beautiful people - julius and julianna

The lashes on both of them were dyed dark, 
which made their orchid-coloured eyes stand out 
with an almost appalling beauty.

I don't want you to think I'm vying with George R.R. Martin or Robert Jordan for the most characters (at this point very few of them are going to die, so, big difference between us), but these characters just seem to keep coming.  I like to think, but don't quite believe, that my primary cast is set.  The secondary cast, the background people, however, keep jostling out to introduce themselves to me.  Here are two more, and I must confess that the discovery of them and the exploration of them opened up whole new vistas even to me.

Julius and Juiliana of Darkling-law

Considering the huge cast I am building up, it is probably completely necessary to ask: who are these people?  How old are they and what do they look like?

“These people” are Julius and Julianna, Centurion of Darkling’s younger siblings.  They are twins, sixteen years old, and both albino.  All three of Darkling’s noble children take after a tall, slender aspect: Julius and Julianna are no exception, though Centurion will probably always be a bit rougher and sharper in appearance, the twins softer and more subdued.  Naturally they both have white hair—Julius’ is thick and full, but kept short like his brother’s, and Julianna’s, kept long, has a natural wave to it—and pale, uncanny violet eyes.  They are almost impossibly beautiful, more like Grecian statues than real flesh and blood.  They share the strange bond often found between twins and, especially when they were younger, exhibited signs of being not quite right.  They are still repelled by social interaction and do not like to converse, but if you watch them closely you will discover that they are really extremely intelligent, probably more so than even their brother.

What is their family like?

Their family is pretty small.  They have one uncle who is married and a single aunt, but their parents are both dead—their father died some years ago fighting with the Thrasymene against the Carmarthen.  Their brother Centurion inherited the rule of Darkling and manages the House of Darkling-law himself, so the heavy mantle of responsibility has largely stayed away from Julius and Julianna.  They have a very friendly, easy relationship with their little family.  They live within a comfortable distance of each other, see each other very often, and get on rather splendidly.

What do other people say about them?

Their uncle and his wife dote on them in a respectable way: they nominally realize that Julius and Julianna are grown up, but no one really minds the spoiling.  The single aunt counterbalances this by being very practical with them (she, along with Centurion, are largely responsible for their schooling).  But they all consider the twins to be very bright and probably very promising.  Because they are of a noble family Julius and Julianna are known among the other Houses, but no one knows them very well and most people are a little afraid of them.  Centurion, amiable, smooth, easy-going in most things, is fiercely protective of them and considers them, for all their brilliance, to be nothing more than lambs.

What do they say about them?

Well…nothing, really.  Julius and Julianna are a content, self-contained unit, concerned neither by what they think of themselves or by what other people think of them.  This trait is perhaps what allows them to be as brilliant as they are.

How do they feel about people in general?

In general they do not like people.  They will try to be polite because they feel Centurion would like them to be, and they try to follow the social protocols that Centurion has taught them—though they don’t really understand them, and in general they don’t really understand people.

Since they are both still young, do they have a job or do they have studies, or perhaps both?  (Doesn’t do to be idle!)

Their aunt sees to most of the matriarchal aspects of running the house—the role of chatelaine has not yet fallen to Julianna, if it ever does—and Centurion, as I’ve mentioned before, is lord of the house and oversees everything.  Julius and Julianna are largely free of responsibility but they are never idle.  They are great readers, naturalists, mathematicians, astronomers, engineers, linguists…  They are always busy, though the two of them can pass an entire day in the same room working at the same problem and not speak.  They rarely need to.

Does either of them play musical instruments?

Another thing they are good at!  They can pick up just about everything and play it passably within a week.  They argue that it is no different from learning language, and that one has only to get the basics of the instrument’s foundation down and one can begin to speak with it.  Which is rich coming from two children who barely communicate vocally.

Do they have any pets?

No.  Centurion keeps a small menagerie but Julius and Julianna don’t share any emotional attachments to animals.  They do seem to understand animal behaviour acutely and they study animals and their interaction with their habitat, but they don’t feel a connection to animals the way you and I normally do.

Where you live defines you.  What does their house look like?

Their house at Darking-law looks much like Marenové: it is a roughly squarish, storied building with many windows (imagine if they had a window tax!), settled comfortably on a pastoral plain.  They are well out of the fell country in Darkling and you can see for miles over the low hills from one of the top story windows.  The house is fully furnished in a rich, refined way (much more refined and far less stupendous than Mark Roy’s house), but unless Centurion is having an unusually large party much of the house remains empty.

Do they believe in anything most people consider impossible?

They have a theory that everything has a language, everything has a voice, though sometimes the voices are too low or too high or too far away for the human ear to detect, and that the universe is woven together by and in this orchestral language, and that if they could just step back and get above it they could hear what it is saying.  They consider things like mathematics and music and literature to be measurements of that fabric of sound. 

Describe their relationship in three words.

Intuitive.  Co-dependent.  Steadfast.

3 ripostes:

  1. What an intriguing set of twins! They certainly do feel like Grecian statues, beautiful and untouchable. I love them, Jenny, I really do!

    I actually have had this happening to me more than once, when new character intrude upon my well-planned "life" story and demand a rightful place of their own, working havoc and emotional upheaval, or wooing me to become friends with them when that was never my intention. Ah, we so long to make our characters real, but when they actually do become so we are not so grateful: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS IS NEVER WHAT I INTENDED!!" :D

    Well... I enjoyed this set of Beautiful People heaps; thanks for sharing those two new characters, Jenny!

  2. Brilliant. These two are a fantastic pair, and it is quite unfortunate that they aren't going to play a major role. Ho hum. But so long as you don't go all Rowling and kill one of them, I shall be content.

  3. Wow, they are quite a pair! They seem very...above it all, despite their age. :) I really like them!
    I have the opposite problem - I tend to enjoy irregular plot twists, and end up making all my characters related to each other in some way or another, and there are never enough side-characters. :/