A Writer in Glasgow

Some of you get email updates on my life here in Glasgow, and are pretty well caught up on what I'm doing.  The rest of you probably don't care about college lectures and bus schedules.  I don't think many people do, but the funny thing is, they still ask.  People here ask me where I'm from and what I'm doing.  We always start in by explaining that my husband transferred for the semester from his college in the States, we talk about what he is studying, etc.  And then they turn to me.  "What are you taking?"  "I'm not in college," I reply, always with that slight twinge in my soul, hoping that they don't judge me - I look like a fresher, and most people go to college: I don't, and I'm content with that, but no one likes being judged.  I rush on: "I'm a writer, so my work is very portable.  I can take it anywhere!"  With the exception of the hairdresser on Bath Street, no one paid much mind to that.  I'm not sure which level of attention I appreciated more.

I say it is very portable.  It is less like a job I carry around the world and more like a kidnapper which springs me unawares and carts me off.  Those of you who get the email updates are aware that Ethandune is being a very good fellow and breezing along like a dream.  It helps that my husband is reading it as I go, which gives me incentive to write the next section.  It came up so suddenly, I wonder if anyone takes it very seriously: I'm reluctant to spill all the beans, so I can only tell you that you should take it seriously, because this particular idea packs a splendidly large punch.  That, too, makes me giddy while I work on it.  Between my husband's enjoyment of it, my own enjoyment of it, and the fact that my favourite place to write is at the kitchen table where there is no internet to distract me, Ethandune's manuscript is growing at a steady rate.  At some 39,000 words, I am rapidly nearing the size of an ordinary novel (not one of my monsters).
"It generally takes you an ordinary-sized novel to write your introduction."
tim freitag
For those of you who have asked for an audio recording of snippets, I am planning on trying that out this afternoon and then tinkering with it over the next day or so.  I make no guarantees (which means I am putting back my ears about the whole affair out of severe shyness) but I'll do my best.  Of course I appreciate your position: who wouldn't want to hear an author read her story aloud?  I know I would!
"If you want someone to do a nice deep baritone for your male characters, you'll have to find someone other than me."
tim freitag

4 ripostes:

  1. I am very excited whenever there are updates about this book. I am so eager for it!

  2. And now I really really want to know what it's about I mean more than I did before.

  3. Writing is marvelous in that way, you know. Few other jobs can be so easily carted around...
    Oh, Ethandune is growing fast (but I already mentioned that)! When it's perhaps more developed and ready for such a thing, would you consider doing a question-and-answer session (as with Gingerune)? I do love those things.

    Your husband is very quoteable, I'm gathering. ^.^

  4. It makes me happy to see Ethandune coming along so swimmingly! That British air you're breathing must work wonders for inspiration. I'll be keeping my eye out for the audio version of Snippets!

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Freitag household . . .