And the Road Goes On, Seeming Ever Longer on the Way to Mandalay

Summer has been ushered in with strawberry picking.  "Caravanserai" is strumming its haunting notes from the second-generation speakers of my computer.  I have a candle burning on my desk beside a bouquet of flowers produced by magic from the hand of my husband.  I am (have I mentioned?) at the twelfth week of pregnancy and wondering if I am really going to be sick this morning or if I am just in for quietly nauseating misery. 

I was asked specifically if I could give an update on my writing, but I thought a general update would not go amiss.  Naturally, I have been exhausted and emotional to degrees I have not thought possible, so I have been doing less writing recently in a trucking-along kind of way, and a lot more plotting.  All things considered, Talldogs, which is my work in progress, is coming along nicely, and is currently weighing in at 76,637 words.  I am enjoying the process, when I am not so tired that I can barely care.  There is very little room for my enthusiasm after the story has been written; the writing process itself is what I love best, and the gradual exploration of characters and plot.  I could wax lyrical, but I feel shy about trilling my own excitement, so I don't believe I will.

My other stories do not keep quiet.  They take turns, with no rhyme or reason to their rhythm, piping up with scenes or plot ideas for me.  I have done a little scribbling on Drakeshelm recently because it gave me a monster of a scene and I did not dare ignore it for fear I forgot it, and I finally had a touch of a break-through with Lamblight the other morning while I was more or less comatose in the bath.  I had a break-through on Cruxgang, too, after a fashion - in that large chunk of night through which I can no longer seem to sleep - and that was encouraging.  I am very excited to begin that story because I love the colour and the feel of it, and lured by its aesthetic siren manipulations I keep scootching back to it to fiddle with research and daydream about scenes that are about as fantastic as they are ridiculous. 

I have three additional novels that are so far off that they aren't really within my sights yet: Amaranth, Ampersand, and Dondonn√©; they are pretty quiet, so I don't say much about them.  (Actually, I don't say much at all, do I...?  I was once told I was rather tight-lipped about all this, or held my cards close to my chest, or some such analogy.  I never considered that.)  You might catch a line or two from these three in my snippets posts.

Someone asked if I actually bought a house, or if I was joking.  No, I actually bought a house, and it is under renovation at present.  I can't tell you when we will be able to move in, but then I am not typically concerned by time, much as I sometimes should be, so I don't sweat it.  Tim says that it is not in the rurals, it's in the suburbs, but I still stand by my view that it is somewhere in between those two areas - this view backed by the fact that a chanticleer goes off every once in a while in the near district, and we saw a hen crossing the road.  No joke.  The house itself is a bewildered old ranch-style with an extended kitchen out the back and a large sunroom attached to one side, and now that the cramped wall-plans have been altered and much of the living space has been opened up by the magic which is my brother's renovation company, the whole place shines with sawdust and light.  We have nearly two acres of weedy construction-churned landscape, and the previous owner allows us use of his easement to get back to the river.  All this to say, I am really excited for this house.  I like to think we are one of the nicest things that could have happened to the poor thing.  I may even bore you with pictures later on, we'll have to see.
oh, and i'm working on self-publication for plenilune

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  1. "One other minor note here... Andy's birthday party has been"

  2. I like how you randomly pounce big bits of news upon us. ^.^

    I also like your quote in the comments. You just upped my respect for you with that, madam.

  3. Grenade much? ;) I'm so excited for you. On all aspects. ^_^

  4. I'm expecting, I've bought a house, and I'm working on self-publishing a novel. The greater the news, the more we have to British it. XD

    You know, I don't believe I have ever in my life garnered respect for quoting "Toy Story." This is a new feeling for me. I grew up in the nineties. It's a fact.

  5. I was just trying to decide the other day whether I lived in a rural or suburban area, and the best I could come up with was in-between. Your definition is apt, I think. When we first moved here our neighbors across the way had a flock of guinea-hens that roamed the neighborhood (not to mention horses). After thirteen years, the city is moving up a bit—current neighbors tend to four-wheelers and landscaping equipment.

    Such excitement! It must be fun to plan decorating and furnishing for your own house. Please don't ask me to come help paint, though; I've had my fill of that for the next decade or so. :)

  6. Four-wheelers and landscaping equipment. I was going to not mention those, but now you have so I have to fess up. XD

    I don't have huge expectations from life, and I'm not really a dreamer. My dreams tend to be realistic and attainable. And now I feel as if I am really getting my dream home. With owning a home will come all the quirks and struggles of the trade, but it is wonderful to have a home of one's own and, in the eyes of the economy, be an independent human being.

  7. Oh wow, so much going on! May you find some peace in the chaos. :) While I'm commenting here, I must mention that I picked up The Shadow Things from the library the other day, and am very much enjoying it so far! You have a beautiful writing style.

  8. Congratulations on everything! I'm sooooo excited to read Plenilune. :)

  9. As it is, I am a little bit thrilled for you, Jenny ;). Of course, we must take it all very sensibly - but *SQUEAL* THOSE BITS OF UPDATES ARE SOOOOO WONDERFUL! ^_^

    I am so happy you're going to have a baby (you'll be the cutest mum ever!), are moving house (cheers, darling; that is good news! did you know my family moved house more than 7 times?) and w-what?!!! You're PUBLISHING Plenilune?!!!!!! *gasps* I can hardly believe it. That is so thrilling - I can't wait!

    And by the way, all the updates on your different stories make me happy too. Just sayin'

    P.S. Toy Story is one of my favourite cartoons, - it was the first cartoon/Disney film I watched as a child of 5, and it is still very special to me.

  10. We thought you seemed to glow when we saw you in Thursday night class last month and wondered... So glad Abigail sends her blog to my email so I can occasionally also catch up with yours. Praise the LORD!