Here Is How to Achieve the Perfect Blog Experience

I want The Penslayer to be

  • a platform to help writers with their work
  • a stage to showcase my writing
  • an engaging community
  • basically enjoyable
  • totally magical

That's where YOU come in, because without YOU, I wouldn't be here.  Close Pinterest for a sec and please take this survey.  (It has nothing to do with politics.)  I want to know what you need + how to better improve your experience here.  It's super fast and buckets of fun.  Ready?  Thank you!

super brief edit / update: Lord willing i will be contracting with a blog designer + branding agent to overhaul my blog, so IT WILL NOT ALWAYS LOOK A MESS. thank you for sticking with me! <3

image via that site you just closed, pinterest

1 ripostes

  1. This isn't the sort of thing that's in the survey, but here's a tiny tech tip I've found very useful: Set your links to open in a new tab/window. That way people can check out anything you link to without being pulled away from your blog and having to click back (or possibly not finding their way back!). I always checked the box to do this in the body of my posts, but recently I learned the HTML code for it and fixed everything in my blog sidebar to do the same.