"All You Have to Do Is Buy the Book"

a video blog - about plenilune, no less!

Comment below or email me if you want to participate in the release-date announcement and/or the blog tour I will be putting together for Plenilune!

Have questions you want me to answer about Plenilune & Co.? Add them to the comments as well for future vlog fodder!

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  1. Oh my gingersnaps, girl, this was so cute! I feel so much better informed now regarding your books and how they're connected. I actually had no idea they even were connected until now. But! Now that I do, I feel like it'll be much easier to understand your snippets and other stuffs on here.

    And um, count me in -- for Plenilune's release, anyway. ^.^

    P.s. Did I mention you're adorable? And I think I recognize those earrings...!

  2. Do you mind telling specifically what is the magic content of these books? My family is really careful about magic in media. From what I can gather there doesn't seem to be outright magic it's just a different world. Is that the case? Because I really really want to read these books. If it turns out I can read them I would love to help with the date reveal!

  3. Nice production values! I particularly enjoyed the songs.

    I, too, hate the word "vlog" - it's like a contraction inside a portmanteau jammed into a bag of holding, and every time it's used the english language cries a little. Call it a "motion posting" or something like that.

    Anyway, all snarking aside, I'm looking forward to actually reading the book. Obviously I don't have a World Wide Web log, but I will tell my friends.

  4. Count me in, count me in! Yes please, Jenny, I'd be absolutely thrilled to feature the release date of Plenilune, and any other publication stuff for you on my blog :). I can't wait to read it too!!!

    Oh, my goodness, this vlog is the cutest ever (and you are so sweet, Jenny-dear - did you know that? <3 you made me smile!) and I had so much fun with this. . . :D And wow, your explanations of where each story fits in is exciting and thrilling and is making me so impatient to read the full series. And while I am slightly nervous for just how dark some of your novels will be like, and just how much heart-rending pain you will inflict on us, (cue Shadow Things experience), I am willing to trust you enough for the plunge I think - because your writing stirs me so much and your point that everything turns out well in the end , with hope, makes me feel infinitely happy :)!!!

    Also, I am intrigued by your titling your series a planetary fantasy. . .? Like Lewis' maybe?

    P. S. Hmm, what about Adamantine and Gingerune? Are they still in the picture?

    Love you, girl! <3

  5. It's not the baby's fault, technically it's you + Tim's fault. You know.
    Helping here.
    ALSO DAGNABBIT GIRL YOU ARE SO /CUTE/ you're like a pixie or some kind of wood nymph.
    How are you so cute??? YOU ARE SO CUTE. YOU'RE ADORABLE. You know I love you, but I should warn you
    that I'm not a super-huggy person but when I come over?
    I'll be hugging you a lot. Randomly, because you are literally darling.
    and you know I'm going to support you and Plenilune to the ends of the earth. even though you forced me.
    goshdarnit you're too cute.
    because you already love me forever.

  6. Of course I want to be involved in the release date announcement and future blog party for Plenilune! But you knew that already. :)

    Being able to "see" the connections between Plenilune and the novels that follow in its wake was hugely helpful. I think I had a general notion that they were related to one another, but I wasn't sure in what order they fell and how exactly they were related. So one of my questions is answered! I suppose I'll have to wait a while for the other. And maybe if we all send you .doc files instead of .docx files, Tim will have time to draw up a map of Plenilune. Because THAT would be fabulous. ^.^

  7. I'd love to be a part of the release-date-blog-tour snazziness. Count me in!
    Vlogs, despite their name, are actually one of my favorite parts of blogging. I feel like I get to know the author on a whole new level when she does a video. (Not to mention I can listen to your blog post while scrolling through Pinterest instead of actually having to read. Because I'm lazy. XP)
    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL PLENILUNE'S RELEASE. I'm about 70 pages in so far (all reading has been slow for the past week as I was teaching a dance camp & traveling to see my cousin get married) but I hope to delve in further this week. Nothing like a holiday to shove in some extra reading!
    I do have one question: where do Adamantine & Gingerune fall in the lineup? Otherwise, your notecard-show was very helpful. :)
    Yay publishing!

  8. All that I WAS going to say has been said. Only this: I felt like I finally had a real live visit with you and that was something to make me smile, late at night as I watched it. I love seeing your excitement over this whole Plenilune thing and your captions are the best ever. Also, I like your china cabinet thing. And you, of course. You were the best part of the wholedarn thing.

  9. What fun! I really enjoyed watching this (love the captions). To me it seems a delicious irony, your calling Talldogs a "baby story" at over 80,000 words. While here I am straining every nerve trying to break the 40K mark in a single project...And it's also curious to hear that you have such a sweet soft voice after reading all your snippets of fire and blood and thunder!

    You can count me in on the Plenilune release team too. And I was going to echo the others' questions about Gingerune and Adamantine; I was wondering if they were part of this series or something entirely different.

  10. That was way fun. And you are ridiculously cute. XD I feel like I know you so much better now...(which is creepy-stalker-y, because I comment on your blog like once in a blood moon. I'm sorry. I do read your blog though. I do.) I am absolutely loving the vlogging trend going around blogs I follow... XD (though I don't like that word either. :P) I hope you do more!! :D

    And let me know about the release date stuff etc!! So long as it's summer and/or not directly before one of my excruciatingly painful 3 hour tests, I would love to help out. :D

  11. Loved the vlog. I echo Bree's sentiments -- it adds a new dimension to the way I know an author/authoress. It was so cool to actually see you and hear you. I found your video educational, inspiring, exciting, and entertaining. :)

  12. Hello Jenny!

    Before I go any further, I'd like to say that your video was quite enjoyable! It's neat getting to hear your voice, and I'm so very glad for learning how to pronounce your name. It was bugging me that I didn't know! I do have a suggestion, if you don't mind — your voice was rather quiet, especially compared to the music. I know it's hard to talk loudly/softly enough. But just mentioning that for future vlogs :)

    I'm a friend of Anne-girl's (in real life), which is how I found you. She lent me your book, The Shadow Things. I definitely enjoyed it! I don't remember it much, so I'll have to read it again. But I do remember I enjoyed it.

    Congratulations!!! Hope all goes well with your new baby boy or girl :)

    Yes, I would be happy to post about your Plenilune on my blog! Actually, I hadn't heard of it (or that you were writing or had written anything other than Shadow Things) before this vlog, but I enjoyed TST, and planet fantasy sounds pretty awesome. I've never done anything like that before, but I'd be happy to give it a shot! After all, how hard can it be, right?

    Lamblight sounds awesome! Dark and creepy is cool.

    I think your voice reminds me of Kari (however you spell it) from The Incredibles. You know, the babysitter? Though you're not quite nearly as annoying, I'm sure. That wasn't insulting to say, was it? Because if it was, I didn't mean it...

    My main blog is www.barefootinthesnowjack.blogspot.com, if you care to drop by. I have two other blogs, but they're both linked as pages on Barefoot in the Snow so I'll just leave you with that.

    I definitely enjoyed your first vlog and I'm looking forward to more!


  13. I'd be honored to have you over to my blog for the release date announcement! Being a fantasy author myself, I know how hard it is to grow a readership in that genre, and I have a small following that I would be thrilled to share with you. My email is on my blogger profile. My main blog is Knitted By God's Plan, though I would also love to review Plenilune on my O.Scarlett blog when you're closer to that stage of publication ;)

    Lovely vlog. However, I do have a question. If I remember right, Adamantine and Gingerune were also part of the Plenilune world - Adamant was a cousin to the main character of Plenilune, right? - where will they fit? I'm very intrigued by both of those stories (being connected to Beowulf and Atlantis).

  14. Your vlog (I agree- it's a weird word) was delightful. I feel a different level of connection after having seen you in the video.

    I would be happy to take part in the release date for Plenilune. You can find my email on the Contact Me page on my blog: thesplendorfalls.blogspot.com.

    Congratulations on your upcoming baby!

    I like the title Lamblight. I enjoy darker, more intense novels, so I will definitely be looking forward to that. Your introduction to the books in the series was very helpful.

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