How to Never Lack for Profitable Blog Topics. Ever.


Me, about a month ago.  

THE BURNING QUESTION: WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT?  I see countless bloggers of high repute churning out helpful content with a loyal following, and I stared at them wondering, "HOW YOU DO DAT."  I've got MAYBE a snippets post per month, assuming I've been diligent / had adequate inspiration on my novel during that time.  MAYBE an update post, assuming anything remotely interesting has happened to me in 30 days besides, "Hey, guys.  Yeah, haven't been writing much.  Please don't leave me."


There are multiple ways to go about getting profitable blog topics to spin on your site.  Some I found more helpful than others, but I've used all these methods.  Now you can too!  Here are four blogs that I found two different ways.

1.  You, Me, & That Other Guy
The first thing I did was NOT the most productive, but it DID lead me to some very helpful sites that I am now following!  Look up your favourite bloggers and figure out who THEY follow.  It takes a little bit of sorting, but it's definitely worth it.  Find blogs that help fuel your topic imagination and FOLLOW THEM TOO!

Paper Fury by Cait Drews: Australian cake/book-blogger extraordinaire - she's literally everywhere & her posts are a barrel of laughs / frequently hugely helpful.  Even though I'm not a book-blogger.  (p.s. her site is so pretty!)

Nellie & Co. by Amanda (Nellie is an elephant??):  Frequently INSIGHTFULLY helpful into the world of blogging, Instagramming, marketing, etc.  I definitely recommend following this purple blogger.

2.  Googling is a Legit Verb
Le me: log onto Pinterest.
Le me:  google "writing blog writers." (fingers crossed - which makes it difficult to type)
Le me: instantly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of search results.

EVERYBODY WHO IS ANYBODY SHARES THEIR ARTICLES ON PINTEREST.  (Except me because I'm lazy + haven't got around to that yet.)  I found this search method to be MUCH more productive.  10 out of 10, would recommend.

  • this is where you get blog posts with 100+ links to resourceful articles
  • this is where you can pin/save/reference later, things you want to use
  • this is where the corporate hivemind inspiration is at
Modern Mrs. Darcy by Anne: This blog is basically about ANYTHING, but I've already located numerous helpful/inspirational post material that have jump-started my creative blogging juices.  Win!

Designer Blogs Studio by too many people to list here: Yuss, this is technically a design/branding site, but its blog is hella helpful + they aspire to not only give you a beautiful blog/brand, but give you content inspiration FOR THAT BLOG.  //THANK YOU, NUMEROUS STAFF MEMBERS THEREOF.//

There must be a BILLION + ONE sites that can be hunted down via Pinterest, and I recommend this method because you can

  • find lots of content
  • pin for later if you don't have time to read
  • chose which sites to follow at your leisure 

I mean, does it get any better than that?


Now that you have no excuse for an empty blog, go forth + conquer!  Share this blog post with your friends!  Coerce them into following The Penslayer because obviously I have all the answers / know where to find them!

(what even did we do before the internet i am such a 21st century person)

3.  And ONE MORE Thing
IF you are a blogger, you probably already follow blogs so PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAVOURITE RESOURCE BLOGS WITH ME / EVERYONE HERE.  You da bomb!  Also your resource bloggers will thank you because word-of-mouth marketing is pretty much the best.


Welcome to The Penslayer! Sorry for the mess. Order will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, add me to your list of blogs you love for more short + sweet, writing-related posts to help you on your way! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (!!) + Twitter. <3

half of these images via pinterest, the other half are obviously from their own blog sites

4 ripostes:

  1. Awesome post! I will definitely be looking into these blogs. Though I do already follow Cait, and I agree. She has some great content! Thank you!

    1. While I'm not a book blogger, I love to read Cait's posts - and THAT must be the sign of a good blogger, if I'm not even in her niche and I still love what she says! X'D

  2. Good post! Lots of good ideas for when I start blogging again. Finding enough things to blog about (and being brave enough to blog atvall) is the #1 reason my other blogs have failed.

    1. ...let's be honest, I have a graveyard of dead blogs I've started too. Not even gonna lie. :|