Hum the Quiet Notes of an Exile Song

Maybe Esca had been right about this place , after all.  For somewhere in the abandoned fort, somebody - or something - was whistling the tune of a song that he knew well.
Oh when I joined the Eagles
(As it might be yesterday)
I kissed a girl at Clusium
Before I marched away.
"the eagle of the ninth," rosemary sutcliff

What music do you listen to while writing Gingerune?


Of the music you listen to while writing, which songs are the most descriptive/emotionally linked to the story?

I did a post about what music I listen to while writing Gingerune back in March, but I've added more songs and forgotten to listen to others, so the list needs revamping. ...I have a feeling this post is going to be largely in column form.  How unsightly.  I've also discovered that I play musical chairs with my writing.  As soon as the music stops, so does my writing.  Abigail is the complete opposite: she does not work well with music playing, unless it is so quiet as to be virtually subliminal.  We don't always work well together...  Anyway, to the point (spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate), here is a list, in no particular order, of the songs which come to mind.  You ask me what I listen to and my mind becomes a cave-savage wondering what music is.  Bah.  Humbug.

Some of these songs, like "Summer in the Stars" and "Supernatural" are out in left field, but I like them so I listen to them.  Most of these songs have something to do with Gingerune.  You can see I am very fond of Rich Mullins' album "Songs" - I almost threw the whole thing into the list but then opted out at the last minute.  Andrew Peterson has a knack for tapping into the exile's spirit and the love and longing for home with which Gingerune is heavily laden.  The songs which are most descriptive of the story (everybody perk up your eyeballs here) would be "Carry the Fire," "The Far Country," "Run," Show Me," "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are," and "While the Nations Rage."  Not a bad haul, I think.  Mazelin is the most musical of my characters: he gets the brunt of the songs, certainly all of Rich Mullins'.  Ginger gets "Show Me" and "The House You're Building," and then shares bits and pieces of "King and Lionheart," "Skyfall," "Set Fire to the Rain," "Canaan Bound," "Run," and "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are" with other characters.  "Run," which I like, got co-opted by my antagonist, which peeved me.  Ginger and Roxane share "Everything."  Almost literally. 

How short do you NOT expect Gingerune to be?

At the moment that I write this, Gingerune's main document is 111,079 words long.  Plenilune is roughly 246,000 (rounding up slightly) and Adamantine is 222,000 (also rounding up and not counting the reworking of the first chapter which needs doing).  Gingerune will probably fall within that range.  I was actually really worried at first that Gingerune would be dwarfed by the first two novels.  Abigail (or maybe it was Tim) told me nobody cares about that sort of thing and books are as long as they are.  True, but one likes aesthetics and suchlike.  Anyway, it looks as though I'll get my pleasing symmetry after all.  I think I had much the same fear at the beginning of Plenilune, as to that, but it seems that once I rub the blastedly small lamp, the genie which comes out is massive. 

4 ripostes:

  1. I am glad you get your symmetry out of this. :P

  2. I am fond of thy playlist collection, Jenny. And I am curious too, because the Gingerune themes, if songs are any guide, are beautiful and strong...

  3. I'm glad you think so, Joy. And now I would like greatly to know what themes you are picking up on.

  4. You're welcome, Jenny! I think the theme I picked up the most from the collection of songs was in your own words 'the exile's spirit and the love and longing for home with which Gingerune is heavily laden' - that theme of pilgrimage, of a pilgrim journeying in a land not his own, seeking his home beyond the horizon... does that make sense? I guess it is an obvious theme, but I think I also caught some other themes though I can't vouch that I translated the songs well enough into reality... I guess we'll get to prove or disprove them as you tell us more!

    Perhaps through inspiration with this post, I also made a music-related post regarding the music of my characters. I would so love it if you stopped by and told me your thoughts!! :)