Beautiful People - Rede Tuanic

“Something completely frivolous.”

The askance, with his usual deftness, had deposed the question, killed it, and instituted a statement in its place. I found this to be a promising sign, for if he were truly set against the idea he would have thrust the question back in my face without hesitation.

“Yes,” I repeated with feeling. “Something completely frivolous. Do you think you can handle that?”

He dragged his fingers through his hair with a rough sigh and threw a bookmark in Henry Scougal. “What,” said he, training his flyaway eyebrows on me, “do you propose as completely frivolous?"

That's right, it's time for Beautiful People again. As usual, the original Beautiful People posts are hosted on the blogs of Georgie and Sky. Check them out for Beautiful People backlogs. (That sounds vaguely lumberjackian.) Anyway, I almost didn't do this month's round because I almost couldn't find a character to do it with me. It turns out, I was practically sitting on him and that's why I didn't see him at first. Extremely sorry, very apologetic, won't happen again. Well, now, for the first time in Beautiful People history, a character from my work-in-progress Between Earth and Sky is going to take the limelight.

Rede Tuanic

1. What is his full name?

Rede Tuanic.

2. Does his name have a special meaning?

He came born with “Rede,” but his friends in Arregaithel gave him the name “Tuanic,” which means “of the stag” after a particularly successful elk hunt.

3. What is his biggest accomplishment?

Humanly speaking, his biggest accomplishment would probably be holding down his friendship with Wing the Skyprince. Proud and slippery as a kingfisher, Wing is a hard man to know and even harder to get along with.

4. What are his strongest childhood memories?

Rede doesn’t have many memories than stand out vividly to him. Looking back on it, his childhood seems like one long romp with his friend Allar. The summers seemed longer in those days, as childhood summers will. Everything melts together in his memory.

5. What is his favourite food?

Beef cooked over a campfire. The outdoorsiness gives it a very rich, satisfying flavour. His least favourite is salted fish, even if Uncle swears by it.

6. Does he believe in love at first sight?

If he were in a rational frame of mind at the time, he would say yes.

7. What kind of home does he live in?

Rede grew up in an old Roman house converted to the British style, but since removing to Arregaithel he lives in the royal dun of the Skylord along with Wing. The dun includes several buildings given over to the royal family, their living quarters as well as the main hall, the former being more private and quiet than the other.

8. What does he like to wear?

If given the opportunity to choose, Rede prefers simple dress, either warm or light, depending on the season. For lighter wear he prefers a tunic and breeches and his riding boots, all sturdy and simple, with his writing case on his belt in case he needs to write when he is out and about. In cooler weather he wears a long-sleeved tunic and a vest of sheep’s wool, woolen breeches, and boots with rabbit fur on the inside, all covered in a heavy tartan cloak.

9. What would he do if he discovered he was dying?

I am not sure. He might sit on the outskirts of everything and watch, partially to take everything in, partially to make himself a ghost in everyone’s memory; or he might sit and write furiously in the attempt to leave as much of himself behind as possible.

10. What kind of holidays, or traditions does he celebrate?

At the time of Rede’s life the Church follows the Catholic calendar—though it is a little difficult to do so in the backwoods of Arregaithel.

11. What do your other characters have to say about him?

Conory would call him a good man and be employing an understatement. Wing would call him a rum fighter and a decent fellow, for a foreigner. Rosawn would shudder and turn away, and refuse to answer. Red Branch would call him that piece of heaven’s mystery that lies at the centre of the eagle’s eye.

12. If he could change one thing in his world, what would it be?

He would never have gone back to Britain.

“So-o-o-o, hai! hai! ya-a-ah!” Rosawn whirled the whip over the mares’ backs; the heads came up and the chariot came to life as they sprang forward into the milling fray. The reins shivered, quick with life, the vehicle shuddered and bounced across the uneven turf; and Rede stood braced at Rosawn’s side, swaying to the movement, waiting for the moment to rip off the silk covering and let loose the thing in his hand. The stillness shattered as the line plunged into life over turf and bracken, between the early sprays of pink dogwood and white rowan. Horses squealed and trumpeted, whips cracked over the gathering drum of iron-shod wheels—and somewhere near the front of the ragged spear-head formation came the hen-harrier’s piercing yelp and the glimmer of the Skylord’s blue cloak.

6 ripostes:

  1. Have I mentioned my great desire ("...for a song!") for you to keep working on this? Rede is simply terrific, and I long to get a proper look at him. Well, really I just long to see this story as a whole... It's such an alive kind of tale.

  2. "That will do, child. You have delighted us long enough."

    I don't think I would take to salted fish myself if each and every one of my five uncles swore to it. But I agree that there is something to meat cooked in the "wild" over an open fire. ^.^

    I like Rede a good deal. He seems thoroughly solid and dependable - not without his moments of flaming-furious splendour, but somehow more splendid in both the ordinary and the shining because both are there. I wanted Barney to be that way; naturally, you've done far better with Rede.

  3. I loved your answer for number nine, "What would he do if he discovered he was dying?" Especially the last part about writing to leave as much of him as he could behind. I love that. That explains me to a T.

    He sounds like an awesome character and I adore his name!

  4. ...does he render his author a little less repulsive? :P

    All this enthusiasm! I have to confess, Between Earth and Sky has the largest number of difficult characters grouped together than any of my other stories. The liveliness of it, the solidness and dependability with just the right moments of splendid shining, it is a rather large conjuring for me to make. I am sure I can make it, but it daunts me sometimes.

    Never mind - onward, ever onward! If what you see frightens you, run in with your eyes shut.

    Worst advice ever.

  5. Oh, I don't know about that. There's a good deal to be said for the practice of going berserk (or so I've heard).

    You know how fond I am of Rede. He is a darling, and I would adore to have a day alone with him just to talk about Life and Such. I would further adore to be one-half as good and sensible as he is.

    (Except ... is salted the same as or similar to smoked? Because smoked salmon is very heaven in the form of fish, but if Rede doesn't like it -- all the more for me, then!)

    And I love, love, thrillingly love what Red Branch says about him. Just ... oooh. Chills down my spine-bones.

  6. First, gotta say that I love his name, Rede. I read so many great names during Beautiful People! :D

    Second, Rede sounds like a great character! I love the old-fashioned-ness of everything about him and his life. :)

    Fabulous character, Jenny!