Horse Sense

The last time I did a horse post, it was for Plenilune, and it was a lot of fun.  And recently I badgered Bree into making a horse post for Psithurism, and that, too, was lots of fun.  But then I began to feel left out again, and cross, so I decided to make an updated horse post.  Because every girl loves a good horse, and my characters often depend heavily upon their mounts.  I'll be referencing my recent post on my characters for this, even though that post has thrown many of my stories into the cocktail shaker and thoroughly bungled them together, but I should point out that some people like Ginger don't have horses, and some horses like Adamant's don't have names and so won't be on this list. 

Deborah, Goddgofang's horse.  Deborah is actually a resurrection of a horse I invented in my youth. Darcy-coloured dapple-grey mare courser - a good gentleman's horse.

Bloodletting, Theodora's horse.  A bloodletting is exactly what Theodora got the first time she mounted this feisty mare.  She's a handful, but Theodora, who is an excellent whip, relishes a challenge.

Devil May Care, Conn Dzale's horse.  Light dapple-grey gentleman's courser.

Elecampane, Avery's horse.  Nomenclatorial jokes!  Elecampane is a plant, also masquerading under the name "horse-heal."  And yes, those ears are real.

Eleventh Hour, St. Jermaine's horse.  Big-boned black courser, about as polite and no-nonsense as his master.  And no, this isn't the horse that pegged him in the face.  I don't believe he has much affinity for that particular equine specimen.

Essence of Amber, Jennalaide's horse.  "Essence of Amber" is her official registration in the studbook: familiarly she goes by "Amber."

Lapwing and Merlin, Rosawn's horses.  Or, well, ponies, rather.  This is a matched chariot pair.  Nothing much to look at, but they pull well together and Rosawn is no mean whip herself.

Griffin, Simon's horse.  Your standard chestnut beast, with very good manners and firm opinions - very like Simon himself.

Magellan, Bruin's horse.  A bay courser, pretty well behaved, but capable of showing a bit of kick when the mood passes over him.  You could let your friend have the loan of him without trouble, but you might think twice about lending his services to a lady.

Martel, Badger's horse.  A fine-boned, stomp-about courser gelding.  He can thrash out a 38 mph gallop for a sustained period of time, making his rider the go-to person when something has to be delivered in record time.  That's what happens when you have skills: you get exploited.

Maximilian Street, Perrelli's horse.  Try - please try - not to place Benedict Cumberbatch on this horse.  Nope, you just did it.  How could you.  Liver chestnut, flaxen mane and tail (which is a gorgeous combination, if you ask me); big and quiet, well adapted to city riding, but a bit lazy in the hindquarters, I confess.

Rouen, Maria's horse.  This blue roan creature was bred especially for Maria, unfortunately he does have a bit of a temper and sometimes gives Maria a white-knuckled time of it before he can get the fidgets out of his hooves. 

Twopenny, Golightly's horse.  And she does.  Go lightly.  Twopenny is a mongrel horse, consequently she is very laid-back and peaceable.  She is very eager to do whatever is required of her, has a good pair of lungs and a strong heart, and the best city manners you could ask for.  Thankfully, Golightly does not have many occasions on which he must ask the utmost of her.

Rembrandt, Sophia's horse.  A fitting mount for the pale Aphrodite.  Good-tempered, springy-footed, ready to take charge if his mistress needs him to, Rembrandt is almost as good a chaperone as Sophia's cousin.

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  1. Gah. I'm sitting here drooling now. I do so love horses. My favorites are Devil May Care, Maximilian Street, and Twopenny.

  2. I shall take Twopenny. Thank you. (I was looking for Golightly's from the start.) As far as names go, however, I'm very fond of Eleventh Hour and Devil May Care, and goodness don't I wish I could think up such good 'uns! Top notch, as always.

  3. You would like Golightly's. Golightly is your sort of chap. And the names aren't usually too hard to rummage up: using racing style helps because then you can get names like "Eleventh Hour" and "Devil May Care." No one names their pet that. At least, not normal people. Not that these are normal people...

    You can have Twopenny and I'll take Griffin, and we can trot around your university together a la the Fellows. We would be awesome.

  4. ^^Reepicheep.^^ Ahem.
    A return post! I'm flattered. :)
    I'll take Amber, please-and-thank-you. She is gorgeous and I really love her name.
    Also, Rembrandt seems a good kind chap. :)

  5. Oh, I did not realize that was Reepicheep. That came out of my own horse's mouth.

    You like Essence of Amber? You've met her before, you know, you just didn't know it at the time. Very pretty princess. Rembrandt is also a favourite of mine, though too big for my lack of stature. Even Griffin might be a little biggish for me, but I think we would manage.

    It is interesting seeing which horses people gravitate toward. :)

  6. "You would have loved Plenilune in summer . . . and horses! oh, such horses!"

    Goodness, I only wish I could come up with names like these. Eleventh Hour, Essence of Amber, Bloodletting — they're all wonderful. They just might displace Witching Hour and Blue-bottle Glass as my favorites of your horse names. Historical accuracy keeps my own mounts' titles from getting this elegant, but it's so much fun to see yours. Can you imagine Kenneth calling out, "Here, Devil May Care!" Although, come to think of it, if anyone named a horse that in Rifles, it would be him.

  7. Gorgeous. And the names! I've often thought it would be fun to own race-horses just to have the pleasure of thinking up clever names for them. You'd be good at it.

    I agree with you about liver chestnut—somehow it always catches my eye when I see one in a movie. And I used to know the name of the breed with the curious ears...Kathiawari! That's it. Had to look it up, I admit. When I was little I had an encyclopedia of horses that I spent a lot of time in (when I wasn't reading Marguerite Henry), and what I learned about all the different breeds still does pop back into my head from time to time.

  8. The horse I used for Elecampane is actually a Marwari but it's so close I might as well give you a medal. Kathiawaris are closely related and I don't really care about the subtle differences just now. :) Another Marguerite Henry fan! I read some of her books as a child, though not as many as I owned. I'm not sure why that was, seeing as I was a horse for the first decade of my life. I loved her novel King of the Wind best - so much so that I managed to get a beautiful copy of it just last year for my library. I still own the enormous Ultimate Book of the Horse and Rider, which I still reference from time to time when my knowledge of horses fails me.

    I may not be able to ride them anymore, or have anything much to do with them, but I still love horses.

  9. Horses are such amazing animals. I love riding them, whenever I get the chance. Writing about them would prove challenging it would seem

  10. Oh, yes, I read all Marguerite Henry's books and loved them. Did you have Album of Horses? That was probably my first Henry book—I had an old copy passed down to me that wore out and eventually had to be replaced. I was the quintessential horse-crazy little girl—reading horse books, watching National Velvet and dreaming of all the possible miraculous ways I might be able to get a horse or even take riding lessons. And I haven't been on a horse since I was fourteen! But writing Westerns, of course they figure in most of my stories, whether in large or small parts. The Cinderella story I wrote in July features a pair with definite minds of their own...

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