Drinking Tea & Eating Granola

Tea is soothing.  It combats early morning sadness with a small dose of caffeine, and for the short space of time that I have not sucked the warmth out of it, the mug is lovely to hold.  Granola: chunky, full of fiber, doesn't settle unpleasantly in a stomach which has been dormant during the night.  Happy things.
what have i been up to
First of all, Plenilune.  I forgot to tell my formatter to set up the Goodreads page for me, so I was thrilled to discover that she went ahead and did it.  I want to say right out that I can write - I'm good at that - but in technicalities and planning, someone has to hold my hand all the way.   But there are already some advance reviews of Plenilune up, so please take a moment to check those out!  Thanks!

I've also been line-editing for Plenilune: you know, grammar, consistency, that sort of last-minute polish which is invaluable.  I don't know what I would do without my line-editor.  My readers owe a lot to her!

Baby kicks.  Yes, I can finally feel my baby kicking!  I am approximately twenty-two weeks along, and currently the kicks are not uncomfortable: if anything, they are a relief just to know that my little girl is moving about and growing.  I am now very obviously pregnant, which makes

packing a tricky business.  Between the natural weariness of making a human being inside me, and the cumulative stresses on my body of doing so, taking down my house and putting it into boxes is tiring.  My husband and I are aiming to be out of our rental home by the end of August (although our new home may not be ready for us), so I am slowly putting our life into cardboard containers.  After a long day of moving about and being on my feet, my lower back gives strident notice.  I am immensely thankful for heating pads and shower stools.  They are lifesavers.

My father and Talldogs.  We pulled through the disaster.  My father has been home, he has begun to work again, and he has even asked that I reinstate my Talldogs installments for him to read.  Between the exhaustion, pain, and disorientation, it took him some time to regain his concentration: picking up a copy of "Foreign Affairs" and reading through an article was a big deal.  The Godfather voice is gone, although people who greeted him at church last Sunday noted that he hadn't quite got his voice back.  He is regaining his strength, and his weight (the ordeal stripped thirty pounds off his frame), and though there are still many milestones ahead of us to make sure everything heals properly, we are immensely grateful and relieved.

Painting.  I'm not a domestic, manual-labour type of person.  While I like good food, I don't actually enjoy making it.  I don't really like housework - especially folding laundry and washing bathtubs - and I know for a fact that I hate sewing.  I am good at making messes and writing stories.  That is about it.  But because Tim and I will be moving into a blank slate of a house, we have made (cheerful) efforts to make our furniture into what we want it to be.  We own a number of huge wooden objects - dresser sets, china cabinets, a piano - which are all dark and stained and old, and we have no qualms about taking a chain to them and repainting them in a distressed, white style (except the piano: we're not taking a chain to the piano).  So I have actually been doing manual labour.  I've always rather despised plastic, so working with wood and pale, neutral tones is soothing to me. 
and that is the story of my life

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  1. I'm so glad your dad is doing better! But October seems forever and ever away. *small resigned sigh*

  2. YES. Plenilune is on Goodreads! I was so excited when I found it and am proud to say I was the second person to add it. :D

    Best of luck on all your things! :)

  3. Thanks for the update! :) I'm so glad to hear that he is doing better!

  4. That final parenthetical remark got a chuckle out of me—and probably saved a few hundred musicians from fainting in horror.

    Yes, I saw one of your advance readers had made a temp page for the ARC, so I just filled in the proper information on announcement day, and voila. Setting up the Goodreads page is always one of my favorite parts of pre-publication. :)

    I'm glad your father is doing better. A busy life you've got going right now!

  5. I'm so glad to hear your dad is recovering :)

  6. You are an amazement to me. Publishing is tiring enough without babies. I am in awe that you are able to pack and publish while expecting.

  7. Elisabeth Grace Foley - Occasionally - occasionally - I can be self-aware of the faults of my own grammar. XD But although our piano is I do not know how many hands passed on to us, and subject to the latherings of Tiffany blue and white chalk paint, I would not have you think I would be so callous as to take a chain to it!

    Jack - I think it would be less of a juggling act if I were more focused and coherent, but I've never been those things. XD My husband helps tirelessly, and when I have got done making a mess of packing boxes, he organizes them to return zen to the universe. And thankfully, I am handling these things right in the middle of my pregnancy, which is when I will have the most energy. I am so flattered that you are amazed by what little I have been able to do, but truly not a day goes by in which I don't wish I had boundless amounts of energy and a more coherent game-plan to conquer all this.

    I should make release-date banners for the baby. Yes... XD