky terms about it here.) I was kind of leery about it at first. I'm not really a firearms sort of girl. I prefer swords and spears, bows and arrows, though personally, as far as self-defense is concerned, I'd rather go in for a River Tam or Edward Elric sort of thing.

Not like that's happening any time soon.

As an aside, I had barrel-loads of fun. But in the course of the day, as we paused to reload, I took my hearing protection off. They were hot and sweaty and giving me a headache, and I wanted a break. Even with the hearing protection on, the guns were loud, so there was no doubt in my mind about putting them back on. But I had forgot about them, and someone else stepped up to fire while I wasn't wearing the muffs.

The gun went off.

I thought lightning had exploded in my head.

I thought the heavens had been cracked in two like Moses' tablets.

I reached for my hearing protection.

I finished animatedly telling my story of audible torment, along with its pertinent moral, and I was ready to let the conversation lapse back into the subject of work. The conversation did begin again, sort of stragglingly, but within a minute in capered my five-year-old niece. She's a very sweet girl, extremely precocious, and very much her own person. She had been in the hallway listening to my story, and she ran in to take the floor, commanding our attention.

"Why did Aunt Jenny take her hearing protection off?" she asked us, getting into her joking stance.

There was a brief and reverential silence while we all waited for her to deliver the punchline of her joke.

"Because she's silly!"

3 ripostes:

  1. LOL! Little kids make up the best jokes. xD Great story!

  2. :-D My dad and brother love shootin' things, rule in our house, HOLD YOUR EARS!!

  3. Aaah! How delightful! I could just /see/ my Not-Namesake pulling this one off! And the part about River Tam/Edward Elric cracked me up Muchly. You'd be perfect, too, as far as the latter (best not to associate his name too closely with this) is concerned - small but Fearsome. ^.^