Half Baked

not surprisingly, i have the ill

I do not think it is a very bad ill, but there are flutterings in my throat and sneezings in my nose, and I am definitely in no condition to accept an invitation from the Coles.  One of my cats is also a little under the weather, so since my husband has to work (like anyone would and should), it is up to my most skittish feline to take care of the sick stay-at-homes.  Poor 'Quila.  He had the perfect expression of a teenager who has been shoved off with more responsibility than usual when we informed him.

a new little blog debut

The real purpose of this post is to inform you of a new blog opening up on the block.  Anne-girl of Scribblings of My Pen & Tappings of My Keyboard will be starting up a new blog venture on September 1st. 
HALF BAKED is a blog dedicated to the art of writing and exploring what goes into a solid story. The blog operates on the principal that most stories are like cake, delicious and scrumptious and all the other cake words that are out there. But just like cake, a story can come out gooey and shaky in the middle, half baked. This blog is meant to help turn awesome ideas into solid, fully baked novels. Stop by ahalfbakedplot.blogspot.com on September 1st to join in the release party. There will be contests and a giveaway and of course virtual cake. 
Anne-girl has been following the progress of Plenilune for some time, and she posed a question about the magic of my novels in an email a few weeks ago.  I highly recommend reading her post with my answer and her critique.  Meanwhile, mark September 1st on your calendars for the launch of her new writing blog, Half Baked.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Jenny, and I hope your cold gets better. Poor 'Quila, here's hoping he doesn't catch something too!