The Casual, Independent Existence

"Your worlds shrug. They exist apart from the reader's imagination and the reader must jump in as best he can."
"It wasn't Atlas that shrugged; it was the world, in this case."

6 ripostes:

  1. proof positive that
    in some ways at least
    you are perfect

  2. I love your comments. They are so vaguely hiaku-like. <3

  3. I have not got the
    slightest idea what you
    are talking about.

  4. In true Mirriam
    style, I love this post very much
    and can't write haikus.
    (To save my life)

  5. (This is random but: Jenny please please tell me you didn't take that picture because if you did I'm far too jealous of where you live. XD)

  6. That would be AWESOME...but I did not take that picture and I do not live there. I don't think you could get wifi on that hill. Beautiful scenery and possibly Julie Andrews, but no wifi.