The Fox in the Cellar (Fan Art!)

Oh, hey, you know what's super flattering for an artist?  Discovering you have inspired other artists!  A fan laboured long and hard on this amazing image for me, just because she wanted to, and I am thrilled!  

"the fox in the cellar," by anita w.
It's got some pretty intense complexity going on, no?  Even a cameo appearance by Rosemary Laronne de la Mare, the mother that we never really get to meet in Plenilune, but whose sad story plays such a pivotal role in the life of yours truly, the main male character.  (For anyone interested, don't worry, we learn more about her later on.  Significant eyebrow-waggling.)  Thank you so much, Anita!  It's an honour to receive such a gorgeous piece of artwork inspired by my novel!

7 ripostes:

  1. That is amazing. What a thrill for an author! (And hooray for hints of more Plenilunar books...)

  2. I have to say, I'm pretty. chuffed. about getting my own fan art. :3

  3. This is gorgeous! How exciting! :D

  4. Wowie - that is fantastic artwork <3 I very much love it! Especially the expression in the eyes - gah, it's beautiful!

  5. *grins*
    And I'm pretty chuffed about getting author-kudos on my portrayal, too. :)
    (And glad we're getting more Rosemary in the future - quite intrigued by her. Also curious if the healing gifts come through her side of the family.)