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The Phoenix Requiem

Poor Penslayer, all abashed, is very much disliking this new novel of mine. I started this blog as The Shadow Things was trundling out upon the book market, and as Adamantine was grinding slowly toward the finish. All in all, they were both very "done" things. I could talk about them a little more freely (though perhaps Adamantine not so very much, because I should hate to give spoilers). With my new novel Plenilune that is not the case. She (she? he? it?) is a mere 20,000 words at present, and yet the deathly hallow of its shadow lies long and big behind it. Plot is fairly jostling in my head. Characters, all of them a little frightening and sharp at the edges, and dark in their own way when you look them in the eye, are all gathered at the round table of Lookinglass House staring at me, waiting for me to keep writing - and to hurry up about it. They are most of them warriors, too, and you have no idea how unnerving that is.

Well, maybe you do.

I am like a child in a candy store, willing to run about wildly and give far more spoilers than is good for me (and you) because of the sheer raptures I can get into while in the throes of a story. And Penslayer, like the arch-typical butler, keeps "hem-hemming" at my elbow, reminding me not to give too much away while at the same time keeping up a writing blog. It's all very difficult, when at this stage everything is all very hush-hush. But I want to hear from you, because what you think at this stage is very helpful. It helps keep my brain churning, it helps me look into things that I otherwise wouldn't have thought to look into. So ask questions! Ask me about, oh, I don't know - the dress of men and women, do horses wear shoes, what about architecture, plants, how many characters do I have so far, what in the world is the plot? I want to know what you want to know! Though I do retain the right to refuse to answer if I think it would give too much away. (Gee, Jenny, what a stick-in-the-mud.) I'll answer them to the best of my ability with as much humour, dodging, hem-hawing, vagueness, and interest as I can possibly muster.

"People often ask me if I'm working on a book. That's not how I feel. I feel like I work in a book. It's like putting myself under a spell. And this spell, if you will, is so real to me that if I have to leave my work for a few days, I have to work myself back into the spell when I come back. It's almost like hypnosis."
David McCullough

On second thought, let's not go to The Penslayer.
It is a silly place.

5 ripostes:

  1. What is the main character like?

  2. Oh I'll bite :)
    Is there a quest? I love quests!
    What is the time period? Even if its fantasy, what era is it most like?
    Does it have any prominent horses or specific breeds? It probably won't come as a surprise to you, but I rather pride myself on being an Equine snob, and when a book mentions a special horse, well.... I want to know about it!
    Are there dragons? Trolls? Hobbits? Unicorns? Pixies?..... a mouse?
    Just how evil is the Bad Guy?
    Are you planning on posting an excerpts in the near-ish future? Or is this all we get?
    Do you want any more questions from me? Because I'm sure I can come up with more :)

    p.s. "It's only a model." "Shh!"

  3. I would certain like more - the more the merrier! But between the three of you, you have given me a good deal to answer. All the same, I thrive on enthusiasm!

    (Horses? Would that be African or European?)

  4. Are there politics and/or international intrigue in this story?
    (Forgive me if you already answered this. I haven't quite read /all/ the posts I've missed...)

    As you've had a dreadful time not posting spoilers, I've had a dreadful time avoiding them, too! I so want to read the scenes you've posted, but I fear it will spoil it when I read the whole thing. :-(

    Adamantine Question: Any progress on getting it published? and/or can you mail me a copy? (in paper or *GASP!* on disc) *is an impatient faerie*