Quite the Picture

Somebody - it was Mirriam - reviewed a young adult novel and decided to throw in a bunch of pictures of people who resembled her perception of the book's characters.  Totally frivolous? Yes.  Fun?  Absolutely.  I got to picking around my Pinterest boards and wondering if anyone cared what my ideas were of how my characters look (and, in the process, grumbling about how difficult it is to find spot-on shots for characters).  In the end I thought, "Eh, why not?"  It isn't as if I have any edits or first drafts to work on.
(I have no idea who most of these people are, I only know that they more or less look like my characters.) 

Ginger and Roxane.  Saw this and nearly flipped out.  Roxane's face needs to be smidgeon thinner, but otherwise it's perfect!

Mazelin.  Don't break his smolder.

Margaret, of course!  She looks spiffing in that gold, if I may say so.  I'm a silver girl myself.

Good old Skander Rime.

Okay, yes, I know who this is.  It's Rupert de la Mare, of course!



Rosawn, of Between Earth and Sky.

Sophia, the fairest of them all.

Theodora Pepperspur - she's a hell of a horsewoman, though you'd not guess it for the get-up.



Goddgofang.  The man should not be allowed out with that smile.

Badger.  A bit younger in this photo than when I write him, but pretty accurate nonetheless.

Bruin.  MUCH younger than when I write him.  This was actually a photo I found for his father as a toddler, but the one is the spitting image of the other in toddlerhood, so I made it work.  Isn't he adorable?

Ioan Perrelli.  Sorry, Abigail.

Jennalaide, characteristically saucy.

Aaron Golightly, characteristically serious.

Conn Dzale.


Raymond St. Jermaine.  Got the side of his face kicked in by a horse when he was little.  Looks quite the picture. Nice chap.
"I see you and the Fellows of Lamblight, and I think, 'Here come the pillars of the earth.' "

17 ripostes:

  1. You have a fine looking cast. ;) I love seeing posts like this and knowing how someone envisions their characters. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Quite handsome/pretty characters you got there! Though you should know that Aaron Golightly is also coincidentally Adair. ;P

    I may do this with my characters...though I have already done BP -with as close photos as I could manage- for several. Still, fun is fun!

  3. Hmph! Well, if our books ever - ever - become movies, Abigail and I will keep Richard Armitage busy between the two of us... And yes, fun is fun is fun! I would love to see such a post by you. AND one for your horses. ;)

  4. An of course Richard Armitage will have to make an appearance in The Scarlet Gypsy Song. . . that's what a fellow gets for looking attractively villainous. I am much attached to Mazelin and I am curious about the one with the illegal smile. Actually, many of them I've not heard of. And I must say: That quote at the end? My thoughts on your people exactly. ^.^

  5. I enjoyed looking at them. But I was a little disappointed though not to see any pictures for Rodri ;)

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  7. That IS what a fellow gets for being attractively villainous - though I can't remember in what manner Abigail cast him. I think he had several roles to fill in her novels. O_o My lands, dude... Of course you are attached to Mazelin, and the man with the illegal smile really DOES have an illegal smile. My lands. And yes, many of these people are making their very first appearance on The Penslayer today. Blimey, most of these people I won't get to properly for - gah - another novel or so. But - la! - how I love them already.

    And isn't Bruin just the kyootest thing in the world?

  8. Sorry, Lilly, but there aren't any pictures of Rhodri. And I like to keep it that way. And this isn't the full cast of my novels, you know. H'omygoodness, no. Ah ha. No.

  9. Fun! I've never been able to do something like this, because I almost never find pictures that really look the way I imagine my characters. It's only happened once that I recall. I'm not very good at visualizing things in general...but I guess I have a definite idea of what they don't look like.

  10. Hey, I recognize some of these. ;)

    Wish I had pictures that clear for my cast. I may have to do this soon, though.

  11. Yes, Bruin is much too cute. I think he is just terribly adorable and I love kids who peep out of windows. it's such a kid thing to do. And he looks in need of cuddling, which is always charming.

  12. What a fun idea! I loved scrolling through and catching a glimpse of how you imagine your characters. I must say, you certainly have an attractive cast. ^.^ I might have to write up a post like this myself in the near future . . .

  13. Elizabeth Liberty Lewis - Your "SOULS" board is a great cache of pictures. I scroll through at random hoping for someone to catch my eye. :P

    Rachel - Ah ha! I have touched upon your affinity with children, which is something I have never been able to cultivate yet in myself. I have not liked to admit it, but there it is. And yet Bruin is my own creation, and he is adorable, and between him and several others of these characters, my heart has been thoroughly gooshed.

    Elizabeth ROSE (as opposed to LIBERTY LEWIS) - You must do a post like this. I so dearly love to see how writers envision their people. And are they not fairly attractive? I can't take any credit for that, of course, but I dare say it is the business of these folk to be charming and drop-dead handsome. It ought to be illegal, but they make the rules.

  14. My, you DO have a good looking cast. ;) Great post! And it's not frivolous! It's totally...research. (Or something.)

  15. Oh yes, my horses! Goodness, I nearly forgot. I will do that post soon. ^_^

  16. Wait, wait! So Ginger and Roxane happen to be sisters and both possess fiery hair and freckles?!!!!!!!!!! Wooot!!! I am officially... ahem, thrilled about this. ^_^ Don't ask me why.

    Dear me, but what a delightful cast you've got thrown in here, Jenny! Rupert de la Mare - ah, but how I have missed his presence on this blog in snippets and stuff for so long! No one better than Mr. Armitage for him, thank you very much. And I've always had a special sort of sympathy for Skander Rime. Raymond St. Jermaine... from which book is that? He catches me as a fine chap, horse-kick-in-the-face-and-all! I like the name Goddgofang too... though the owner of that name (his looks I mean) gives me an inner shiver of horror. I wonder why?

    Methinks I should like to take a turn at this ping-pong game myself - if, that is, I found a wee bit of time to waste on what... ahem, Cait calls 'research'!

  17. Fell apart after seeing Richard and Benedict. :O
    I love doing casting for my books, it's cool to see others do the same.