Now You See Me

It occurs to me that I haven't really updated about myself in awhile, especially for those who might be new to me.  Should we get started?  Okay, here we go.

How to pronounce my last name.  "Fry-tahg."  For those who do not know, it's German for "Friday."  A little trivia for you.  This is my married name; my maiden name is "Hartman."  I'm partly German myself, but I'm also partly Scotch-English and Sicilian, so at this point nothing really matters anymore, it's all a hodgepodge.

I married my childhood sweetheart.  Awwww, how cute is that?  What you don't know is that I all but literally hunted him down.  He was okay with this, though.  He said that when he really thought about it (age twelve), he realized he couldn't see his future without me in it, so that was that.  Actually it was a really rough road, with lots of tears and struggles and drama, but we pulled through.  And here we all, happily married for going-on seven years. 

I'm currently twenty-five years old.  Just had a birthday last November!  Quarter of a century here, folks!

I have a thirteen-month-old daughter named Filigree Marguerite.  She is a doll and a real firecracker.  I love her to bits.  I always worried that I wouldn't connect with my child because I often don't like other people's children, and I was especially worried that I wouldn't bond with my daughter because I don't get on well with little girls, so I was not prepared for how heels-over-head in love I was when they put my little alien baby on my chest after she was born.  It's only increased since.

My favourite beverage is Twinings English Breakfast.  Does anything more need to be said?  I am not a morning person, and I'm not myself until I've had my tea.

I am not politically active so you won't be seeing political opinions/links on my Facebook page.  It's not that I don't care, it's just that...I don't care.  But you will see me posting tongue-in-cheek updates and dialogues with my friends that turn out to be wildly amusing - especially out of context.  Taking things out of context is the best.

I am on Instagram!  I do really love Instagram, even though my pictures are often messy or only so-so.  There are a lot of pictures of my daughter, some pictures of me, often pictures of pretty stuff around me that I have deliberately arranged in order to take a good Instagram shot.  Keepin' it honest.

Skincare is my hobby.  I've never suffered from really bad skin problems, like cystic acne, but I've struggled enough that I really do care about my skin.  I recently saw a random makeup tutorial in which the woman started out bare-faced - quite a bad face of skin, acne-ridden and unevenly textured - and she began simply spackling over with foundation.  I nearly leapt out of my chair screaming at her to stop, to wash her face, to treat it and give it moisture.  Her poor skin didn't stand a chance with all that foundation piling up on top.  She was just making the situation worse, which would necessitate more foundation to cover the issues.  Stop.  Properly clean your face, give it special treatment for its issues, and make sure you moisturize it to keep it supple and healthy!  Your makeup will apply so much better if you do, trust me.

Oh, right, I'm also on Pinterest.  Because who doesn't love pretty pictures and scrolling through endless hours of one's life gathering items which take up absolutely no space?  Want to see my Plenilunar boards?  Check it out!

My favourite colours are monochrome.  My wardrobe looks like black, white, grey, gold and paaaaale pink.  I like this set-up: it's sophisticated and flattering.  Honestly, I now have only a handful of items, but I love them and don't mind wearing them over and over again.  Hopefully gone are the horrible days of putting on an outfit, taking it off, trying another, trying a third, finally settling on a fourth.  Ugh.

I am a sushi lover.  It's really a problem.  I start thinking about sushi and I. really. want. sushi.  And now I want sushi.  When I am having a really bad day, I have sushi and sushi makes me happy.  Want to get me something I'll love?  Sushi.  Valentine's Day?  Sushi.  Anniversary?  Sushi.  Birthday?  Sushi.  Weekday? Sushi.  Weekend?  Sushi.  Am I alive?  Sushi.

And that's me, in a nutshell.  Maybe this time next year I'll do another personal update and see if I've changed at all.  Stay tuned!

6 ripostes:

  1. I knew every single one of these and I passed some test somewhere I'm sure of it

  2. Mmm, English Breakfast Tea. I like it. I also love Chai Tea. It's the absolute best. But be sure to make it with milk (or mostly milk) not just water.

  3. MONOCHROME WARDROBES FOR THE WIN. My fall/winter wardrobe consists of black, white, grey, denim, and cranberry for a pop of color. In the summer months, however, I can't and won't stop wearing light-colored peasant shirts and boyfriend jeans and birks... but, all in all, I lean toward classic black and white or earthy colors.

    English breakfast. :3

  4. No big surprises here — I'm happy to know you. <3 Irish Breakfast is still my favorite tea, but a friend gave me Jasmine Earl Grey once this fall, and I am in love. English Breakfast is a staple, as are the rest of the Greys, and Anna made me want to try Darjeeling at some point. Too many options! I guess I'll just keep drinking the stuff, then. ;)

  5. I feel a cheeky sense of responsibility for getting everybody obsessed with monochrome around here, when in reality I didn't invent it and wasn't the first to mention it. But I love it. Oh boy, do I love it...

    SUSHI. <3

  6. Tea makes my mornings so much better. The only problem is I'm not good at waking up on time so I always end up having to rush out the door to go to school every morning without drinking a cup of tea. But when I get to take my time with getting ready in the morning and drinking a nice cup of tea, I see such an improvement in my optimism about that day. It's amazing. And sushi! I'm not allowed to have raw fish sushi but I love California rolls and any type of sushi that's cooked.