PLENILUNE Paperback Release!

The paperback is available! 
A lot of people ask me, "How does the paperback printing work?  How do I get my copy?"  It's simple!  Primarily, people will order through Amazon (because that's the big gig on the block), the order will go to CreateSpace, CreateSpace will print the ordered copy, and it will be shipped directly to the customer.  Easy as pie!  

(Unless you're trying to make a gluten-free pie crust, which is a torment worthy of Hades.)

Plenilune is processing through to Amazon and will be available there within a few days, but CreateSpace offers the paperback direct from their site as well.  I also receive more of the royalties if customers order from CreateSpace because Amazon does not get a cut, which, from a self-published point of view, is great support.  Either way, here it is at last, the long-expected Plenilune paperback!

6 ripostes:

  1. Do you have an option, if we want to possibly get a signed copy?

  2. Short answer: at this point, probably not. Sorry! It will unfortunately makes things very complicated and potentially very expensive for the customer, and while I am super flattered that people want my autograph, I'm trying to balance getting this edition out to you and keeping things simple for myself, since I've got a month left before I deliver my baby (whoo!). If this option changes and other opportunities arise, I will let everyone know! :D

  3. Just ordered your book and am so excited to read it! It will be so hard waiting for it to come in the mail!

  4. I want to do whatever helps you the most. So are the increased royalties from CreateSpace better than the higher rating on Amazon (bestseller list, anyone?)?

  5. Bethany - Fantastic! Hope you enjoy!

    Bound & Freed - Buy the book however you like, and if you enjoy it, tell people about it! That is one of the best venues of marketing.

  6. Yaaay! So happy to open up my bloglist and see this post. Congratulations, Jenny, and Praise the Lord for answered prayers! :D