G - Ghiraranna

"We'll stow yer bobbins aft."

It will be difficult to tell you about the schooner the Ghiraranna without telling too much about her skipper, but I'll do my best.  (I wonder if anyone will be as interested in her as Abigail, but again, I'll do my best.)

A brief but crucial character in Adamantine, the Ghiraranna is a Faerie ship, a big, three-masted schooner, privately owned and used in the family business of merchant trade.  Most of the time she runs legal trips, but it has to be admitted that, when the pay is good or the skipper's heart is in the business, she has done smuggling-runs under the noses of the fairy war-ships.  Though she is a three-masted ship she is still quick on her keel, keeps a low profile, and can easily trounce anything but the naval post ships (which aren't usually heavily stocked with soldiers) in terms of speed.  Her hunting grounds tend to be in the south and southeastern waters of Faerie; she will carry just about anything, too - pearls and gems, raw materials and foodstuffs (which tend to pay better than prefabricated products) spices, post, passengers, stone, coarse timber and coarse metal, light livestock (goats and sheep, not cattle or horses)...if you can load it into the schooner the skipper will take it.  Two things he does not ship out on are tourist runs and slave shipping - which is to cut two lucrative trades out of the deal but one has to keep some morals, even in the smuggling business...

The Ghiraranna is a pretty creature, deep-draughted for sea-going travel but light-looking enough from the surface, especially when the bulk of her sails are reefed.  With a fresh coat of black paint on her sides and the gold trim touched up, saucy skipper at her helm, she is a beautiful and familiar sight sliding in between the Beacons of Faerie Harbour, blue pennants waving her hello.  She outfits with fifteen fairies, not counting skipper and second mate; they come from all over the Empire: her skipper is native to the capital area and claims his family, seafairies for long ages past, have salt water in their veins; some come from the north country where the seas are rough and breed rough folk, some come from the green southern islands, displaced by tourism, volcanic activity, and heavy tropic storm; if you have a chance to walk the Ghiraranna's deck you will have the opportunity to hear the thick, warm midland brogue of her second mate - the only fairy who was not born with his toes in the ocean, and the only fairy, next to the skipper, so capable of taking the Ghiraranna through her tricks.

The helmsman turned the whole length of the vessel rather sharply and a column of water shot glistening into the air off the starboard side of the prow; someone crowed gustily aft. The list of the ship sent the bell clanging erratically. [The skipper's] voice called out reprovingly.

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  1. Hoo! I love the Ghiraranna, and her currently unnamed skipper. She isn't like the Enterprize - which is two-masted, at any rate; I should think the Ghiraranna would be larger all around, as the Enterprize looks rather like she should be put in a glass bottle and stuck on a shelf. (She's so cute!) And I like that picture, too, by the way. That colour blue is what comes to mind when I think of the Faerie ship. ^.^

  2. Seafairies! I love it! And a schooner too. Could it get any better?

  3. Ah, what a vessel! I think I must have seawater in my veins too - I love to hear of a beautiful ship. <3

  4. Wow...sea-faires. Somehow I really like that idea. It was so neat hearing about Ghiraranna. I love it when a writer takes their ships seriously...as characters, which they truly are.

  5. Sounds like such an amazing ship! I wish I could sail on her.