Marked Evermore With White

Let all the people throng,
With chaplets and with offerings,
With music and with song;
And let the doors and windows
Be hung with garlands all,
And let the Knights be summoned
To Mars without the wall:
Thence let them ride in purple
With joyous trumpet-sound,
Each mounted on his war-horse,
And each with olive crowned...
the lays of ancient rome

Mark it as the Romans did with a most auspicious white!  This November will be the second year of The Shadow Things and The Soldier's Cross upon the published scene...and we're going to celebrate!  (For those of you who can't do NaNo this year, we hope this cheers you up!)  Scribbles & Ink Stains, as well as The Penslayer, will be full of posts on our experience as authors, insight into the lessons we learned, what writing our historical novels was like, excerpts and giveaways, and answers to questions our fans send in.  On that last note, heads up!  We want your questions because chances are everyone else wants the answers too!  Through the month of October send your questions in to us at (me) and (Abigail), or post the questions on our blogs! Shout it out, folks!  The more, the merrier! 


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  1. Oh, am I not excited about this blog party, Jenny! Really looking forward to it :).