Your Fingerprints Can Be Seen On A Million Faces

"See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand."

Do you find elements of your own personality in any of the characters?  Which character is most like you?
elizabeth rose and bree

I love this question and I have scant idea how to answer it.  It stands to reason that my characters will possess aspects of me - they walk at large in the universe of my mind - but unlike God I have poor skill at knowing myself and when I am writing I am at the business of looking out of myself, not within.  But I'll do my best.

Social annoyance.  Ginger is perhaps the most acidic of protagonists I have written, giving vent to my huge emotion of annoyance when I am caught in situations I don't like.  She shares my feelings of uncharitable irritation and tigery violence which good manners (forced upon us by a gentling society) does not allow us to express.  Further commentary on the fault of this passion is not necessary: it is already understood - by myself, at least, if not Ginger.  Stubbornness ("It is not for nothing that you are named Jenny").  A general apathy toward the fate of people she does not know.  I am picking out all my faults - I find I do not trust the appearance of my virtues.  A gentleness toward those she loves.  Playfulness.  A vanity and showmanship of person while at the same time hating to have any attention drawn to herself.  Mazelin shares this trait of mine also, though I think he minds less having his skills pointed out by admirers...

To be honest, I am probably best expressed through both Ginger and Mazelin at turns: I seem to be shuttled back and forth between the two of them and they take turns mingled my good and my bad sides.  They are proud and silent, circumspect and violent, the one's passion often the tempering the opposite emotion of the other.  Which brings to mind a metaphysical truth which I am pleased to find in this circumstance, but which I don't want to get into at present. 

When push comes to shove, I'm not much different from anyone else.  I have all the same mixtures of high sentiment and dirty rotten selfishness you are liable to find in anyone.  Which is perhaps why I am not likely to think of my characters as extensions of myself: they are too much like the real thing.

[Which character] is the most opposite of you?

Without a doubt that would be Roxane, and Roxane is most like Abigail: sensible, strong, less prone to being moved by passion (though naturally she feels it) than Ginger.  As children I was always enjoined to write Abigail into a story, and it always gave me great pain to admit that I couldn't do it.  Abigail and Roxane remain almost inscrutable figures to me.  Ginger and I continue to depend on them while at the same time admitting to not fully understanding them.  Knowing my flare for the fantastic, you might be afraid I think sensible, strong people are boring, but that's quite untrue.  Sensible, strong people don't give me flash and bang to see by: they are invisible powers, which are daunting to tackle.

Do you even like ginger (the root)?  And did the red hair inspire "Ginger" or did "Ginger" inspire the red hair?

I do like ginger - in moderation, of course: I don't go gnawing on roots of it for fun.  I like it best in tea and ale.  But it has a rich potency and fieriness which match Ginger perfectly, and as to which came first, the red hair or the name, I couldn't say.  I think they came together.   Ginger is also a rare spice, and Ginger is a unique person, which suits my sense of rightness admirably.
"But you, with your tempestuous nature and your scorching words, fantastic and unbounded passions, are eminently suited to my purposes. You come at life with the will to crush it underfoot; if you should momentarily fail, it does not beset your temper. You rise again, undaunted. But life has hated you, and you have learned to hate life. In that, life has conquered you.”

4 ripostes:

  1. I like it immensely, this gingerune-beast.

  2. I have to agree on writing sensible characters. They are daunting and unwavering. O_o I think that's why I like reading history so much: when emotions and fiery personalities become too much, a nice biography will settle my brain. ;D
    I'm quite glad you chose to do this question-session. I feel like I'm understanding where Gingerune stands much better. At least I'm beginning to get my footing.

    Of course, knowing you, I could be completely wrong. ;P

  3. Yes, knowing me...

    I'm enjoying these questions as well. It helps me get a feel for what you think is going on and what you have gleaned from what I have shared. Interaction and all that. I recorded a video (just off my iPhone) answering a few questions, so presently you will be able to see my face and hear my voice as I deal with some of these. This will be the great test of our friendship: I may scare you all off for good. :P