Revisiting Me

They talked to one another about old wars and old peace and ancient kings 
and all the glories of Narnia.
C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

Bree was able to direct me to a new writing blog that just went up, Every Good Word by Meghan Gorecki.  It's always a privilege to see a budding writer pushing out fearlessly into the blogging world, and I hope you will find her blog helpful and inspiring.

In her beginning forays into the writers' blogosphere, Meghan created a brief tagging exercise asking some great ice-breakers - essentially helping her get to know her new writing acquaintances better.  Having been tagged by Bree, and accepting the general invitation from Meghan herself, I'm happy to participate!

What was your first-ever piece of writing?

Something about horses, I think - one in particular (my favourite) was a black mare with multi-coloured flecks on her hide.  Went by the name of Twilight, I think, because of the dusky colours of the spots.  That should amuse my brother-in-law.

How old were you when you first began?

You'll be glad to know I was seven, not seventeen.  I was a young gad-about creature with a violent temper and the brain of a flea-bitten colt.  That lasted longer than I care to admit.

Name two writing goals, one short-term and the other long-term.

My short-term goal is to finish the first draft of Gingerune by the end of 2013 (judging by Ethandune's obtrusive nature, I worry about that not happening).   My long-term goal is to get Plenilune published by the time 2014's tailor bells ring, but I can't guarantee that will happen.

Do you write fiction or non-fiction?

I write fiction pretty much exclusively, except for updates here on The Penslayer and excerpts from my life on Facebook - and even those are couched in prose.

Bouncing off question four, what is your favourite genre to write in?

Definitely fantasy, as an overarching genre.  Often fantasy with a heavy historical bent, but definitely fantasy. 

One writing lesson you've learned since 2013 began.
Only one?  I'll give you my two most recent lessons.  One, Ethandune is the first novel I have brought anyone in at the ground floor.  I have been jabbering about it to my husband since I started and he is pretty fairly up to speed on what I have written on it and where I am going.  Not only do I know there is someone else in the universe who likes the idea and enjoys it, this helps decompress my brain so that I'm not cooking under the strain of holding several universes in my head.  And two, it really helps to plunk.  Even on my bad days, of which I have had several lately, I've sat down and told myself that I will write 500 words on Gingerune - maybe not all in one sitting, but certainly by the end of the day. 
Favourite author, off the top of your head!

...There are authors?  Oh, gee golly, I don't know.  I like bits and pieces of many people - which sounds like Dr. Frankenstein, I know, but what can you do?  And if I say one name, you'll take that away as done-and-done and you will have got a very wrong impression of me.  Honestly, one doesn't want to risk coming across as proud, but I like my own writing (when I'm not depressed), because I get the joy of creating it and seeing the finished work, and seeing other people enjoy it as well.  Can you beat that?

Three current favourite books.

"Current."  That's more like it.  I am really enjoying Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle, which you know I am reading currently; I love E.R. Eddison's The Worm Ouroboros (awesome fantasy of the highest order); and I am still in seizures over the hilarity of The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer.

Biggest influence on your writing (it has to be a person).

My husband.  I think I would have to say my husband.  If it were not for him, for his friendship during my budding years, our courtship, our marriage, I don't think I would have the honed creative flare that I do.  He is a fabulously bad writer himself and he has forever sworn off writing fiction, but he is a great inspiration to me and I would not be what I am without him.  Gush.

What is your go-to writing music?

I've said many times that my go-to music varies.  I managed to watch a yoinked version of "Equestria Girls" on Youtube the other day, so I'm still geeking out over its score.  Standard favourites are Loreena McKennitt, Audrey Assad, Rich Mullins, and some Carbon Leaf.

List three to five writing quirks of yours! Little habits, must-haves as you write, etc.

1. I always have a drink with me (right now I have a cup of kombucha tea).   
2. I almost always have to have music playing while I write and the flow of inspiration often stops when the music does - it's like musical chairs with writing.
3.  My spelling becomes monumentally atrocious when a scene becomes action-packed and exciting because I start typing very quickly.   
4.  I write in Microsoft Word's "read" mode; I have difficulty concentrating and getting inspiration otherwise.

What, in three sentences or less, does your writing mean to you?

To me it means excitement, adventure, exploration; it means getting the words to ring just right and the pictures to have their colours just so; it means creating and discovering; it means friendship and depravity and plumbing the depths both of God and man.  It means power and control and beauty and love.   It means I am making fantastic replicas of creation over and over, discovering more and more each time.

Thank you for this enjoyable exercise, Meghan!  I hope this link-up helps introduce you to many friendly, helpful bloggers.  The Penslayer's doors are always open.

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  2. Thank you so much for "Liking" on FB & linking up here, Jenny, & being such a great support for EGW! I'm so thankful that this link up has led me to such great new kindred spirited bloggers/writers.
    I grinned like a fool when you talked about your husband as your inspiration. That was so sweet--praying I land a guy like that in the future! ;)

  3. I was hoping to finish Psithurism by the end of the year too...but of course, unless I do NaNo with it (which would be odd...I guess my goal would have to be to edit 50,000?) I'll have to put it aside while I write Gumusservi. And that makes my deadline a bit more tentative.
    I tell Elizabeth all about my new inspirtions. We're roomies, and we'll stay up until all hours discussing book ideas. It's always nice to have a person close enough to dump on. ^_^
    I have to convince Elizabeth to buy me The Worm Ouroboros for my birthday (October 20th) now that she has a job and all. Sisters are for buying you books, right? ;)
    #3 of your writing quirks - VERY TRUE.
    Ah, I love the way you described what writing means to you. It makes me want to go write a thousand words.

  4. First Bree, then you — you have me convinced this is a tag worthy of joining! I really like the questions; they're not your typical run of the mill writer's interview.

    I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read your answer to question one. :D For the record, you probably coined Twilight before Stephenie Meyer, so no uncomfortable connotation can taint it.

    I'm hoping to finish Rifles in the South Field before year's end as well — huzzah for shared writing goals! (Never mind the fact that I've been writing it for twice as long as you've been writing Gingerune :P). I don't think I'll be doing NaNo this year, though — Rifles will need editing, and I can't abandon it before completion, despite the number of novels I have chomping at the bit.

    I'm reading The Grand Sophy! I'm probably halfway through now, since I've been reading other things as well, and it's every bit as hilarious as you and Abigail attested. British wit cannot be beat. ^.^ But I wouldn't advise reading it while drinking tea, as the result aren't pretty.

    Your answer to question nine is absolutely adorable, and that's all there is to it. Gah. It would be such fun to know you two in person.

  5. Elizabeth Rose - You should follow me on Facebook. I tack a lot of ridiculous conversations between myself and my husband there. :P And isn't The Grand Sophy just the bee's knees? Honestly, the hilarity! I'm so glad you are reading it! And no, we tried reading it while drinking tea. It is not pretty.

    The original Twilight I was referring to (not the one I made up) is actually Twilight Sparkle from the revamped My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, which is amazing. My brother-in-law (age...thirty...?) put us on to it. Great show, hilarious characters, excellent plot. Here is Twilight. And a book.

    Bree - Oo, you should get Elizabeth to buy The Worm Ouroboros for you. (I told you: if you have skills, you get exploited!) I absolutely love that novel. But you already knew that.

    Meghan - It's always a pleasure to to introduced to new bloggers and to expand one's blogging base. I'm always grateful when people lend me a hand and I like to return the favour. :)

  6. Ahh, that makes more sense. All the same, it's still rather funny, in an ironic way. Are you something of a soothsayer as well as a penslayer, pray?

  7. Thirty-one, thank you very much for asking (8 years and 4 days before Tim), and Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony.

    Worm Ouroboros! Fantastic book! Fantastic band! Untenable philosophy! Fun to say!

    ...k. That's all I got.

  8. Gah, I love this post! Such fun revisiting little things and thoughts about your writing and your early influences... :). It need not be said that I also smiled at the mention of the influence your husband has given you over the years, author though he is not. It is like that for me too, really, but with my dad ^_^.

    Don't you love this bit from The Last Battle, the quotation you shared at the top. It makes me cry heart-tears inside... *sniff* beautiful!

    I have been hard-pressed to join Megan's blog linky, but I feel that since as of late I have had a great influx of tags in the archives of my blog-posts, it won't be very proper to do yet another one (much as I would love to): also, alas but I have a school deadline to meet before the end of this year which has been a bit terrifying to say the least...anyway, I am gonna enjoy reading everyone else's link ups even if I cannot join in it myself!!