Beautiful People: Drakeshelm

I was going to do an update and snippets post, but further up & further in posted September's Beautiful People questions, and they looked doable for my Drakeshelm manuscript, which I'm currently working on.  I went back to the very beginning and wrote the first chapter.  Going from the ground up.  Thumbs up - yay me!  I've taken out a few questions because it would be unutterably dull to get your interest piqued and then hear me say, "I...honestly have no idea.  What bearing does this have on my novel?" so I've inserted a few old Beautiful People questions to make up the difference.  Whoo.

In case you forgot or are new to the story, Drakeshelm is roughly sixth in line after my published novel Plenilune.  Yes, it's a long way down the line, but here comes the plot, so who am I to say nay when the spirit moves me?  
beautiful people: drakeshelm
She is in a crisis.  Who would she really like to see right now?
The mouth gashed backward into a crazed smile, and he wondered that he had not recognized that face before and the bloodline behind it. The movement seemed to bring Philip into view and she swung her head like a horse toward him. The man came forward a step, and the combined movements seemed to push [her] over the edge. Her eyes watered and she staggered forward, sobbing out,
“Philip! Philip, help me. I hurt—so much…”

Is she easy to get along with?
The ambassador was still looking down at him in that way, lids drooping a little, her mouth in a kind of mocking smile which might have been unconscious, but he doubted it. He felt the fully-formed desire to hit her steal into his brain.

She is in the middle of a huge crowd.  How does she feel?
With a pedigree and a misanthropic turn of nature, Drakeshelm is often annoyed, but usually self-possessed.  Like many who feel they do not owe the world anything, she will watch and she will judge and she will ultimately ignore.

Does she believe in luck or miracles?
Yes.  If they are of her own making.

Does she like and get along with her neighbours?
“I would like to kill you,” said Alwin after a pause.

If she could travel anywhere in the world, where would she go?
The headwaters of the Himmajol, the Shangri-La of Plenilune.

How does she feel about her body?
In terms of vanity, she puts the peacock to shame.  At the same time, she is human and sometimes wishes she were taller, or had ginger hair, or were a brunette, or didn't chew on one thumbnail when deep in contemplation, or grind her teeth when she sleeps.  Like you and me, she has good days and bad days.  But this question has really very little bearing on the novel.  At least now you're in the know, I suppose...  Hope you're happy.

Does she have any enemies?
It would be marvelous for someone of Drakeshelm's personality to not have enemies.  And it would be a stupid plot if I didn't involve antagonism. 

What is her strongest childhood memory?
Standing on a bench at the rough-hewn trestle table in the workroom of the kitchen in her family's farmhouse, watching her father drain honey into glass jars.  Never mind that directly afterward she was hit from behind by a passing alaunt and was thrown onto the floor.  The romanticism of the moment remains.
Out from under the shadow of the wall, Alwin could dimly see her face. It was no less finely bred than her horse’s, but had no softness about it as had the animal. The mouth was jewel-cut, deep scarlet, and the eyes were a demonized pale blue that held no warming tint of mercy.

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  1. Beautiful and stirring as always and WHEN WILL THIS BOOK COME OUT?

    I want to read it.