Guess & Giveaway

Those of you who know me, or even have a passing acquaintance with me, can probably guess that I love coming up with chapter titles.  It isn't always easy - in fact, it's rarely easy - but getting just that right turn of phrase that grabs at the reader's heartstrings is such a thrill to me.  So here I am, hosting a guess-and-giveaway for The Shadow Things!  If you can guess my favourite chapter title out of the twenty chapter titles of The Shadow Things, you win a free, autographed copy of my book.  (As there are more than twenty people following my blog, if more than one of your guess my favourite chapter title, I will draw a name from among the winning contestants to be The Winner.)  The giveaway starts today July 27th and will end August 11th.  Spread the word.  The game's afoot!

chapter titles

Hoofbeats of Tir
The Brown Voice
The God of the Wooden Sword
The Archer's Cuff
Bride Fires Burning
The Immortality of the Soul
The Holy Place
The Night of Ghosts
Funeral Pyre
Chieftan Slave
Shadow Things
Slave Wife
Another Ill Wind
Black Wolf, Black Smoke
Woman Trouble
Wind in the Wheat Sheaves
Circle Wood
The Long Dark
Scarlet Dawn

15 ripostes:

  1. Hoofbeats of Tir! Grabbing and evocative. Hard decision thought they are all delightful! I also really like "black wolf, black smoke" but my guess is Hoofbeats of Tir

  2. Scarlet Dawn, just the feeling of this one is beautiful and dramatic yet it has that perfect moment feeling for a conclusion.

  3. Wind in the Wheat Sheaves. It sounds dreamy, yet unusual at the same time.

  4. Ooh, yay! ;D I think it's The Immortality of the Soul. It makes me think of Little Women, when Jo is reading to Aunt March. Hah! :)


  5. Gonna guess... Bride Fires Burning ^_^ (though... God of the Wooden Sword and The Archer's Cuff are good too!)

  6. They're all very evocative. I'm going to guess... Wind in the Wheat Sheaves. It conjures up such a lovely golden picture in one's head.

  7. Ooh! Those are all excellent chapter titles!! And I can only choose one? Dash it all! ;) Hmm... The Brown Voice. The adjective "brown" is very intriguing, making me wonder about the source of the voice and what the voice sounded like. :D

  8. I'm going with Bride Fires Burning. *that* is decidedly intriguing. Love the structure of the phrase! :)

  9. I also believe it to be Wind in the Wheat Sheaves, though The Archer's Cuff is my second guess.

  10. Torn between lots of these... Wind in the Wheat Sheaves and Bride Fires Burning almost won, but I decided to vote for Black Wolf, Black Smoke. Fascinating giveaway!

  11. Oh... this is so hard! I personally love all of them as much as each other. They are all so evocative and intriguing, and this terribly hard to try and guess which one is YOUR favourite... but I will give it a try.

    Scarlet Dawn!

    (if I were allowed more than one which I am pretty sure we are not, I like Bride Fires Burning, Hoofbeats of Tir and Immortality of the Soul)...

  12. I'm guessing Bride Fires Burning... it's elusive and intriguing and a little bit scary all at the same time.

  13. My guess is also Bride Fires Burning. I like what Miss Dashwood said about it; it captures all of that and more! It certainly piques my curiosity. ;)

  14. Oh, so many beautiful, intriguing titles! I can't understand how you could choose a favorite, much less one of us, especially since we are seeing them in only half their glory. You know the story behind each emblem; we can only see the titles with all manner of mystery hanging about them, like veils concealing a deep secret.

    Fine, fine, I'll take a stab at it . . . :)

    I'm placing my lot for the The Immortality of the Soul.