"Courteous Words Or Else Hard Knocks..."

"...are [a warrior's] only language."
The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis

I told Mirriam I would do a quotes post for Adamantine as I did for Plenilune.  It has been a while since I thought actively about Adamantine, since I only have a little more editing to do and really no serious constructive work.  I've been focusing the brunt of my energy on Plenilune.  Additionally, it has been what amounts to years since I first began Adamantine.  That is a lot of ground to go back over, a lot of muddled thought to sort out.  This could be some kind of interesting.

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And then when Beowulf needed him most Wiglaf showed his courage, his strength and skill, and the boldness he was born with.

"...we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out."
Hugh Latimer

"Of this be sure, to do ought good never will be our task, but only ever ill our sole delight."
Paradise Lost, John Milton

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds..."
II Corinthians 10:4

I am a question to the world,
Not an answer to be heard,
Or a moment that's held in your arms.
And what do you think you'd understand?
I'm a boy - no, I'm a man.
You can't take me
And throw me away.
from "I'm Still Here" in "Treasure Planet"

"You're the last of our far-flung family.  Fate has swept our race away, taken warriors in their strength and led them to the death that was waiting.  And now I follow them."

Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
from "Amazing Grace" by John Newton

They spent five days on the farm, and it was during those five days that Justin first really discovered Britain.  The bare winter woods dappled like a partridge's breast, the slow, broad voices of the farm-hands, the lapwings on the winter ploughland; the low, long house itself, built onto by succeeding generations but holding still at its heart the smoke-blackened atrium, used as a storeroom now, that had been the original houseplace, built by another Marcus Flavius Aquila making a home for himself and his British wife and the children that came after - those were all Britain to Justin.
The Silver Branch, Rosemary Sutcliff

...half-sunk, a shattered visage lies...
from "Ozymandius," Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Look here," said Ransom, "one has to be careful about this sort of thing.  There are spirits and there are spirits, you know."
Perelandra, C.S. Lewis

I know there's hope in anger
And tenderness in shame;
Sometimes I find You
On the other pain.
But sometimes in the heat of day
When I close my eyes to pray
It seems like You are far from me:
My prayers are all in vain.
In my hour of hopelessness,
In my deep despair,
The noonday devil whispers in my ear.
from "Noonday Devil," Fernando Ortega

"...if I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell."
Aeneid, Virgil

There's a loyalty that's deeper than mere sentiment,
And a music higher than the songs that I can sing;
Stuff of earth competes for the allegiance
I owe only to the giver of all good things.
from "If I Stand," Rich Mullins

"He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters at the boundary of light and darkness."
Job 26:10

We wonder, and some Hunter may express
Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
He meets some fragments huge, and stops to guess
What powerful but unrecorded race
Once dwelt in that annihilated place.
from "Ozymandius," Horace Smith

The young Centurion, who had been completely still throughout, said very softly, as though to himself, "Greater love hath no man - " and Justin thought it sounded as though he were quoting someone else.
The Silver Branch, Rosemary Sutcliff

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  1. These are (quite possibly) more thrilling even than the ones you shared for Plenilune. When is Adamantine supposed to be published? :) (Of course you may not even know that.) But I don't think I can wait too long! :)

  2. That's lovely, Jenny! Lovely! I am always grateful to you for introducing me too the silver branch. I also am very fond of the rich mullins song. The other qoutes are very interesting themselves. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I always completely love quotes, and your choices are SPECTACULAR! *claps loud and hard* Thank you for posting these; it tempts me to something like this myself... but I probably had better wait until my brain is not quite so scattered as it is today. O_o
    You also chose one of my favorite C. S. Lewis quotes, from Prelandra, which I appreciated greatly. It's very remeniscent of 'The Last Battle.'

  4. So are these quotes reflecting Adamantine, Jenny, or did they help inspire you in its making? They're all truly lovely.

    I'd like to read C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy sometime...

  5. A bit of both, Joy, a bit of both. I'm now suffering from the fear that I have given you a warped mental image of the plot and that your mental conception of Adamantine will not at all match what I want it to be; so I will just direct you to the page I made on The Penslayer specific to Adamantine and hope that my purposefully leading but equally obscure quotes will not have permanently damaged your view of the story. I probably haven't but one does worry about these sorts of things.

    I should keep better record of my quotes, Mirriam. I try to, but I have so many notebooks and the quotes could be in any one of them, and then they turn out to be in NONE of them... I'll underline in books and think, "Yeah, I'll remember it's here. I'll come back for it." Nope.

  6. Jenny, your Dad has a file box with his quotes in it - filed by topic and maybe author. Something like that might make them easier for you to find. Thought I would post it here as it may help others as well.
    Mom F.