Who Will Rid Me of This Turbulent List? & Other Questions

tom hiddleston as henry v plantagenet, in "the hollow crown"
This is the part where you ask questions.
My husband has been wanting me to throw out the opportunity for people to send in questions about me for some time now. Thanks to Rachel (and then Bree) now seems like a good time. Everyone has a persona, usually subconscious, that one brings to the internet. Who is the Penslayer behind the Penslayer? If you want to know, feel free to ask in the comments below!
This is the part where I tell you about all the books I plan to not read this year.  
I call this "the year of finishing books I started."  I have a few new books on my list, but several of my intended are books I began and put down for sundry and thin reasons, and while I liked them well enough, I didn't finish them.  And then of course there are some new books I want to read.  Shall we...?

The Christian Mind by Harry Blamires.  For whatever reason, when I tried reading this book years ago, I was never able to push all the way through.  Possibly it was the length of the chapters: by the time I was halfway through a section I had forgot what the topic was meant to be.  I have now got a number of Blamires' books under my belt, one of my favourites being On Christian Truth.

Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle.  I have absolutely no problem with this book, it's just quite lengthy.  I've been steadily chipping away at the brilliant pages and loving it immensely.  As I only have nine chapters to go, I think I can finish it in the span of 2014.

The Golden Warrior by Hope Muntz.  I love this book; it's a great piece of historical fiction covering the people and the events surrounding the Norman invasion.  But I know how it ends, so I stopped midway to save myself the grief.  That's sporting of me.

The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte Yonge.  My clearest memory of reading this book is sitting on the metal railing on St. James Road, Glasgow, waiting for the bus.  I don't know why that should be so clear to me.  I think I must have been particularly incensed at Philip at that juncture.  Anyway, I simply haven't finished the book and I intend to.

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.  Rachel recommended this autobiography to me and I have simply not yet begun to read it.

The Song of Roland by God Alone Knows Who.  I'm in the midst of Charles Scott Moncrieff's translation (there's a Scottish name for you, if ever there was one), but I also intend to read at least the introduction of Dorothy Sayers' work, possibly even her own translation as well, which I did not purchase until after I had begun to read Moncrieff's book.

These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer.  Because ever since finishing The Black Moth I have been anxious to know what became of Tracy Belmanoir.  I swear he showed up in one of my dreams in a very unflattering light.  I think he was going to kidnap me.  I feel bad about how my dream depicted him.  Sorry.

The Conquering Family // The Magnificent Century // The Three Edwards // The Last Plantagenet by Thomas Costain.  I am reading The Conquering Family at present; the lion in winter is king, and trying to make tidy the wreckage of England which Stephen and Maud left behind them in their gingham dog-calico cat war. 
That's the bulk of what I have on my list.  
How about you?  Do you have any books you intend to read in 2014?

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  1. My to-read list is forever changing—for every book I cross off, I add about two more. I can never say exactly when I'll read something, because finding most of them involves interlibrary loan, and I try to spread those out because they're non-renewable and never come in at the same time like ordinary requests. But I can think of at least one thing I want to do this year for sure: get my hands on a copy of Tarkington's National Avenue and finish out the Growth trilogy once and for all.

    Now, the question-asking part. Forgive me if I repeat a couple of my questions from Rachel's post, but hey, they're the things that interest me about people...

    Would you call yourself reserved or outgoing? Are you talkative when out in company or do you keep quiet?

    Do you have any hobbies? Arts and crafts and such?

    Do you like old movies?

    Do you like classical music? If so, what composers/eras?

    I know you've been "abroad," but have you traveled much within the U.S.?

    Can you sing or play any musical instruments?

    Do you enjoy cooking?

  2. Thank you for the questions!

    I had never heard of Tarkington before, so I scanned the synopsis of his Growth trilogy and Penrod on Goodreads. They sound like something Abigail would like particularly, but I would not be adverse to sinking my teeth into some of his works. Fresh blood is always appreciated!

  3. I'm looking forward to Fly Away Home when it comes out. As for questions, what are some of your favorite Disney movies? Do you like period dramas?

  4. Fly Away Home is on my official list of books to read this year!

  5. It is kind of funny to see the list of books you've not yet quite finished/tackled, because I am pretty sure they'd not be my sort to have a marathon of, for example ^_^. Still, It is good to see when readers 'challenge themselves'. I am challenging myself to reading one non-fiction book alongside a fiction book throughout the year, and so far I have at least 40 books which I actually own which I eagerly want to dig into (The Mind of the Maker being one of their chiefs).

    Okay, here are a few questions I have for you, darling Penslayer.

    Have you read many biographies about the modern persecuted church and Christians in restricted nations? When I mean 'modern' I am referring to Christians throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first in classic biographies such as, 'Tortured for Christ' by Richard Wrumbrand, 'Pastor's Wife' by Sabina Wrumbrand, 'Through the Gates of Splendor' by Elizabeth Elliot, 'Selected to Live' by Johanna Ruth Dobschiner, 'Vanya: A True Story' by Myrna Grant, 'Elena, Strengthened Through Trials' by Harvey Yoder, 'The Hiding Place', 'Secret Believers' by Brother Andrew, etc? I was wondering because I personally have found great inspiration through the accounts of Christians in great sufferings in their fortitude and courage, and perhaps more than any other books, have had the greatest influence on my writing.

    How did you start blogging?

    I get the inference that 'Gingerune' has been put on hold. Do you have any idea when you will bring it back out again? What made you 'stop' writing it?

    Do you like being an early bird, or a night owl?

    Favorite YouTube channels?

    What do you do for daily Bible reading? What's your favorite Bible translation?

    If you had the chance to teleport yourself into one of your stories, which one would you pick?

    Are you claustrophobic or do you have a Fear of Heights?

    What are your favourite colours and colour combinations?

    Are you left-handed or right-handed?

    What are your music standards?

    What is your favourite Rosemary Sutcliff novel?

    Do you have a distinct time-frame memory of your Spiritual Conversion, or was it more of a gradual 'coming to the faith' and understanding of God's grace and salvation in Scripture from a young age like Titus?

    Did you watch The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and if so, how did you enjoy it?

    I know you aren't interested in college, but if you were to study at college, what would your choice of degree be: English Literature, History, or Creative Writing? (or something completely different!)

    What is your favourite movie?

  6. My turn, my turn!
    First off, I am tickled that my little book crept onto your list: warning, it isn't pithy but it is me, and you like me so you will probably like it AS me.
    Do your cats keep to themselves, eachother, or you?
    What color palette looks best on you?
    Would you know what to do with a Hawaiin vacation?
    WWI or WWII history?
    Curchill's insults or Shakespeare's?
    What would your dream formal dress look like if a designer designed one for a super special occasion?
    Describe your personality in one word. (try)

  7. Wow, so many good questions!

    Joy - There was no reason for me to not finish the books - it wasn't as if I didn't like them - I just didn't. So here I am. On the raggety-edge.

    Rachel - Of course I'm going to read your novel! Don't be silly. :P

  8. I was hoping I'd convince you to do this. ^.^
    Les questions:
    1. What was your favorite movie of 2013?
    2. About how long is your hair (rightbackatacha, if you don't ming my doing so)?
    3. What does a normal day look like for you?
    4. What's something your looking forward to this year?
    5. Do you listen to music when you exercise (I'm assuming you exercise), and if so, what sort?
    6. How do you like your tea?

  9. Yay, I was waiting for your questions! I really enjoyed your answers and was looking forward to the questions you would pose for me. Thanks!