Happy Birthday, Plenilune!

(still a flaming beauty)
I know, right?  A year ago today!  It's hard to believe.  And now I've got two manuscripts written (one in sore need of revision) and another in the works.  Phew!  Plenilune just keeps rolling on.  I am so, so thrilled to be able to say Plenilune is a published work and that readers have enjoyed it beyond their wildest dreams.  Most people love it; some people love it and hate it and don't know how to live with themselves because of it.  It's divisive and fantastic and seriously you're never the same after it.
A slapdash first draft of Ethandune (number two in the Plenilune series) has been written; because it's slapdash it needs a LOT of editing and polishing.  Talldogs (number three) has a first draft.  I'm currently working on the manuscript for Drakeshelm (number seven).  I can't say when these will be published.  I want to publish them in order so that the chronology makes sense to my readers.  Howsoever, I'm writing them to be published so unless a piano falls on me from a very great height, look for these titles in the future.
Yes!  I've mentioned my Instagram before and honestly if you've been wondering why I'm so quiet here on The Penslayer, it's partly because I haven't had a lot to update on, and largely because I now do a lot of updating via Instagram.  It's a great, fun social media platform that I actually love.  Because really, most of us have love-hate relationships with most of the social media that we use.  I actually enjoy using Instagram.  I post word count updates, excerpts, and now I'm doing a series of makeup looks for characters from Plenilune.  Check it out!

 These are recognizably Black Malkin, everyone's favourite female character.  I have a shoot of Julianna of Darkling-law also up on my Instagram account, I have two shoots done and ready to be edited, and I have several requests for more looks!  I now have the chance to fuse my two loves, writing and makeup, together into one project and I love it!  Look for me in the "find the Penslayer elsewhere" button at the bottom of my blog page.  

got some looks you want me to do? shout it out!

Chapter Titles Are Delicious

niroot puttapipat

I've been slowly pecking away at my Drakeshelm manuscript and thinking, meanwhile, about the plan for Adamantine. Not a lot for me to show you guys, due to that.  I have taken requests for makeup/outfit looks for characters from Plenilune and I've already done one for Julianna from Darkling-law - posted on my Instagram account.  If you'd like to keep abreast of those fanciful, awesome, fun looks (yes, you do), keep watch on my Instagram!

Meanwhiletimes, although I'm not much for pen-and-paper outlines, I do sometimes chalk up chapter titles in my head to help me know where I'm going (and what I meant to put in a chapter, besides), and I thought I'd share a few.  These come from all over the place and I'm not going to tell you which books they belong to - I'll leave you to guess.  Do feel free, you know, to guess.  It will be amusing for us all.

the man who wears the lionskin
"the thing we brought among us"
white eyes
the day of jezreel
the land of nimrod & its gates
the lion among the foxes
"tempus est"
the great & terrible day
the far hallelujah
heavy like panther-skin
"my death & thy protection"
clockwork blue
the december prince
"kill him for me, aaron"
the desolate sanctuary
the hound that bays will also bite
rough & honours
jure uxoris

Remarkably like Flannery O'Connor's chapter titles, now that I think about it.  I haven't read her much, just her essays (I'll get to her fictions one day), but we have that in common with our chapter titles.  Dorothy Sayers too, I suppose...  Do you enjoy creating chapter titles?  Do you have favourites?  Share! share! don't be shy!