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Who is the girl behind The Penslayer? Through the passive-aggressive prompts of at least three people (Rachel and Bree) included, I asked you to ask me what you wanted to know: who am I really? But I decided to shake things up, because if I answered the questions, invariably you would still be getting the part of me which I place in front of the internet.  So I elected to have the one person in the universe who really knows me answer your questions.
my husband
1. Would you call Jenny reserved or outgoing? Is she talkative when out in company or does she keep quiet? That would depend on the company. When she is around family and people she knows, she has a tendency to be talkative. But her natural shyness makes her reserved around strangers.

2. Does Jenny have any hobbies? Arts and crafts and such? Strictly speaking, no; but she does draw on occasion. I wouldn’t call it a hobby because it happens so infrequently.

3. Does she like old movies? Ye-es… The trick with Jenny is that she doesn’t categorically accept anything. Everything is taken on an individual, case-by-case basis.

4. Does she like classical music? If so, what composers/eras? She really only likes classical music if it is vibrant and bouncy and exciting. And we’re really neither of us well-versed enough in composers to know who might be our favourites.

5. I know you've been "abroad," but has Jenny travelled much within the U.S.? Not really. She has been to Pennsylvania—because of family—and she has been to Tennessee—also because of family—beyond that she has been to New York, Boston, and Austin, because of my college requirements. But it must be said that she enjoyed New York a great deal, much more than anyone anticipated that she would.

6. Can Jenny sing or play any musical instruments? Jenny can sing (perhaps not on the register that one would call profession, but she is definitely given to singing). She used to dabble in piano but has probably forgotten more than she learned.

7. Does she enjoy cooking? She enjoys the theory of cooking, but in practice she doesn’t enjoy cooking all that much, possibly because the lay-out of her kitchen is not the best. She never really paid attention to it growing up, so she never really learned. She knows how to cook, but she doesn’t really enjoy it.

8. What are some of her favourite Disney movies? “Mulan,” “Tangled,” “Aladdin,” “Hercules,” “Robin Hood;” she remembers liking “Sleepy Beauty,” but it has been a long time since she’s seen it. I think that generally she likes a good swaggering hero.

9. Does she like period dramas? Again, it depends on the drama. Sometimes they’re dull, but occasionally she likes things like good adaptations of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, or everybody’s favourite, “North and South”. It should be noted that if Jenny does not think she will like something, she is not inclined to go try it.

10. What is her favourite movie? If you asked me ten years ago, it would have been “Cromwell;” if you asked me four years ago it would have been “Gladiator.” She doesn’t really have a favourite anymore; front-runners might be 1995 “Pride and Prejudice” and the Romola Garai “Emma.” She is also a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

11. Has Jenny read many biographies about the modern persecuted church and Christians in restricted nations? No; her exposure to current events and modernity are limited, by her own admission.

12. How did she start blogging? When she published her novel The Shadow Things blogging was a logical place to begin, but it has definitely expanded to include more theo-philosophical aspects of writing, which is one of her few passions.

13. I get the inference that Gingerune has been put on hold. Do you have any idea when she will bring it back out again? What made her 'stop' writing it? A confluence of events led to her putting Gingerune on hold, specifically going to Scotland, which caused a great deal of stress and required her brain for other things. Having got to Glasgow, Ethandune well and truly took the reins and got writ instead. Now there are some satellite stories of Plenilune which are more in her purview, since the research and inspiration is already flowing there.

14. Does she like being an early bird, or a night owl? Mornings are EVIL. Jenny is definitely more of a night-owl, for whatever reason, and not a fan of mornings—or of anything much that happens before eleven-thirty a.m.... We usually end up going to bed closer to midnight than not. Of course, I have to get up and go to work at nine…

15. Favourite YouTube channels? Blimey Cow.

16. What does she do for daily Bible reading? Which is her favourite Bible translation? She reads a chapter from whatever book of the Bible she happens to be in at the moment, whenever she happens to remember or whenever it springs to her mind. There isn’t a lot of stress about following routines or “reading through the Bible in a year.” Her favourite translation would be the New American Standard just because that is what she owns, but she likes translations which respect the scriptures as the Word of God and literature, and don’t try to “modernize” it. “The Voice” is STRAIGHT out.

17. If she had the chance to teleport herself into one of her stories, which one would she pick? She would be torn between Cruxgang and Maresgate, given that they happen more or less simultaneously, and she is attached to the characters in both.

18. Is she claustrophobic or does she have a fear of heights? You can only get one or the other? She is claustrophobic in extreme circumstances (but then, who isn’t?) and she has an hereditary fear of heights. She can make herself handle heights; mostly she suffers from vertigo.

19. What are Jenny’s favourite colours and colour combinations? She quite likes turquoise. Mostly she likes colours so long as they are well-pleasing together.

20. Is she left-handed or right-handed? She is right-handed. But she plays sports with her left hand. I say “play” sports…

21. What are her music standards? She has very high music standards; first off, there can be no obscenities and the lyrics need to be philosophically sound—she’s not one to put up with inanities. After that, as far as the rest of us can tell, there is some kind of capricious whim that allows her to accept a song. I do know that if she hears a song because it is in a Youtube video that accompanies characters or sentimental themes to which she is attached, she is considerably more inclined to accept a song she might otherwise have disliked. As far as artists go, she accepts them on a case-by-case basis, with the exception of Rich Mullins and Andrew Peterson.

22. Which is her favourite Rosemary Sutcliff novel? The Eagle of the Ninth/The Silver Branch. They’re companions, so it’s not really cheating.

23. Does Jenny have a distinct time-frame memory of her spiritual conversion, or was it more of a gradual 'coming to the faith' and understanding of God's grace and salvation in scripture from a young age, like Titus? Yes. The answer is yes. A bit like Titus, having exposure to and knowledge of the scriptures from a young age, but also the death of one of her grandparents when she was young caused her to inquire into the life to come and the means by which one could be saved.

24. Did you watch “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug,” and if so, how did Jenny enjoy it? Yes, we watched “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug;” it was a very good Smaug. The Peter Jackson additions to the storyline weren’t terribly welcome considering Jenny’s literary respect for Tolkien, but it was very fun to see The Hobbit on the big screen!

25. I know she isn’t interested in college, but if Jenny were to study at college, what would her choice of degree be: English Literature, History, or Creative Writing? (or something completely different!) Probably history. Jenny is not just Not Interested in college—college and Jenny do not coexist harmoniously. If Jenny were to go to college, one or the other would probably end up in ruins. But, if she had to pick one, she would go for history, because a) if she did anything English/creative writing-based, the instructors would all die horrible deaths, and b) history she could probably get through without murdering anyone—although she would be certain to disagree with some of her professors, perhaps even violently. If you ever want to see Jenny really, really riled up, try challenging her ideology.

26. Do your cats keep to themselves, each other, or you? What? They’re cats. They have a tendency to be very snugly (especially when it’s cold) and they do pal around with each other, but they’re cats, so they do their own thing.

27. What colour palette looks best on Jenny? I have to pick one? How very limiting. I would say that pink, white, and black all look very well on her. She’s not given to yellows.

28. Would she know what to do with a Hawaiian vacation? Hawaii doesn’t strike me as being a very challenging vacation, so yes, she would know what to do. She has most of the wardrobe for it, and would enjoy relaxing on the beach or seeing the islands and the culture. It might not directly inform her writing as Scotland did, but as far as a vacation goes, I think she would enjoy it.

29. WWI or WWII history? World War I would interest her more because of the remnants of the Edwardian era preceding the Twenties, which are of some interest to her; as far as actual war history, World War II is the more interesting and the more justifiable conflict. World War I only happened because some guy called Archie Duke shot an ostrich ‘cause he was hungry…

30. Churchill's insults or Shakespeare's? Shakespeare. She appreciates the merits of both—but Shakespeare.

31. What was her favourite movie of 2013? "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Let it be said, we didn’t watch a lot of 2013 releases.

32. About how long is Jenny’s hair? It’s long; it reaches below her shoulder-blades. It’s…brown. Seriously, I’m not a writer. It’s sort of a brownish colour. A very nice brunette with some coppery touches when the light hits it, with a very alluring waviness to it.

33. What does a normal day look like for Jenny? On her at-home days she sleeps in; when she gets up, she puts in her contacts, then she gets dressed, does her make-up, checks the computer, and makes her tea all jumbled together in no real pattern. Then she’ll alternate between reading and writing, because she cannot sit still for any extended period of time—anything much beyond fifteen minutes. If she has a letter to reply to, she’ll do that. As a last resort she will do housework. She starts supper sometime around five, when I get home; we’ll eat and watch an episode of some show, or part of a movie, then we go back to doing our work until it’s time for Jenny to get her shower, then she drags her heels like someone being dragged off to damnation until we finally go to bed around 11:45.

34. What is something she is looking forward to this year? Among other things, she hopes to publish another novel. She’s always looking forward to her birthday, and there is a possibility of a family trip to the beach in October.

35. Does she listen to music when she exercises (I'm assuming she exercises), and if so, what sort? Yes, she listens to music when she exercises; it’s usually a mix of Owl City, My Little Pony remixes, and OC Supertones—really bouncy, upbeat, happy stuff.

36. How does Jenny like her tea? Hot and British. No really, anything black that reminds her of the Silk Road and the spice trade.  No milk, just a touch of sugar.

37. What would her dream formal dress look like if a designer designed one for a super special occasion? Is this a PG-13 interview…? Her dream gown would be this number.

38. Describe her personality in one word. (Try.) Complicated.

tim // linlithgow

15 ripostes:

  1. Buh-rilliant twist on this questionaire, guys. I loved reading Tim's answers and now am only left to wish I had a co-conspiritor to answer for me.
    Her hair sounds pretty similar to mine- length and color-wise.
    And Jenny, I approve the dress and your Disney movies. BE A MAN.

  2. I have so many things I want to say about "Robin Hood" but I CAN'T because it would be SPOILERS.

    One likes to know one's choice of gown is approved of by one's girls. ^.^

  3. The mad football hooligan look suits you, Tim - you just need a half-spilt pint of bitter and a Gooners jersey. Had I known you'd be answering I'd have tried harder to come up with some good questions. Here's two, and yeah I know it's after the bell: Best Pony? (You can answer for both of you.) Jenny's favorite Trash Cans song?

    Re: the world wars - I agree that the military logistics and strategy of the Second are far more interesting to study (the battle lines in the First being less likely to move than a Frenchman who lives next to a brothel), but when considering international diplomacy and political philosophy, I find the First, and especially the run-up to it, absolutely fascinating, precisely because it was so preventable. You can lay a fair portion of blame at the feet of almost everyone involved, from Nicolas on down to Jackie Fisher - though Moltke probably deserves more than a fair portion, and even took credit for it after the fact. I read a pretty good article this morning that drew some apt parallels between the way the various superpowers lined up behind the squabbling Balkan factions and the current situation in the Middle-east. I'd be very surprised if the coming conflagration spreads as far as it did a century ago, but "those who don't learn from the past..." and I doubt Putin, Obama, and their Chinese counterparts can see that far around their own aggrandizement to grasp those lessons.


    Okay, that's out.

    I only know bits and pieces of "Obscurity Knocks" and "Maybe I Should Drive." Another trivia about me is that, if I don't have the lyrics in front of me, I can rarely pick up the words in a song. But I don't think I'm really a fan of Trashcan Sinatras. Sorry.

    From what little I remember about Europe on the threshold of World War I, it seems to me that there were so many entanglements of alliances that the whole structure was poised to collapse if someone yanked a cord. And someone did. But I have to throw up my hands at the outset and say I have not studied Europe at the start of either war, on a political level and as a whole, so I cannot speak to the details. Ariel is currently reading a very large series by a man whose name escapes me: he would have more to say on the subject, I'm sure.

  5. I'm sorry, the correct answer was, "Twilight Sparkle." Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony (and, by default, best princess - Applebloom edges out Sweetie Belle for best CMC, Tavi is best background/fanon pony, and Fluffle Puff is best Fluffle Puff).

    Re: Trash Cans - understood. I thought you might have heard enough of them in the background that you latched onto a song or two. (I am listening to them as I alternate between hot drinks and cocktails and gaze out at the icefield that is Atlanta, is why I asked).

    Re: history - The Guns of August is a classic and a must-read. I also highly recommend Europe's Last Summer, a relatively recent publication that digs into some previously unavailable documents in painting a portrait of the chief decision makers, rather than focusing on the more nebulous forces effecting nations as a whole. I read it for the one history course I took at Tech, and from time to time I re-read the paper I wrote on it and wonder how in the hoof I only got a B - it was A- material at the very least.

  6. Argh, I fell victim to one of the classic blunders - effect is the noun, affect is the verb. I even proofread the post! I blame the gin...

  7. Goodness, I call that well-traveled...since I've only been to two states besides my own and have been home before dark on all occasions. :)

    An individual, case-by-case basis...okay, so now I know I should have just asked, "What is your favorite pre-1970 movie?"

    The theoretical description of Jenny at college sounds highly amusing—almost like a novel in itself.

  8. I'll let Georgette Heyer write that one.

    1. Or--strike terror into Jenny's soul--me. Bwahahaha. ;) I wouldn't dare.

  9. That was a fun idea, letting your husband answer them for you. 8-D

  10. Our feelings on cooking are identical. Your choice of gown is pure perfection. When your husband described your hair, I died from the adorableness of it all.


  11. This was so fun to read!! We share many favorite movies--especially Studio Ghibli and the Romola Garai Emma.

  12. Aha, this was such fun! I was not expecting Tim to be answering, but you're right: he gave us an unbiased view. ;)
    3. YES. Same here.
    8. Go see Frozen. I like it just as much as Tangled, which is saying something. The animation is superb, the lines hilarious, and the songs just the right sort for belting out around the kitchen. (Particularly 'Let It Go' - I mean, Idina Menzel voiced Elsa, so that makes it fantastic already.)
    15. Couldn't approve more of this answer. ^_^
    31. I heard said movie was pretty good. I didn't get a chance to see it for myself though.
    35. Oh! I do like OwlCity.
    38. Hah. Hah. This seems rather accurate, I'm discovering. ;)

  13. Jack - I couldn't have written the answers myself, I think, not without subconsciously coming up against the persona that I present to the internet. Not that that persona is necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted this to be quite honest - and my husband is honest. ^.^

    Katiebug - I've been trying some new recipes that no one else in my family has made (and excelled at) so I don't feel overshadowed by the cooking prowess that other's possess, and I've been happy with how those dishes turned out. I'm still not a big fan of cooking For Reals, though. >.> And you know, there were some other like gowns in that collection. I say we yoink them and go to some fashionable place together in Full Glamour. You know, once you're done being dead.

    Orc Blogger - I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Kudos for also liking Studio Ghibli and the Incomparable Emma. ;)

    Bree-de-lee - I want to see "Frozen" but I missed it when it was in theatres! Now I have to wait for it to join the ranks of Netflix. I particularly love Elsa's appearance: she is beautiful, and looks like quite the character. I was intrigued to hear that it was a proposed origin of the Snow Queen, which is one of my favourite fairytales. So there we go: I've seen "Catching Fire" and you haven't, and you've seen "Frozen" and I haven't. We're like two ships that sink in the night...