What Is That Penslayer Girl Plotting?

I mentioned in a comment that I have (I think) twelve novels in the running, and then I thought, Why not mention them in a little more detail so you can get an idea of what I'm up to, what I'll be up to, and what you have to look forward to?
Ethandune.  You probably remember that I wrote this one in 2013 over the course of two months.  The first draft needs lots of work: revision, expansion, overhaul, etc.  It needn't be large: my whole goal in writing it (besides writing a good story) was to keep it on the small side.  But I'm not satisfied with the first draft (who ever is?) and I won't show it to you until it is as perfect as mortal can make it.

Talldogs.  This is my current work-in-progress.  I am almost finished with the first draft - in fact, I should probably be working on that instead of writing this post. 

Lamblight.  What is shaping in my head to be a kind of murder thriller.  I know I am in no way ready to tackle this one, however, so even though it follows on the heels of Talldogs, I probably won't write it directly after my work-in-progress.  We'll see what I end up taking on next.

Maresgate.  This one is hard to nail down.  I have components of plot, but I haven't determined how to write it yet.  You know how this goes.  Again, while this comes after Lamblight in the Plenilunar sequence, I may not write it in chronological order.  Here's to C.S. Lewis and all that jazz.

Cruxgang.  Partially more clear in my head than Lamblight or Maresgate, but still fuzzy.  I can say that you should be able to revisit some of your favourite Plenilune characters here, and get a taste of Honour-Carmarthen interaction.  Cheers!

Amaranth.  This is a more tentative novel.  I have only a few catalyst ideas and don't yet know how to unfold them.  We'll see how this one grows.

Drakeshelm.  Possibly the meatiest of the Plenilunar novels in terms of what I have in my head thus far.  Of all my pending documents, I think Drakeshelm has the most contributions to its size; consequently it is the clearest in my mind.  I may wind up writing this one after Talldogs.  Stay tuned for inevitable developments.

DondonnĂ©.  Like Amaranth, this is a tentative idea, but I would like to flesh it out and pursue it one day.

Ampersand.  This one may be my darling notion.  I'm not sure why - it feels almost nostalgic, which means it feels familiar and sweet and it breaks your heart at the same time.  I don't know when I'll write this one.  It needs a lot of brainstorming, plotting, and organization.  I hope you'll like it.
et al
Between Earth & Sky.  I am already 74,328 words into this novel, but I stopped to work on Plenilune.  Looking back over the some odd seventy-four thousands words, it still looks promising.  I look forward to returning to this novel.

Gingerune.  Also put on hiatus for multiple (good) reasons.  I don't know when I'll get back to it, but assuming I live long enough, I will get there.

Adamantine.  This story has gone through several drafts, more than I can count.  It was my first serious foray into novel writing, after years of preparation.  Unfortunately, the current draft is still what I consider threshold material, somewhere between my excruciating elementary work and where I am now: it isn't quite up to snuff.  My tinkering-ideas have so overhauled the plot that it will probably look very little like the original when I am done with it.
in conclusion
There are a number of stories here that I began and had to put aside.  In case people were worried that I got bored of them and might never return, I want to assure you that is not so.  I had to put those stories aside for rational, legitimate reasons, and I eagerly await returning to them. 

Here are my current twelve ideas in varying stages of undress: half done, nearly done, dabbled begun, unbegun, etc.  Considering how long it takes me to write my average draft, revise it, and polish it off (upwards of years), I should be kept busy for some time - and hopefully you all have something to look forward to!

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  1. I don't think anyone can fear your running out of material to write; only, as you said, the years in which to write it (how horrible it would be to die with unfinished plots. I've often hoped I won't be there, but then a writer is never not coming up with ideas, and that must be near impossible. And I'm rambling...) I've always been particularly interested in Gingerune. I should like to see where you take it and what it becomes - but I suppose I must be patient there.

    Is it rude of me to ask the word counts of them all? I'm curious. :)

  2. You make me feel much better. Just yesterday I scribbled down a list of my own in-progress or planned titles, stared at it and wondered how many years it would take to finish. But if the Penslayer has a super-long list of titles yet to be written and titles put on hiatus, and is okay with that, then I can do it too. :)

  3. this post makes me so happy! Still in Plenilune, I'm taking it in small pieces at a time for it is one of the books I feel needs to be lived in. After setting it down to wash dishes or do some other mindless task, I enjoy letting my mind wander back over Plenilune's epic scapes. To learn that it shall have sisters makes me giddy with bookwormish delight! :3

  4. I am SO looking forward to these stories :D.

  5. Goodness, I notice I haven't commented on The Penslayer blog for a while now - mostly because I have been busy with school-work. Sorry!

    But these stories sound really intriguing! Looking forward to them, Jenny-dear. And Ha! about running out of plot ideas, who ever came up with that notion?! They spawn faster than rabbits in the Australian Rabbit plague :). Carmel hit on a fear I often have, but ho hum, dying at an old age with unfinished plot-ideas is still better than living old and wrinkled with no ideas, I say ;).

    I love it when one has a "darling notion", a beloved story that is especially close to one's heart for various reasons, like Ampersand is to you. "The Crown of Life" is definitely something like that for me ^_^

    God bless!

  6. These sound so wonderful, Jenny. I am looking forward to the prospect of favorite Plenilune characters returning! :)


  7. What a delightful list! It makes me long for a glimpse into your computer files. ;) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Oo! This is thrilling! I loved your little sneak peeks, but now I'm rather impatient.

  9. Thanks for the update! I look forward to reading more of your works in the future. ^.^

  10. Well, I really liked Adamantine; it was an awesome story and I confess I long to see it in print...and film.