Dramatis Personae - Plenilune

Dear jolly goodness, it's been awhile since I've done anything like this. I'm not sure what prompted me to resurrect this little exercise of madness, save that I have been having trouble "seeing" one of my characters. The wretched bloke is positively slippery - like a fish. I say I only want to dissect his character and get a better look at him, but he remains unconvinced, and squirts out of my grasp almost before I have closed it on him. Honestly. It's as bad as Peter Pan and his shadow.

All right, all right. I don't own any of these pictures except - nope, I don't own any of these pictures, but I do own the characters. Very wibbly wobbly. Anyway, enjoy the creative endeavours of a girl overdosed on sea-salt and cracked-pepper chips. Cheers!

Avaunt, sire, avaunt!

Margaret Coventry

The main character of Plenilune. English, twenty, too reserved to be pretty and too pretty to be left alone, Margaret steps onto the scene as the dutiful if unwilling victim of her mother's insistent attempts to make her marry and marry well. She has very little faith in her skills at procuring a husband, she has every intention, all the same, of doing so - partly to spite her own mother. What she had not expected was that a suitor has already had his eye on her for some time and, under the very nose of a rainstorm, without family or friends ever knowing, whisks Margaret clean away to woo her with an iron hand occasionally hid inside a velvet glove. Stubborn, English, proud to her core, Margaret resists with all the will she has and seeks to return home. Even less expectant is the discovery that she has no real home at all.

Rupert de la Mare

Every inch and more a match for Margaret's demure stubbornness, Rupert meets her with chilly gallantry, chipping away at her defenses by the sheer impact of his presence, sudden kindness, and equally as sudden ferocity. He has no little plans for the future of his Honor; his temperament and station allow him ample ambition. Unfortunately his temperament is one that rubs people's fur all wrong, and his cousin, in a desperate bid to stop his head-long career for power, lays him a wager which, if he cannot win, he cannot hold power. Smarting from the insolence, and remembering with a grudge his cousin's move, Rupert nevertheless undertakes to win the wager.

Skander Rime

Skander is a sharp if rather young lord, holding the Honour of Capys from his seat in Lookinglass. His ready wit and gentle, amiable demeanour belie a taste for hunting and war. Though friendly he is not particularly sociable, and after his first distrustful encounter with Margaret he finds a kindred sort of spirit in her coy but stalwart personality. Though he is not sure she feels any sort of friendship in return, he feels sorry for her and sticks his neck out for her, trying to dissuade Rupert from his course - earning him only a deeper enmity with the young lord of Marenové. With the future of Plenilune appearing more and more uncertain on the horizon, Skander feels caught in the middle, concerned for Margaret's welfare and at the same time loathe to spark strife with so powerful an Honour as Marenové.


He was nicknamed War-wolf at a young age for his natural skill in war, his flippant, almost thoughtless ability to see and deliver a crushing martial blow, and his propensity for stalking, with a mirthless sort of cheer, through the ranks of everyone and everything as if only he were material, and everything else but mist. Though counted by age among the young bucks of Plenilune he stands by his own consent and the common consent of the other lords at the head of them all, a living sort of legend-figure with the shadow of death following after him.

The Fox

The fox is a diminutive character, but armed with immense cheek and irreverence. He styles himself as Rupert's ex-jester, though, contrarily, he makes more fun of himself than of his grim master. Being a creature as much chained as she, among all Margaret's acquaintances the fox understands her best and makes himself her closest friend. He is twice as protective of Margaret as Skander Rime, but significantly less capable of doing anything about it, which irritates him extremely. Cheeky, irreverent, dashing (and knowing that he is dashing) he does his best to keep up Margaret's spirits until such time as they can find a way to save her.

* * * * *

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, but here are the pivotal characters, at the very least, with all their thinly-sketched portraits of personality and two-dimensional analysis covered in little crumbs of chips and tasting unusually strongly of salt. I am proud to say I did not waste time at this exercise, as my novel boasts of an additional near-two-thousand words, which is all I meant to write today. I even got a nap in. Not bad.

Le douce, mon amy, le douce.

5 ripostes:

  1. Aww, da fox iz so kyoooot!

    End idiotic baby-talk (we hope), and I offer my sincere apologies: I am sure The Fox wishes to be thought dashing. I love the pictures you found, although Skander is not quite how I imagined he would be. Nor is Dammerung, but now that I look at Tennant for a while I can see it. Margaret is the best; that image is just perfect. Spot on!

  2. Skander gave me trouble. Skander is the sort of person whose inside image defies his outside image - he doesn't look the way he looks, if that makes any sense. Dammerung, too, is like that, but in a less contradictory way. His inside doesn't jostle with his outside the way Skander's does; he has a lot of presence, which makes up for his lack of stature and excuses his more flippant turns of nature. But yes, I thoroughly agree about Margaret: I think she is just perfect.

    Cheeksome fox is cheeksome.


  3. If not for Abigail's Wordcrafter Personifications, I should think that (between Gaskell and Robin Hood) Armitage was forever destined for somebody named 'Margaret.'

    But your names are splendid - the surnames, too! 'Coventry' and 'de la Mare' speak as much of the characters as the pictures! - and the images striking. I cannot read Skander and Dammerung's characters so well from their pictures as the first two, but perhaps that fits.

    I must say, though, I think The Fox the handsomest of all the lads! (And the picture suits him so!)

  4. I quite like this! And I have to agree that Margaret's portrayer looks absolutely perfect for the role. As for the others, I don't really know them well enough to judge... but the pictures all seem to fit seamlessly with the descriptions, so that's all right. ;)

    (Also, the Fox is simply STUNNING.)

  5. Well, I have to say Armitage (poor fellow) only almost passes muster. He isn't quite something and he doesn't have the something else...but he was the best I could recruit and his looks are nyehmeheh close.

    Skander and Dammerung. I know, they are so defiant in their appearance, Anna. Rupert, at least, doesn't mind being honest - even if that honesty is of the dark and brutal kind. I think he likes scaring people with it. But noooo, not Skander and Dammerung - Dammerung and Skander, respectively, are difficult to conjure up. I run after them with a knife in the hopes of pinning them down, but when they know Marenové and Capys rather better than I do they have a thousand places in which to dive and hide and poof away. Hmph.

    Margaret and the fox. Everyone likes Margaret and the fox. I begin to wonder if you all will hate me a little bit for what I do to the fox. O.o

    I do apologize for being so abominably cryptic. The story is so character-based that if I gave a great deal away about them, I would give away a great deal of the plot. And we can't have that. There may be one thing I can spoiler away, but not here. You never know who may be listening. Even some of the trees are on her side...