Cottish Sundrysides

...which is what I said.

This past Saturday, Tim and I took the train up to Pitlochry and Loch Faskally.  
It was a positively Scottish day, very rainy - though not all that cold, thankfully.  

When we got in it was lunchtime, and since we had packed our lunches we sat down to eat them under the porch of a local theatre, where we were summarily goggled at (inexplicably) by people going in and out.  Very Brigadoon

Remember that scene in "Prince Caspian" in which the children are being chased by Telmarine archers through a wood, and they hide under the rhododendrons?  Rhododendrons.  Rhododendrons everywhere.

After seeing some man-made constructions in Edinburgh and Stirling, it was wonderful to break out and see some damp, forbidding Scottish landscape.  It was breath-taking, and every ten minutes I kept asking myself what ill humour it was that possessed the sun-in-splendour southerners to try to conquer the "big damn foggy island."

This little guy was growing in the crook of a tree.  Very "Princess Mononoke."

While wet, the weather was very atmospheric.  This is a shot off the dam at the base of Loch Faskally.  Those clouds!  They sunk down into the valleys and you could literally watch entire clouds float by.

While it was not that cold, after poorly dodging puddles in the muddy paths, my sneakers had taken a beating and my socks were wet.  Apart from cleaning out my frogs once I trotted home, I was beginning to wonder if a mustard foot-bath wouldn't do me some good...

8 ripostes:

  1. How beautiful! It's curious, but that scenery looks right in the rain—the fog and moisture suits it, where a rainy day might spoil the looks of another place.

  2. This—this is the Scotland of which I've dreamed. Fog, tiny stone cottages, and so much green! I think a little Scottish gallivanting would set me up forever.

  3. Go ahead. Make me jealous. Forget Ireland as a green-country. I'm a green *person* which is much more curious. Thank you for giving us pictures that I KNOW don't come from the Travel Bureau and so tell me that these places of which I dream are in fact very real. <3

  4. Love the expression on the tree trunk's face - something between surprised and amused.

    And the mushroom . . . and the picture of you standing - standing! - in the ferns. A magical looking place. Brigadoon indeed.

  5. Beautiful!! Beautiful!! It's truly the land of legends and fairy can feel and see it in every blade of grass, in every green or golden leaf, in every rustling tree, in every rippling brook or rushing stream or fathomless lake, in every floating mystical and other-earthly...*sigh*...Oh, I'd love to see and experience this great country myself one day!! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos, Jenny! :)

  6. Ooh, that outfit is so cute! And Tim looks very British in his muffled-up-ness - good show.

    Oh, wait, I was meant to be looking at the countryside? Actually, it's gorgeous and captures me more than shots of castles and cityscapes - I want to be there right now seeing it all. I want to see ferns where Alan would hide out. And I want to see the lochs and the general rainy greyness. I'd say November 22 couldn't come fast enough, but with the amount of things due before that, I'm pretty sure it could.

    Ooooh!!! I want to go to BRIGHTON!

  7. Ooh, I want to loose myself in those forests! I can just imagine the damp, earthy smell...<3
    Also, you and Tim have such a European way of dressing. You really seem to fit right into the Scotland hills. ;)