// September Recap

It's October so where is autumn??  I don't know!  Neither does my weather, apparently!

ETHANDUNE  ||  After a miserable month or so of almost no activity, Ethandune has seen an uptick in progress in the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, when I sat down recently to continue working, I found that I had somehow lost the last 500 words I had written.  Poop!  Good news, I had only written it a few days ago so I hadn't totally forgot what the gist of it was, and there is a (slim) possibility that my second go-round is better than the first.  Right...?  I'm closing on 50,000 words so it's almost the size of a NaNoWriMo manuscript but hopefully not as rinky-dink as NaNo works tend to be.  I did a little Instagram Stories video of my manuscript in progress + a bottle of deep red nail polish, because UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE I can't just sit + write for ever, also painting one's nails is tedious without a safe outlet while the paint is drying.  But that video isn't quite accurate because five minutes later I was watching a Lisa Eldridge video with Yasmin Le Bon, because I am 100% susceptible to distraction + procrastination. 

WOLFGANG + ME  ||  He's an active little creature - which is a good thing! but also a very uncomfortable thing.  Anyone who has actually SEEN me knows that my bone structure is in the "slight" category, + I am just barely five feet tall.  Not a lot of room to kick about in all that.  THE GOOD NEWS IS, my recent test results for gestational diabetes came in, + I passed!  Which means I don't have to take the SECOND test, with a double dosage of glucose + three hours of intermittent blood-draws.  Anyone who has had to suffer through that knows that it is NO FUN.  I now have a strong appreciation for anyone who goes cold-turkey off of drugs, because that's basically what I felt like when I had to take the secondary test while carrying Filigree.  I am SO thankful to God for skating me by that this time around.

PENSLAYER BLOG REDESIGN  ||  I just got an updated mockup preview for my new blog design, + it's lookin' good, folks!  (See what comes of pursuing a conscious, minimal lifestyle?  Awesome blog design, that's what!) 

PLANNERS SAVE MY LIFE  ||  Really just the one planner.  How did I survive before I bought a monthly/weekly planner??  I don't even know.  I write down almost everything in that planner, including when I finish writing letters (which I do frequently).  It is a huge drain on the stress-bucket, + my stress-bucket has been drowningly full the past few months.

p.s. the planner is monochrome, le duh

CLICKITTING HOUSE  ||  We're pushing full-steam ahead on our renovation projects + getting our home closer to what you would call a stereotypical minimalist look - very clean, white, Scandinavian type stuff.  We like it; we know it's not for everyone, but we like it.  You should probably keep an eye on my Instagram for the next month er so because I could yammer here but that's not what the Penslayer is for + a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.  There.  I'm a writer + I said it.  Pictures are the bomb.  

hello, october! bring on all the cliche autumnal motifs + the sweater-weather!
(no really. please. it's too hot.)

3 ripostes:

  1. I really really want fall to come. Florida, stop letting me down. Every day I wake up and I think, maybe today is the day that it stays cool through the afternoon. And every day I'm disappointed. Grrr.

    I'm definitely no minimalist, but I'm excited to see your new blog design :)

  2. Bahahaha....THIS MADE ME LAUGH. I'M SORRY FOR WRITING SO MUCH. I never sit still for anything very long unless it's writing which I can do for lie 3 hours straight without moving.😂 I'm the worst. Ahem.
    Also a Scandinavian decor sounds amazing. Minimalism ftw!
    And yay for no diabetes!! I hope Wolfgang takes some nice naps instead of partying the whole time, too. :)

    1. You are extremely kind & you make it very hard for me to hate you for being so ridiculously fast at writing. Why can't you be thoroughly annoying like a NORMAL person?? XD

      Seriously, thank you. You da bee's knees!