Guest Post By Minnow and 'Quila

See the kitten on the wall,
Sporting with the leaves that fall,
Withered leaves, one, two, three
Falling from the elder tree,
Through the calm and frosty air
Of the morning bright and fair.

See the kitten, how she starts,
Crouches, stretches, paws and darts;
With a tiger-leap half way
Now she meets her coming prey.
Lets it go as fast and then
Has it in her power again.

Now she works with three and four,
Like an Indian conjurer;
Quick as he in feats of art,
Gracefully she plays her part;
Yet were gazing thousands there;
What would little Tabby care?

William Wordsworth

Mommy is busy today making the house clean, so Aquila and I thought we would make a post for her. She went in to put her hair up in some turtle-looking thing on the back of her head with little squiggly things and a rainstorm of that awful-smelling - (expletive removed by Aquila) - spray stuff. But the turtle and spray stuff aside, she's a cool girl, so we thought we would make a post for her since she is so busy.

We're cats, so, you know, our days are packed. At dark-thirty we get Daddy up to make sure he feeds us, and then dutifully pester him while he gets his own breakfast and pulls all his gear and papers together for The World Beyond the Glass. We haven't yet figured out what he does there all day. I take samples off his shoes every time he comes home in the evening, but Aquila still hasn't managed to buy a microscope off the
(word removed by Aquila) so my samples are useless. All I can say is that he is so full of smells, I barely know where to start. I would put a camera on him, but Aun Tabby's camera battery died, so there goes that plan.

After Daddy leaves, Minnow and I wait for another half-hour or so before waking up Mommy. When I think she is sleeping in too late, I try calling for her, and sometimes I even bang on the door if it's an emergency. I kind of think Mommy is a little deaf. She doesn't usually listen, anyway. Minnow, it's my turn to type -

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So on today's docket Mommy has sweep kitchen, take out trash, wash dishes (boring!), feed the dragon (what the - ?), fold the laundry, vacuum living room. Full schedule! Personally, I would put a nap in there someplace, but Mommy gets really cranky for some reason when she tries to take naps. She can never seem to get comfortable, even though I've given her all the tips and advice I can.

I'm going to be looking out for doves in the back yard, and for the squirrel. The squirrel is making me anxious. I think he's on to us.

Did you say Mommy is going to vacuum?

If I'm lucky, Mommy will be too tired to finish the list of things she wants to do, and she'll come back to the computer and work on a story. Then I can get my own nap in on her lap, though goodness knows she's always getting up and down and up and down and it's very hard to concentrate on sleeping when your pillow is constantly leaving.

She's going out to check the mail! The World Beyond the Glass! Run!

On a typical day, Aquila and I greet Mommy when she gets up, and then spend about an hour while she gets dressed and makes her tea and breakfast running around the house pummeling each other to tick her off until she opens the French door blinds. After that we are usually content to take turns looking out of the back door and the spare room window while she works on the computer or reads. After that we usually nap, which is really hard work, especially since Mommy is always going back and forth and wakes us up all the time. She's really cool and I love her, but sometimes she's such a nuisance.

That's a typical day. Today she has all this junk written down to do around the house, and lately she's taken to filling the bathtub up with water and making some kind of evil-smelling witch's brew in it, and getting into it. She doesn't take anything to hold onto, she doesn't take a flotation device. I keep a close eye on her, just in case anything goes wrong, and thankfully so far nothing has. But it still worries me.

I watch too, but sometimes she splashes and pokes me in the face with water. Watching after her is really hard sometimes.

No joke. And you wonder that we sleep so much. Mommy is really hard to look after sometimes. I hate to admit it, but when she goes away to The World Beyond the Glass, I sit at the garage door and wait for her until she gets back home. But she says she doesn't have to go anywhere today, so I don't have to stand guard. Which is great, because standing guard is a pain.

This is 'Quila and me, and a slightly less typical day at the Freitag house. I have a sock to chew on in a minute, and 'Quila to beat up after that, and possibly dust-bunnies to chase after on the kitchen floor. I hope your day will be as fun as ours (butIdoubtitwillbe).

The washer stopped! Can I close the post? Good-bye, everyone! It has been really fun guest-posting (even if Minnow hogged the keyboard) and maybe we can do it again soon. I'm writing a Gotham-city-romance type thing. Maybe I can tell you about that.

It's sappy as all get-out.

I just want to say, Mommy is really cool and read her book! Even though I haven't yet. I'm a terrible cat.

That's why I'm due to pummel him shortly. Mommy says we're just like this and that it's a good thing we can't do "alchemy." I'm not sure what she means by that.

I get to close the post! Love you guys. You make Mommy's day.

10 ripostes:

  1. Aww...this is just lovely and cheery. A delightful way to end my day (it's 9 pm here). Thank-you kities for your lovely post. You sound a lot like my doggies which, being dachshunds are rather cat-like in their antics. They're just as protective and watchful of their mommy and her family.

    Ajjie >'.'<

  2. Awwww! Minnow and Aquila are awesome. However, I saw the title out of the corner of my eye and read "Goodbye, Minnow..." and nearly had a heart attack, thinking he had finally done it and killed himself.

    Thanks for the guest post, you guys! Very dashing photos of both of you, I must say.

  3. Awww! I love kitties! ^.^ Minnow and Aquila sound very awesome! Very much kitties. ^.^

  4. Aw! Kitties! *chuckles* This is indeed a fun post.

  5. Having met these two, I know they didn't write this, because they're either way too dumb to use the Intertubes, or way too smart to let on that they're not too dumb to use the Intertubes. I'm leaning, however, toward the former.

  6. This is just the kind of adorableness I needed to rouse me from my half-ill languor and prompt me to accomplish things this morning. ^.^ I loved the squiggles and turtles, the description of baths and naps (they make me grouchy too) and housework... The World Beyond the Glass sounds like part of a delightful children's story - better than Alice, I think.

    I'd say Aquila probably figured the whole thing out and then made the mistake of showing Minnow. It's always the quiet ones.

  7. People talk about Cat Ladies. These two are Lady Cats. They are such charmers... Minnow is sitting by me, making sure I write a favourable review of him. I love them both oodles, even though they can be little terrors.

    It's always the quiet ones...

  8. "I've met Cat People. You're nothing like them."

    And now, having stared blankly for five minutes together and found nothing else to add but that insignificant quote reaped by a vague association, I must conclude that today's Balance for the Tea Bracket has come up Insufficient. I shall now retire to remedy that fact.

  9. This day has been woefully deficient of laughs. Possibly tea too, but definitely deficient of laughs. You have helped steady the balance once more. ^.^

  10. This is the most adorable blog post I have ever read. Ever. Consider me quite melted away in a puddle of D'awwwwws. ^.^