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i get the impression that everyone is now stalking my plenilune pinterest board
Due to life, I have been unable to make another video for you.  That being said, I do want to address some of the questions you asked in my last video post
are plenilune, gingerune, and adamantine related?
Short answer: yes.  The long answer ought to be similarly uncomplicated, but somehow it never works out that way when I try to explain.  In brief, the three stories are separate plots linked only by one or two characters who happen to make cameo appearances in the other novels.  One character manages to make an appearance in all three; two other characters are only mentioned or seen briefly in the other's novel.  You can see how the explanation begins to grow confusing.  I like to think I'm doing rather well... 
A lot of people ask me what happened to this novel, as I was working on it so well this time last year.  (Actually, I was freaking out and going to Scotland this time last year.  Damnation.  That was a year ago?)  There is nothing wrong with Gingerune.  On the contrary, I'm very pleased with the plot.  But because Plenilune has exploded into so many satellite novels, I feel compelled to follow the Plenilunar system while the motions of the heavenly bodies are yet young in my sky.  I will return to Gingerune when the time is right.  I also have a lot of varying aspects to study and research for Gingerune, so I am in no hurry. 
People who know me from my pre-Penslayer days ask me what happened to Adamantine.  Whenever I answer this question, I am invariably met with passive-aggressive to aggressive disagreement, which has made me reticent to bring up the topic.  The fact of the matter is, Adamantine was my first serious novel.  Not my first full-Jenny-length novel, but my first serious novel which I could entertain the thought of publishing.  However, looking back across several novels now, I can easily see so many aspects of Adamantine which want improvement that at this point I don't believe I can simply patch it up through revision and editing.  It needs rewriting.  And about this point in the conversation is when I am met with disagreement.  I am also in no hurry to begin the rewrite, since I am knee-deep in my Plenilunar novels, so this is not a disagreement which has been stoked to hammers and tongs.  But I like to think that I know what is best for the story, and for the story I feel a total rewrite would be best.  Some time when I am a billion years old, look for a release announcement here on The Penslayer for Adamantine.  Meanwhile I keep an open mind (by dint of my mind being a complete untutored wash of latent energy) and occasionally bits and pieces of the rewrite come washing up to shore. 
Who needs no introduction.  I have been thoroughly impressed and encouraged by the enthusiasm of my advance readers and by everyone else who has been waiting for this novel seemingly forever.  I know it has been a long time, but one thing I have learned along the way is that I love how confident I feel in this novel, and I want to take all the time I need to make sure I can feel this confident for each one of my novels when I go to release them.  I want to do my best and give you my best.  It might take a lot of time, but you will thank me in the end.

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  1. Jenny, you'll meet with no disagreement from me. Being a drooling fan of yours cuts both ways, of course: I am jiggling with impatience for anything you may desire to publish next, be it the Freitag Laundry Lists, but I have an equally passionate desire that the books be as good as possible before they land on my shelves. I know enough about my own writing process to tell that if you feel rewriting is necessary, it is. We are not masochists, after all: we like a good return for our pain. It will be worth it, and I won't thank you in the end--I'm thanking you right now :)

  2. Stalking? Er, yes, guilty. Your caption/link humor is cracking me up. And say, if the University on the Lamblight board is the same one mentioned in Plenilune, that's exactly what I pictured a Plenilunar university looking like.

    I think I've got a grasp on the situation now. Not actually part of the series, but loosely linked by the appearance of characters from the series. And I totally understand your feeling about Adamantine. Without knowing much about the novel myself, I'd say trust that instinct telling you what it needs. I've got some old stories which my family assure me they like, but after several years of working and learning I know they're not up to the standard of what they could be, and they'd need drastic rewriting if I was ever to decide to make use of them.

  3. One does not simply check the Plenilune pinterest board once. And oh my word those captions for the other boards? I laughed so very hard. My reactions to a T for each of them. Also thank you for clearing that all up I had been wondering.

    Note: if anyone encounters a time machine I think I can safely say that there are many people who would sign up for a flight to October 20th.

  4. I second Anne-girl's, Elisabeth's and Suzannah's comments all the way! Thanks for clearing that up, Jenny-dear . . . And I totally understand where you're coming from with Adamantine and Gingerune. Sometimes, certain stories demand of us a certain level of experience, and sometimes we might have to wait for the "right" time to re-visit and complete a work. I definitely felt that way about my Ancient Roman novel, 'The Crown of Life' - and really felt at peace putting it aside for a work I was much more capable of ( A Love that Never Fails ), and let that work marinate and mature till I myself was ready to undertake taking it up again. I can't wait for that opportunity, because I dearly love Crown of Life, but I know I cannot rush something precious and important like that. I want to do my very best, and right now A Love that Never Fails is what I feel most capable of doing. I can see how that would be the same with Adamantine and Gingerune, much as I would dearly love to read them with the rest of your work. . . but I am glad you've not totally forgotten or abandoned them :D

    And I had to smile at your title novel captions. *grins*. And I can't wait for the release of Plenilune. How long are we to wait for the cover-reveal?!!!

  5. Suzannah - Thank you! It's nice to see the enthusiasm of the reader, which is nearly completely detached from the struggle and grind of the writer. It is encouraging, especially since the haul is such a long one for me.

    Elisabeth Grace Foley - Yes, that is the fabled University! ;) ...You are all alarmingly perceptive. It begins to worry me.

    Through very little skill on my part, I do believe you have got the gist of the three novels' connections. It is also a profound relief to discover someone else knows the struggle of having a story appreciated by those closest to you, and yet know, personally, that the story needs severe improvement. Much as they mean to reassure you, the pressure doesn't really make it any easier to face the fact that you know you have to overhaul a novel which Plenilune just barely outstrips in terms of wordcount. O_o

    Anne-girl - I may not have cornered the market of tongue-in-cheek like Rachel has, but occasionally I can make a funny. I am not beyond an appreciation for how absurd my Pinterest boards must appear outside of any form of context. You're welcome. XD

    Joy - If I mention a story here on The Penslayer, generally I intend to finish it and publish it. Even Between Earth and Sky is not forsaken, only set down for the time being. I have quite enough to keep me busy for years to come.

    The cover reveal for Plenilune will be October 6th.

  6. Ah. I completely understand that sort of connection. I have books/series like that. Main series about one theme, but there are a few other books which borrow characters and exists in the same world system, but because it deals with a very different theme, I don't consider it part of the main series.

  7. Are any of your books set to be finished soon? I read and bought Plenilune when it came out and it has been my favourite book ever since. I'm impatiently waiting your next release :)