Jester-Eyed & Mocking

it is august and i am ready for autumn
I seem to be less of a presence here on Blogger now that I am so busy with...everything.  Moving, self-publishing, babying.  When my mind is not totally shattered by stuff that has to be done, I write a little.  Talldogs is at 90,496 words (for whatever that is worth), and my line-edits for Plenilune are over halfway completed. 

info-dump done, now for some snippets

Watching him, Raymond noticed for the first time that the crown of the man’s head was beginning to thin like the flanks of an old toy buckskin horse.

The tarot card of the conversation flashed up brilliantly in the morning light, jester-eyed and mocking...

Raymond watched her sob as she had learned to sob: wretchedly, soundlessly, her body shaking. Something in his chest felt heavy and dead. “Go to the washroom and wash your face,” he said when a hollow silence had glanced from face to face between them for some time, “and then come down to supper.”

Avery flashed him a quick smile, half apologetic, half in angry earnest. “I learned that trick, oh, long ago. It takes only a moment for a man to wrap a woman around his finger, if he knows his business. I have her under my thumb now."

If they let you into heaven—” he began, fighting the strained thickness in his throat.
She brushed his words aside. “You will be surprised, I know.”

"Sensationalism has always fascinated the vulgar."

"The graves of my people were old among the Lakes," said the Scandinavian, "when the foot of William the Bastard was young upon our thresholds."

"Did you think he was not serious when he said 'Rend the heavens and come down'?" 

6 ripostes:

  1. "Sensationalism has always fascinated the vulgar." That sounds very Miss Deborah-like. :) Splendid snippets all, as usual.

  2. Thank you!

    I have a feeling Miss Deborah is someone from a classic I ought to know and have not read. All the same, you seem to have liked the quote, so I call that a win. ^_^

  3. Oh, you haven't seen Cranford? You really must sometime—Miss Deborah (and indeed everyone in Cranford) is immensely quotable.

    "Oh, sister, not a snake! That is very harsh."
    "He is at the very least a wolf in sheep's attire."

  4. "The graves of my people were old among the Lakes," said the Scandinavian, "when the foot of William the Bastard was young upon our thresholds." Somewhat reminds me of Rosemary Sutcliff's style.

  5. The quote from Drakeshelm is intriguing! I should like to make further acquaintance that woman who is not likely to get to heaven. :)


  6. I love these splendid Talldogs snippets so very much!! And they are very quotable this time round :D. The one about the vulgar folk liking sensationalism caught with a smile, and the two middle ones captured my attention and interest - the one with Raymond sending the sobbing lady to wash her face, and the one with Avery are especially good. I can't wait to be better acquainted with the characters we're reading about in these snippets.

    I hope things are not too crazy with you in regards to everything, but I definitely can imagine how time-consuming moving, self-publishing and expecting a baby must be like. Try not to stress it out too much, Jenny-dear :D. Lots of love and prayers!