A - Adamant

Brief introduction: I have so enjoyed Anne Elisabeth's own A-Z series for her novels that, as I am not actively working on Adamantine and so don't often get the opportunity to talk about it, I decided to follow her lead and begin an A-Z series of my own.  And Adamantine conveniently starts at the beginning of the alphabet.


I've talked about the main character of Adamantine before.  She's a shy, naive girl, technically an orphan though she has other relations.  She was born in 1827 and at the time of our story is seventeen years old (and unmarried! but that is less of an issue for her than it is for her harried cousin Margaret).  In writing her I have found her to be a sweet, intuitive, well-meaning girl; though she had lost both her parents, her life with them was one of confidence and safety, which engendered in her a good temper and a pleasant countenance, which was more than her cousins could boast living with their bulldog-jowled father and their wedding-worrying mother.

Unfortunately her quiet life heretofore had not taught Adamant strength and survival, as it had taught her cousins; upon moving from London to live with her relations Adamant experiences a cold shock of jealousy and hatred from her cousins and a sense of unbelonging from within.  But what she lacks in physical strength and worldly knowledge she makes up for with faith, conviction, and charity.  In Faerie, a world of stark ambition and self-serving ideals, of conquest and oppression and racial hatred, Adamant is an alien spirit of sweet loyalty.  While she looks bewilderedly on her friends and relations, uncomprehending their sharp, bitter attitudes toward God and life, they stare back at her in mingled mockery and confusion as she holds fast to the certainty of Christ and her own quest, a servant of the servants of God.

Choking out an angry, crying howl, she jerked the weapon she found at her side from its sheath and found herself running, running for all she was worth, alone, to help the grey-bearded king.

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  1. I entered your blogosphere rather late in the process of Adamantine so you know that every bit I get to hear about it is thrilling and intriguing. I think I'm going to enjoy this A-Z series! <3 Go Jenny! (Adamant and Margaret are cousins....right?)

  2. Adamant and Margaret are cousins. And I find that I haven't said all that much about Adamantine! It isn't as easy to talk about without giving things away as Plenilune is - and Plenilune is hard!

  3. She sounds very intriguing. I hope you find an agent and a publisher for it soon!

  4. I love Adamant.
    And Margaret, of course.
    I'm not sure who I prefer...
    Oh dear! Well, Maragaret. Or at least her story, since she has Dammerung...
    but Adamant is such an amazing story in its own right.... Oh dear, it's a good thing
    my life doesn't depend on this chocie...

  5. - I'm not sure why it left my comment as 'myfonwy' - that's my private sign-ing name.
    Ah well.

  6. *Squealing in delight* Oh I just LOVE Adamant, Jenny! I hardly knew anything about her or Adamantine(coming in late on your blog when you were already writing Plenilune)... but this was just so fascinating to read and she seems so sweet and innocent in spirit. I really like the sound of her!

    Like many here, I did not know that Margaret and Adamant were cousins, but then again, Adamantine and Plenilune are related so I should have guessed.

    Sounds like a fun undertaking, I am looking forward to reading letter "B" next :)

  7. I love Adamant! She sounds like the type of person you just want to be around. :D I think we'd get along pretty well.

  8. thanks for sharing..