New Year Writing Contest

It's a new year (very nearly) and it's time for something new at The Penslayer and Scribbles and Inkstains. In honour of the writers who so faithfully follow these blogs of ours, who have expressed such encouragement and interest in our work, Abigail and I have put together a writing contest for the month of January (2012). Here are the details of the campaign:


Each entry must be 200 words or less. This may not seem like much (and it isn't) but don't panic. We don't expect you to condense a full story into so few words.


The theme will be first impressions. This can be a character's first impression of another character, of a thing, of an animal... Think of it as you introducing a new subject, whether animate or inanimate, to the reader. (200 words doesn't seem like much now, does it?)


You are all so vastly different in your styles, so don't try to fit your entry into a specific style or genre. We would like to see prose, but if you are better at poetry, or poetry just "comes," use that instead. Be sure to note your spelling and grammar as we try to be very particular about excellent English. Write your very best, we dare you!

rules and regulations

Entries will be limited to two per person. (Note: two entries is an option, not a requirement.) Obviously, keep it clean; we'll be posting the winning entries (as long as the authors don't object), so they have to be ones that we're comfortable putting up.


After the contest closes, Abigail and I will choose first place and second place winners. First place winner will receive one copy of each of our novels, The Shadow Things and The Soldier's Cross, as well as a critique of the first chapter of his or her novel. Second place winner will receive a critique of the first chapter of his or her novel.

Please email your entries to and

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. And if not - start writing!

6 ripostes:

  1. Thanks, y'all, for hosting this contest! I'm excited to participate! :D

  2. Excellent! We eagerly await your entry scribbles. ^.^

  3. Oh my gracious, this is simply a smashing idea and I've already written 5 entries, ranging from serious, to humorous, quaint, to a bit scary...blast it that have to narrow it down to two! :D But I'm excited. :)

  4. Hurrah! Sounds like something I must put my hand to. Any chance to win a copy of a Shadow Things, and Soldier's Cross...


  5. When the contest is over, will we be able to read eachother's entries?

  6. Bethany, the winning entries will be posted on The Penslayer and Scribbles and Inkstains so long as their authors don't object. All other entries may be posted by their authors on their own blogs.

    What wonderful enthusiasm, Rachel! I look forward to reading your entries, whichever ones you choose. You too, Katie. I expect glowing inklight from your pen as well. ^.^