"Out In the Menagerie - Hurry!"

A funny thing happened...
I was looking for pictures of my characters (because who doesn't like to do that?) and I opened my mouth like I do and told Mirriam how hard it was.  And she said, "You know, I'd actually love to toy with sketches of them. Quick, shoot me brief descriptions and personality!"  Well, I wasn't quick, but it happened.  I've actually watched Mirriam sketch, and it's really maddening.  The girl can whip off a decent doodle under one's eye with lightning speed.  But I tend to be less jealous of people's skills when I get to mooch off them.
Care to meet some of my characters and see the handiwork of Mirriam's pencil?
Akilina Loriermayne
age: thirty-four
hair: black
eyes: brown
favourite drink: red tea
disposition: introvert, choleric, melacholic
ruling house: pisces 

it's the eye of the tiger
it's the thrill of the fight
rising up to the challenge of our rival
and the last known survivor
stalks his prey in the night
and he's watching us all in the eye
of the tiger

age: twenty
hair: "soft black" brown
eyes: pale blue
favourite drink: dry yellow with citrus
disposition: introvert, phlegmatic, choleric
ruling house: cancer

hey, brother, there's an endless road to rediscover
hey, sister, know the water's sweet but blood is thicker
oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
there's nothing in this world i wouldn't do

age: twenty-five
hair: macadamia blonde
eyes: pale blue
favourite drink: coffee, black
disposition: ambivert, choleric
ruling house: capricorn

grey sky, always in your eye
where is the girl behind the cloud?
grey sky, always floating by
but i only peek when i'm allowed

Margaret Coventry
age: twenty
hair: truffle brown
eyes: brown
favourite drink: sweet white
disposition: ambivert, sanguine
ruling house: libra

it's good to see the sun and feel this place
this place i never thought would feel like home
and i ran forever far away and i
i always thought i'd end up here alone
somehow, the world has changed and
i've come home
to give you back the things they took from you

age: twenty-seven
hair: blue-white
eyes: brown
favourite drink: nutmeg tea
disposition: introvert, phlegmatic, melancholic
ruling house: virgo

in between dark and light in the underworld
wrapped around your finger like a string of pearls
smiling face, empty hands, seven golden rings
dancing through the starlight we began to sing

Raymond St. Jermaine
age: twenty-five
hair: "soft black" brown
eyes: brown
favourite drink: talldogs beer
disposition: introvert, phlegmatic, melancholic
ruling house: taurus

i dreamt i found my childhood stare
to family dinner Christmas night
we'd cross the river shipyard light
before the heartbreak and unknown
today i strike out on my own

age: twenty-seven
hair: "dark honey" blond
eyes: hazel
favourite drink: red whiskey and citrus
disposition: extrovert, sanguine, choleric
ruling house: capricorn

i shed the dulling armour plates
that once collected radiance
and, surging at the blood's perimeter:
the half-remembered wild interior
of an animal life

age: twenty-three
hair: "soft black" brown
eyes: brown
favourite drink: talldogs beer
disposition: extrovert, sanguine, choleric
ruling house: gemini

when i look at you, boy, i see the road that lies ahead
i can see the love and the sorrow
bright fields of joy, dark nights awake in a stormy bed
i want to go with you but i can't follow
so keep to the old roads
keep to the old roads and you'll find your way

age: twenty-five
hair: "soft black" brown
eyes: pale blue
favourite drink: dry red
disposition: extrovert, sanguine, choleric
ruling house: cancer

and up spoke our master huntsman, the master of the chase,
"if only the devil himself come by, we'd run him such a race!"
and up there sprung like lightning a fox from out of his hole
his fur was the colour of a starless night, and his eyes like burning coals

Jasper de Lacey
age: thirty
hair: "black tea" brown
eyes: yellow hazel
favourite drink: dry red
disposition: ambivert, choleric, melancholic
ruling house: aries

come on, virginia, show me a sign
send up a signal, i'll throw you a line
the stained-glass curtain you're hiding behind
never lets in the sun
darling, only the good die young

Pan Aeneas
age: twenty-seven
hair: apricot blonde (ginger)
eyes: green
favourite drink: dry yellow
disposition: extrovert, phlegmatic, choleric
ruling house: libra

slip the jesses, my love
this hunter you own from the hood to the glove
when the circling and striking are done and i land
let me come back to your hand

age: twenty-two
hair: "latte" blonde
eyes: brown
favourite drink: talldogs beer
disposition: extrovert, choleric
ruling house: aries

well you think that you can take me on
you must be crazy
there ain't a single thing you've done
that's gonna phase me

Aaron Golightly
age: twenty-four
hair: "acorn" brown
eyes: brown
favourite drink: pinot noir
disposition: introvert, sanguine, phlegmatic
ruling house: aquarius

over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard,
and he tapped with his whip on the shutters, but all was locked and barred;
he whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there
but the landlord's black-eyed daughter,
bess, the landlord's daughter,
plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair

age: twenty-two
hair: macadamia blonde
eyes: light blue
favourite drink: coffee
disposition: extrovert, sanguine, choleric
ruling house: libra

isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
late at night i toss and i turn
and i dream of what i need

age: twenty-five
hair: chamomile blonde
eyes: "honey" brown
favourite drink: sweet yellow
disposition: ambivert, phlegmatic, sanguine
ruling house: virgo

stand on up and take a bow
there's something there and it's showin'
there's no need to look around
you're the best we got goin'
shout out to the dreams you'll chase
shout out to the hearts you'll break
nothing's gonna stop you now
i guess you better get goin'

age: nineteen
hair: black
eyes: light brown
favourite drink: peppered red wine
disposition: introvert, phlegmatic, melancholic
ruling house: gemini

we wake in the night in the womb of the world
we beat our fists on the door
we cannot breathe in this sea that swirls
so we groan in this great darkness
are we alone in this great darkness?

10 ripostes:

  1. Ah....I'm more attached to these lovelies than I was before, now....for obvious reasons.
    And the MUSIC choices.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this for me, and not being coerced into it at all, which makes it even better. ^_^

  3. These are beautiful! Each sketch had a great deal of personality. Aaron Golightly reminds me of a friend of mine. The last one (of Maria) was especially striking and expressive. Where did you learn to draw, Mirriam?

  4. Nowhere; I just grew up drawing. :) These are sketches - not DRAWING-drawings, except perhaps Maria, but I had fun doing them.

  5. ugh Mirriam is just too perfect. I love her to pieces but the perrrffeeeccctttiiiooooonn....


  6. These all look great! I wish you could sketch some of my characters! I think Maria, Jennalaide, and Pan Aeneas are my favorites.

  7. Oh just shut up, Goddgofang. Just SHUT UP. As for Badger, my Badger, he's a cutie. ^.^ And the girls are beautiful and I adore the attitudes Mirriam instilled in them. :D

  8. Rachel - Goddgofang will never shut up. XD

    Ajax - If I had to pick a favourite, absolutely had to pick a favourite...I would not be able to. It's a fight between Raymond, Goddgofang, and Jasper de Lacey, and I'm content to watch them battle it out.

  9. Now you've don't it Mirriam- you know we're all going to be pining for character sketches from you. ;P

    These are wonderful. I especially love that though I don't know these characters, the song snippets and descriptions seem to match them very nicely. Beautiful!
    (And I think Maria is my favorite.)

  10. MARIA. (Tritone! Anyone? Anyone? #musictheorynerd) My jaw dropped. JennyDear and Mirriam: you are a dynamic and dangerous duo. I love it.

    Also, I may or may not have fallen in love with Aaron's freckles.