"I Don't Think I'd Know How to Dabble"

I have two Word documents open on my computer at present, and one of them is Gingerune
"What were you typing on?"
"Ah, good."
"...Why, do I get a cookie if I work on the right story?"
"Essentially, yes."
If I am not completely stagnant, I am bombarded by everything at once.   I shot forward into Gingerune rather splendidly for a few days, and have hit a few more snags and so my pace has once more dropped back to the elbow-crawl.  Looking over what I managed to write this morning is almost depressing: all that labour, and so little return!  (Of course, it is also Monday, and I have had to do laundry, but I still have the notion that I must be 100% productive 100% of the time.)  I also spent a little time yesterday evening kicking my heels and playing with my next novel; this morning saw me tying a couple of strands together and putting them into a Word document - which is the other document I have open.  I began to play with the openings of a few more novels, all of which I rather like at present.  I have at least four more novels straining at the gate: as I told Rachel in my last letter to her, I don't think I will be lacking for material for many years to come.  They all have pretty sound beginnings, I think: I hope that will comfort me in my attempts to keep my hands off them. 

I'm sure you are all happy to hear about four more novels.  Four.  You read that correctly.  Four.  And they are all rather surprising creatures: I was taken aback by the forms they chose to take.  I'm keeping a notebook for them, and I wasn't planning on taking the notebook with me to Scotland (space, as I have made abundantly clear, is limited), but it is looking as if I'm going to have to drag that beast along too - or else go mad. 
Not that anyone will be able to tell the difference.
One other piece of book news on my end is that Adamantine's manuscript has been sent to a publishing house for perusal.  Nothing has been decided, and I won't hear back from the publishing house until probably after Christmas, but it's something!  One tends to grow giddy over the smallest of progressions in the writing world.  In case any of you were despairing in true diva fashion over Adamantine ever making it out of the gate, well, it's pacing in the paddock.  That's for certain.

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  1. No, I don't think many would call you the dabbling sort. :P All the same, it was something of a relief to hear you're not 100% productive 100% of the time, since that's something I struggle with myself.

    I'm excited at the prospect of four new books! You make my two sound quite paltry, especially since the latter has little in the way of a plot. (Characters always come first in my case.) But the news about Adamantine being sent out to a publishing house really must take the cake. At long last, the end is in sight! We may get to read a Jenny-novel within the next two years! Did you prepare said publishing house for the enormous length beforehand? I hope they have a strong desk . . .

  2. La! I did mention all my novels are monsters; except the embryonic four, which I would like to keep within the confines of normal novel lengths. I didn't give an actual word count.

    Don't feel bad about your two novels, old bean! The four in question are closely tied together and have quite a lot of ready-made background so that they do not require the sheer effort of creation which went into Adamantine, Plenilune and now Gingerune. And these are due largely to the characters as well, though they do manage to come with shapes of plots. Here's to your enjoyment of them!

  3. Could we perhaps know something about them? I know you're normally very close lipped about your books and it's very good for us but do you think you might tell is a little anyway? We're all very curious. My characters second the motion. Anyone want to third it?

  4. I would third it, 'cept I know that Jenny thrives on mystique and the surest way of getting her to clam up is asking for more details. ;) I will, however, say that the prospect of 4 more Jenny-novels in addition to Plenilune and Adamantine and Gingerune is quite satisfying. OH! And congratulations,Jenny dear chap on Admantine being perused!! I cannot wait; I was just simmering to myself that nothing could be bought but The Shadow Things and that I'm already in possession of. WEEHEE! I reserve an autographed copy, fyi.

  5. I was definitely despairing true diva-fashion. Thanks for saving my sanity. ;D
    4 more novels! And I thought I was ahead when I knew what my next two were! (Gumusservi can hardly be called a next novel anymore, as I find myself peeking into it more every day.)
    This year's school just started however, and I'm finding any sort of writing practically impossible, a thing I don't like to admit. And this being without my dance schedule...*begins again the diva-style despairing*.

    But what are study halls for anyway? Certainly not studying. ^_-

  6. You're NOT 100% productive 100% of the time??? SHOCK. ;) I'm just kidding! That's something I struggle with too. I feel the need to churn out book after book, and consequently get burnt out. Funny that. I'm excited for your four little seedling ideas. It's all very exciting.

  7. I would fourth it too, Anne-girl, but that Rachel made this very 'understated' truth of Jenny's love of being mysterious for our good!! :( Humph! But I am all ears if ever you care to tell us a secret or two ;). Four new books!!! *happy dance* How delightful! And if I can be a little candid about my sentiments... I have a confession to make; I love that our beloved Penslayer is not always 100% productive 100% of the time, because much as we admire you and Abigail's genius talent of pulling of such amazing works and serious- no-nonesense stuff in what we deem a short amount of time, and not some half-finished somethings that need slipping under the proverbial carpet to be forgotten in infinity, it makes us at times (at least myself) struggle with notions of whether we are SO VERY TERRIBLE or perhaps you are Super Pen Wielders from a distant galaxy or somethin'. :) Which is very silly of me, I know! How many years of writing, reading, learning from mistakes and growing through experience it really does take to become a writer like that!!!

    I too have those 'book start ideas' which are very tempting to sit down and scribble down - but one who has a abstract run-away mind like mine has to ride this thing very, very patiently and self-disciplined-ry so that plot bunnies do not become masters. Currently I have around eight book seedling ideas which I long to one day sit down and write; I have jotted down those ideas, plot plans or any character thoughts I might have, and often a couple of opening scenes etc on to random notebooks and Word Documents. But basically two or three of them have surfaced as major ones over the past two or so years that I often scribble a few lines every now and again in when the rabbit of inspiration darts through the hole. It is a pity that Pinterest allows for no more than three secret boards, for then any other storyboard ideas have to become public for the wide-eyed gaze of everyone ^_^.

    How thrilled I am that you've sent of Adamantine off to a publishing house... Yayyyyy!! Three cheers! Funny enough just like Rachel said the other day I was glancing jadedly at my shelf and I pulled out The Shadow Things and I thought - 'how wonderful to have Adamantine and Plenilune and Gingerune side by side on my shelf next to the authoress of The Shadow Things and to be able to leisurely lift one of your volumes and READ from them!!!! I really hope, that if it is the Lord's will and plan in timing and all that, things will go smoothly and your book gets accepted and published soon ^_^. They'd have Jenny's readers as mad as hatters if they do reject it.

    I am curious, if I may make so bold, why you've (for all I know, I may be wrong!) chosen not to go through the 'agent' route and query instead directly to the publishing houses. At the writer's workshop I attended last year, the authors there strongly encouraged us to have agents.

  8. P.S. My grammar / punctuation in this ^^ above comment was a little off. Sorry!

  9. In answer to "may you know more about the four books: No. At least, that's the short answer. No, unless I am already forthcoming in the body of the post, you can rest pretty assured that urging from other parties will not make me cough up any more information. So sorry, but Rachel is right. ;) But I am doing it for your own good, you know.

    Productivity. No, I'm not exactly productive all the time. There is Facebook and Pinterest and the making of tea, idle scrolling through my manuscripts, etc. Judging from Joy's remarks, I give the impression of Super Penslaying abilities, but I'm just as human as the next writer. And Joy is right, it takes many years of writing, reading, and learning and growing to be able to "keep plugging away" as it were. Like anyone else, I'll run dry. Like anyone else, I'll get fantastic spurts of inspiration in which four novels come crashing down on my head at once. Every writers as That Post on his or her blog. I've got them too. Ordinarily, I don't suspect anyone much cares whether I am stuck or not, but I think it does help bolster the sense of camaraderie in the ranks to know that the next writer over is just like you.

    Agents. Agents are a great thing to have in the traditional publishing world. I would second that immediately. There are gobs of strange and scary things out there in the publishing world that beginning authors know nothing about, and agents are there to help navigate the way. If you are going with a traditional publishing house, an agent is a good thing to have. I am not really looking to go with a traditional publishing house at this stage simply because I don't think I would handle the stress very well. So I am investigating a different way. More will be forthcoming when more is available.