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Hullo-ullo-ullo!  November is over, and hopefully that means that in the narrow slip of time between now and the week before Christmas, there may actually be people on the internet.  For those of you who finished National Novel Writing Month with flying colours, congratulations!  I've spent the past week tooling around with my family, re-exploring Stirling, climbing about Arthur's Seat, driving on the wrong side of the road, and poking into parts of Glasgow where I had not been before.  Thankfully the massive blisters held off until Monday, so that I was able to hobble my parents and my sister to the airport to see them off.  I have since occupied the last two days seated at the kitchen table, my feet wrapped up like some inland-Chinese woman, nursing a low-grade infection which I strongly suspect Abigail gave to me, and gluing my eyeballs to Polyvore.  In a fit of creativity (which was encouraged by my husband) I have thrown together collages for some of my characters in modern dress.  They translate surprisingly well.  I apologize for this subsequent post only to myself because for you it will be what I hope is delightful eye candy, whereas, for myself, I had to upload every single frame.


Black Malkin

Aaron Golightly





The Devil

The incomparable Tabby.

Maria, all dressed up and savin' China.

Simon, I love those braces of yours.


Julius and Julianna



Rhea, and a face like Eliza Dushku.


Raymond - Raymond has a motorcycle, apparently.


Theodora, what it says on the tin. "You've captured her menace," remarked my husband.


Ella.  Gotta watch that girl.



Rosemary, domestic beauty.


Rough-and-ready Badger.







I hope you enjoyed them!  Try not to waste too much time on Polyvore doing the same thing.  Although, I admit, I'd love to see what you make.
"I could throw myself in a cut!"
"You love yourself too much for that," he replied with suitable sharpness.  "It is the nature of our family."

9 ripostes:

  1. Oh myyyy... I'm in love with "Woodbird"... Who is that character? She must be amazing!

  2. I still love Jennalaide, you know. She's so colourful! But Sophia, The Devil, Woodbird, Filigree, Ella and Goddgofang are all splendid. (And a part of me just loves them because I love the outfits you put together. ;) Also Margaret. Love that dress.

    Rats, you've convinced me to go dress up a few of my characters...I'll be back in a few hours. O_o

  3. I've missed woodbird she was always my favorite.

  4. I say, good show! Of course now I'm fiddling with one for Regina, which is all your fault, but ho hum.

    I don't know everybody here, unfortunately; I'm a stranger at a big party. Grane's, Black Malkin's, and Woodbird's are all beautiful and, at least from my perspective, on-target character-wise. I want Filigree's dress: I LONG for a yellow dress like that. ("Who's giving a ball? I long for a ball!") Tabby would be wonderful no matter what he wore. Jennalaide is appropriately BOOM.

    And I've pretty much gone head over heels for Aaron Golightly. Mind if I take him?

  5. Jennalaide is appropriately BOOM. :P

    I apologize once again that Aaron Golightly is a fictional character; otherwise, you may have him. That may or may not play havoc with my plot, but I would be willing to make that sacrifice for you. You like Filigree's? I think I managed to capture her character in that flamboyant yellow gown. I vacillate between Sophia's and Maria's outfits. Perhaps I will take Sophia's for fancy occasions and Maria's for every-day wear. That should suit. As far as compositions go, I think Julius' and Julianna's, and Woodbird's are the best; the Devil's is sentimentally one of my favourites.

    Bree, you and Abigail ought to post your collages for me to nod approvingly over. Yesh, yesh. Unabashed dress-up time. It's good to be a girl.

  6. For me, Rosemary wins - la da da!!
    I am tempted to conjure up something like that - hmm. Time-wasting funnnnnnnn! Great show Jenny :)

    Did you perchance get my email a while ago? Though I have been away on NaNo I have been keeping up with your blog nonetheless!

  7. Whaaaaaat. This seriously made my day when I originally read this post. I love the idea of creating visual wardrobes for characters. You've captured each essence so well.

    Plus, the clothes: I WANT THEM ALL.

  8. That really looks like a fun idea, and a nice way to pass time when you cannot walk and have an infection. I hope you heal up soon.
    I really like the kilt one!