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First of all, sale alert!  For all your Kindle owners, if you haven't bought The Shadow Things ebook already, check out the Amazon ebook sale.  The Shadow Things is a meager $0.99!  The sale ends tomorrow, so get right on that.  Abigail has a nice neat write-up on the sale and its other participants here on the Scribbles and Inkstains.  We're getting into the long dog-days of summer and you'll need plenty of reading material, so do a pack of authors a favour and snatch up our books while you can!


Secondly, you may dimly remember that at the beginning of Plenilune I threw out a plea to all my followers to send in any and all questions they could think of so that I could answer them.  I got gobs of questions and greatly enjoyed answering them.  Now, 104,000 words into Gingerune, I would like to do the same for my current novel-in-progress.  I have already done a few snippets posts and given you fleeting glimpses of what I have been studying, but that is all pretty one-sided and I like interaction.  So hurl those questions at me.  The world is the world of Gingerune.  The characters, yet to be fathomed.  The plot, for you to wait agonizing for until an undetermined date.

go get 'em, tiger!

9 ripostes:

  1. Okay! I know I'm late in the game of here it goes:

    Who is the most likeable character in Gingerune? Does this book take place before or after Plenilune?--or at the same time? What music do you listen to while writing this particular book? Why Thera? Are any of the characters in your book *not* original to you? i.e. do you borrow from mythology? How short do you NOT expect Gingerune to be? Do you even like ginger? (the root?) And did the red hair inspire "Ginger" or did "Ginger" inspire red hair?

  2. Is Gingerune set in Plenilune or is Gingerune it's own country or does it have it's own country? Or is it set in Rome? It feels Roman. Do you have a hero? Anti-hero? Any male characters we can root for? What sort of tales to the people of Gingerune tell? Is Ginger a Christian? Does she know God at all?

  3. Wow, lots of questions! You two gave me a truckload to answer. :D Of course I can' tell you everything, but I'll do my best to answer satisfactorily!

  4. OH YAY! That's the thing I love best - I will think up some questions, and write them out soon, Jenny, though both Rachel and Anne-girl have spoken out some of them already that have plagued my mind!

    By the way, I don't know if you read my last blog update, but my blog, Fullness of Joy's 2nd Blog birthday is this week, and in celebrating I am hosting a blog party to thank all my readers, celebrate those two years, have fun together with tags and also challenge each other to be more committed in challenging and uplifting one another as sisters in Christ and writers too through what we write and comment on in our blogs. I hope you can join, especially since you follow my blog and have been such an encouragement to me on this journey of blogging, and a sweet friend; so I'd love it if you can join in the tags:

    God bless and I will come back with a quiver-full of questions, fear thou not!

  5. Well I am a bit late to the party, aren't I? Here are my questions... ;)
    When did you first know you had to write Gingurune? (Generally speaking, since we all know pinpointing dates is really impossible.)
    Which character is the most like you? The most opposite you? Your least favorite? Favorite?
    Do you think the series will go on after Gingerune, or does Gingerune's ending (if known) seem to close things up?
    Of the music you listen to while writing, which is most descriptive of/emotionally linked to the book?

    Being that you have loads of other questions, I'll leave my querying at that. ^.^

  6. If Rachel's late to the game, I'm arriving when the game's up and the prizes are being doled out, but I can't help but leave a few in hopes of easing my burning curiosity. I only hope the gates haven't been closed against the floodwaters yet . . . !

    - What inspired you to write Gingerune?
    - How long have you been forming the plot?
    - Do you find elements of your own personality in any of the characters? If so, which one?
    - Is the book set in one of our own eras, or is it placed outside of human time?
    - How is Ginger related to Adamant and Margaret?
    - What has been your biggest struggle so far in penning Gingerune? In the same vein, what has been your greatest triumph?
    - What styles of clothing do the men and women wear?
    - Have your characters lived up to your expectations thus far, or have they ever done something completely unexpected?

    That's all for now. I hope I haven't asked too many!

  7. I join Elizabeth in my plea of hope, that I have come not too late to join the game. Funny thing that I too have been asking my followers to get 'em tigers!

    Here are some of my questions which I have been wondering over for a long while! Hope you have the liberty to answer a few of them :)).

    1. Once, you mentioned in either a beautiful people or snippets posts, that Mazalin believes in Elohim. This made me more than curious to know if like in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy Christianity is an obvious and uncloaked element in your characters' faith as it is in our own world without allegories or parallels or does Gingerune and in fact Plenilune and Adamantine more resemble Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis' Narnia in relation to the Christian element? What is the religious-system of Gingerune's world?

    2. Unless I am mistaken, Adamant and Margret from your two previous books were relatives (or cousins?). What is the relation or kinship (if any) that Ginger possess to either Margret and/or Adamant?

    3. What is the greatest theme or purpose that so far prevails in Gingerune?

    4. Do you have a clear outline for Gingerune written out which you are using as you write this first draft, or are 'just writing' it?

    5. Who is the greatest villain in your book?

    6. Do any of your characters originally come from our own planet earth?

  8. You're not late, girls! These are splendid questions; I'm looking forward to tackling most of them. Some I can't answer (sorry!) without giving things away, but the others are terrific and now I'm all excited. Thanks, peeps! :D